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  1. All over the Highlands and Islands. Oban southwest with the odd trip to Campbeltown. Dalwhinnie south with the odd trip to Perthshire. Elgin east with the odd trip as far as Banff.
  2. I cheated as well never been there or seen that before.
  3. Yes near enough it's 3 miles west 😊
  4. You're on the right track 😜
  5. It was the odd looking small house that looked familiar which is the toilets I did have a photo of the poles but that was deleted with all my work stuff 4 years ago
  6. I have it now Drumbeg viewpoint the last time I was up there was about 7 years ago to check a load of old poles left in the car park by our contractors.
  7. You could be right or even Lewis or Harris
  8. Yes along the old railway from Avoch to Fortrose
  9. IBM

    The season ahead

    No idea but depending on the rules on social distancing when we are allowed back we might have to space out and not be able to sit in our own seat
  10. Yes I remember that one just brilliant it felt like a win but we had to wait for the replay which I think we won 2 nil.
  11. Now now Mantis I have been to Kinlochbervie and Oldshoremore but would not have got that one.
  12. I will need another view to get this one.
  13. You are right I wasn't out to upset Robert Back on track, there was usually good crack at most of the small grounds coming up through the leagues. Stark's park was good going from the social club straight into the ground and I remember a policeman helping me to get Willie Philip up into the stand I said he has a bad leg! My favorite is Dingwall especially when we won in the Derek Adams days
  14. And that's your lesson from Mantis today Robert
  15. Yes and it's going to be converted into holiday appartments.
  16. What is it then before Mantis gets it? Although I think he has given up
  17. I don't think any one else knows this.
  18. Correct you always get the ones near shops
  19. IBM

    Hearts New Manager

    I really wounder what will happen with Hearts now with this surprise move!
  20. Your half right Robert now the harder bit
  21. IBM

    The season ahead

    You bet me to it I just posted it in UK football.
  22. Robbie Neilson is the new manager at Hearts!
  23. This isn't Roy Macgregor's house but where is it?