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  1. For those who voted YES Cheer up Lads , at least it didn't come to this
  2. Spot on Alex Still ,TB had a great job ,at Caley Thistle left for "greener pastures " but in the end, made a complete balls up of his new job , and probably had to go
  3. Well I did say "probably" I hope you're right
  4. Palace shirt looks great , Bring back the stripes !! I quite like these too
  5. I like to see Clach do well too
  6. TB always remarked how much he loved life in the Highlands ,Caley Thistle were going well , why on earth would he leave ? ...the common opinion ,that he left purely out of greed ,seems a valid one. Butcher and Malpas have been a complete shambles for Hibs , though I've no sympathy for their plight . The smugness of Hibs supporters at seeing the sad situation at Hearts , has now come back to bite them , not in their worst nightmare did they consider they might be joining their bigger , better supported rivals in the Championship next season ...and it serves them right , I hope they go down
  7. Fabulous winger. Would have learned a lot from Brian Clough and Martin O'Neill too Yeah Our Robbo (was at Derby briefly) was pretty good too
  8. You're going alright Pal .. Cheers !
  9. If it were on playing ability alone I'd choose John Robertson , what a fabulous player he was
  10. Ouch Honestly , I thought TB should stayed , won a league Cup (very possible) and he would have become an iconic figure in ITCFC history. Now everythings obviously fractured , opinions divided , reputation scarred to a degree and a bloody good job , well done , possibly forgotten ,
  11. Some disgraceful comments about TB here I feel , everyone on the planet , you , me , everyone , moves on to bigger and (potentially) better things , given the chance ...more cash sweetens the deal . Inverness Caley Thistle supporters have never had it so good , out performing the likes of Hibs , Hearts , Abedeen and Dundee Utd on a regular basis .. WOW ! , incredible , what an acheivement by TB and MM But do some of you graciously accept these wonderful years and acknowledge the work done by Butcher in particular ? No , you sneer and snarl and completely ignore the fact , that given t
  12. Evidence please ? , on what basis do you make such a statement ? Sour grapes / total bollocks are words that spring to mind
  13. Don't agree. We have lost good and successful managers before and the club has continued to prosper and progress. If Butcher goes there is no reason why we can't continue to progress assuming we appoint the right successor and the club have a pretty good record in that respect. The best has yet to come. Fair enough Kingsmills .. and your thoughts command respect of course . I hope you're right I really do I just think to out perform the likes of Hibs , Hearts , Aberdeen and Dundee Utd , on a regular basis , requires some amazing performances from a Club the size of Caley
  14. To be honest , you have to feel sorry for whoever takes over , as appears the case right now Life as An ICTFC supporter will never be this good again , thats for sure
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