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  1. You won't keep everyone happy all of the time. I like it. Distinctive.
  2. He is no great loss to ICT. Hibs will realise this after a few games into next season. He is good, but never done enough to be great. Opportunity for someone else to shine.
  3. He surely deserves his own chant now. Commitment like this should be recognised.
  4. Prague is where he is having his stag night. He probably is heading off though.
  5. Just like the semi final against Hearts, bottled it on the big occasion
  6. Lacklustre performance so far, we need a better service for McKay or we have no chance.
  7. Same song and tune as used for Jonny Hayes, it's simple and it works Na na na na na na na na Aaron, Aaron Doran Aaron Doran Aaron,Aaron Doran.
  8. Let's get this done today ICT.!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks caleydawson, I will be going then. :)
  10. That's dented the goal difference. Hope the County- St Johnstone game is a scoreless draw.
  11. The Pars are a financially failed organisation , they are where they are as a result. Never re enforce failure.
  12. Poor game. No cutting edge. Got to be happy with a point
  13. Great result today. I am hoarse from shouting. Loved Terry and team doing the away fan salute at the end of the match. Great game,great goals, Happy Highlands.
  14. Me + 1, I think it's a cash gate, is that right?
  15. Great result. Not pretty, but effective. Surely Top six now. Get it up yi Adams.
  16. A clean sheet and a point, happy with that
  17. He scores when he wants.
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