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  1. I feared the worst when Nathan started his run up in that slightly stuttering way - so many times when you see somebody do that, they miss or the goalie saves it. Fortunately it just managed to evade Fox's grasp but it was a close thing. What a night though! I made the decision to drive up from Perth on a February school night, with my daughter, at the last minute, thinking it was probably a mad escapade that would end in disappointment (especially as I was at the home match against Partick Thistle a couple of weeks ago which was diabolical). But sometimes you have to travel in hope and believe in the need to support your team. On that front, we spent the first half in the North Stand with the noisy crew, enjoying bolstering the atmosphere there, then switched to join other family members in the main stand for the second half. I'm pleased to report that although my horn and occasional chanting initially seemed to be received with suspicion and furrowed brows among the quieter residents of the main stand, by the end of the match we'd managed to get a bit of participation going over there as well. Terrific to see the commitment, effort and energy from the players and that they kept on going and in fact were more dominant the longer the game went on. And great to get the win, dump County out, and secure our place in the quarter finals. Safe to say, we were glad we'd made the effort!
  2. Great start and sounding good on Open All Mics :-)
  3. Just in from the match. What a great away game. Enthusiastic crowd backing the players throughout the whole match. And tremendous effort, as well as some very good play, from the team. Bring on Saturday! But hope a better Dundee turn up in Hamilton...
  4. Paid up last night, order #296
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    The Muir & Steer ICT support team.
  6. Ross & Edie, excitement levels high.
  7. Badly_Drawn


    After the match... elated!
  8. 7 year old ICT fanatic Edie celebrates the winning goal
  9. By process of elimination, it looks like we're on Sunday 19th, unless the BBC have got it wrong....
  10. Exciting, yes, nerve-shredding, yes - especially towards the end as both teams lost their shape and resorted to schoolboy football. Either team could have scored again, so we might have lost and dropped 3 points rather than 2. But definitely frustrating too, to have lost the lead 3 times - and the soft nature of the goals we gave away. Credit to Kilmarnock, they didn't look like a team that has struggled for most of the season, and always looked dangerous on the break and showed some quality. We started strongly and had several spells of good passing and generally decent performances. Over the 90 minutes I'd say we were the better side, but not by much. We had a couple of chances at 3-2 that if we'd sunk we'd have cruised home but it wasn't to be. I didn't see it as dull, certainly entertaining, but ultimately disappointing. I was emotionally exhausted by the end! Roll on tomorrow night and hopefully can put together a strong performance against Utd...
  11. Disappointing game. I didn't see the Draper incident clearly but the penalty didn't look legitimate - and even St J fans I know who were at the match agreed. Throughout the match the referring was woeful, and pretty much all against ICT. Both teams looked OK at times, very average at others. Ryan Christie was the only ICT player that looked like he wanted the ball and was lively early on but faded as the match wore on. We passed the ball around well at times (sometimes even forwards - but not often) but too many times broke quite smartly then fizzled out for a lack of options in the final third. We seem to be suffering a curious (worrying/deadly) mixture of complacency and lacking confidence/creativity. Better hope it stops quickly or our slide down the table will continue