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  1. donald


    Sad to see him go, but as far as I can see, every manager who has left ICT to go on to "better things" has ended up getting sacked within a short space of time - look at Steve Paterson, Craig Brewster, John Robertson and now Terry Butcher.
  2. I had expected Hartley to be the man and hadn't even considered Hughes for the manager slot, but he seems like a decent guy and is a character like Butcher so I am sure he will get the players giving 100% every week and hopefully keep playing the ball on the ground so lets get behind him and give the man a chance.
  3. Please, please, please not Levein - it's got to be Jimmy Calderwood or Robbo for me.
  4. Time to get A Shinnie off and Sutherland on - got to go for it and Shinnie doesnt seem interested !!
  5. I am glad this was voted down by the only 2 Chairmen who had the guts to listen to what the majority of fans want. I have never heard anything so ridiculous as the split form 2 x 12 to 3 x 8 in all my days and am glad that was knocked on the head. Why can't the SPL/SFA/SFL accept the other proposals which did make some sense though - this whole "Its all or nothing" statement sounds like a Del boy type of double glazing salesman offering you a great deal, but only if you sign up right now !!
  6. John Robertson would be my choice of a new manager if Terry leaves, but please don't even think about Levein !!
  7. Rossco must stay - he has consistently been our best defender and just does what is required - nothing fancy, but that is all that is needed. He always gives his all every game as well, while I fully agree with A96 in that some others just don't have the true Caley Thistle spirit. Just a thought - why don't we get Robbo in to give our forwards some coaching in how to score a goal - or even how to hit a shot actually on target and at least make the goalkeeper work.
  8. I reckon we were like the big bad wolf today - we huffed and puffed in the middle of the park, but got absolutely nowhere near scoring until Williams headed in the corner, while Rangers had about 4 attacks in the first half and scored with 3 of them. I cant understand why Terry and Maurice dont give Gnapka and/or Winnal more of a chance as Tade was completely ineffective today - Mackay did well but one man against the Rangers defence was always going to struggle and most of the tem looked like they couldnt be bothered - no wonder Terry sounded so pissed off in his post match interview.
  9. Totally agree with Gringo Jnr - what would be the point in Hayes going to sit on the bench at Celtic next year - far netter for him to stay with us for another season and improve then he would probably get a move to a team where he would be guaranteed a start every week.
  10. I was very impressed with the new boy Williams - he looks a real good prospect for us and agree that Hayes and Foran both played very well but the whole team played like the old ICT with lots of spirit and fighting for every ball.
  11. ha ha - understatement of the year on BBC Sportsound just now - "Its not pretty out there"
  12. Foran got Hayes by the throat first! I imagine Butcher may have words with them at time up - especially if we lose !!
  13. For me, when United scored their second goal on Saturday, we should have taken Foran off and brought Tade on up front with Mackay - bringing Nick Ross on was a complete waste of time - he hardly touched the ball.
  14. Have to agree with many others - Foran was a good player for us last year, but I have not seen him play a decent game this season - yes he is good in the air, but on the ground his distribution is dreadful and I don't know how many times he has had the ball around the edge of the 18 yard box and passed out wide when it would have been worth having a shot at goal. We are sadly missing someone like Munro in central defence and I didn't think Nick Ross even managed as many as 5 touches of the ball when he came on last Saturday. I am seriously worried about the chance of us staying up this sea
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