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  1. I was one of those who had criticised Tokely in recent seasons, and I stand by what I said at the time. That doesn't take away from the fact that he is an absolute legend and will be sorely missed. We now are only sure of relying on Ryan Esson and Richie Foran to provide the grit and encouragement needed in the Highland Derby. As many have alluded to, an era ends with Tokely's departure. The age of mercenaries begins.
  2. You can rest assured that Doran will not "kick on there". I certainly don't want to see him have anything to do with ICT. His own thoughts on how he'd perform for us against the club which has his allegiance is nothing short of disgusting.
  3. Jay_7

    Goodbye SPL

    Due to financial constraints this season, I've been unable to make it to many games at all. Regardless of this farce of a "Recession Ticket" I think the following formula will cover next season adequately: Financial constraints + Crap product on field + Relatively unscathed Rangers = Vast decline in attendances
  4. Proper dismal stuff. The only players who deserve any praise at all after that are Esson for not letting a goal in and Andrew Shinnie for showing glimpses of the quality he had pre-injury. We can't defend without fouling, we can't break up attacking play before it reaches the defence, we can't play short passes to our own team mates, we can't run at a defence to worry them in the slightest (Even a defence with Alex bloody Keddie in it), we can't cross, we can't move for the ball at throw-ins, we can't utilise corners. We can't even waste time in the bloody corner FFS! Rumour has it that Butcher set out the team to only play for a point, because the last time we did that in the SPL that really worked out well for us. Unless there is MASSIVE change made to this entire squad for next season, we will absolutely be relegated. Anyone hoping to beat County with showings like that are delusional. We have a team of mercenaries who don't give a flying f**k about this club and won't care about the derby. County are choc full of players who know how important the derby is and a few who have an axe to grind against Butcher.
  5. I don't doubt this at all and isn't surprising. Anyone who is surprised by this, well... I'm sure there'll be a bastion of club defending and all those who dare doubt the direction of the club will be cast out from being a "true fan".
  6. Jesus wept. Read my post again and re-think your reply.
  7. Don't know about anything else you've quoted but that is not accurate. During that trial, he played the first half against Clach. He produced the single greatest wing display I've ever seen in a Caley shirt (I'm including Robson, Wilson and Hayes in my comparison here). Easy with hindsight, now knowing he's playing for Dundee Utd completely injury free but on the basis of that first half alone, I'd have offered him a deal. I recall saying I'd sign him there and then to all who were around me who attended that game at Grant Street.
  8. Obviously terrible news. Sorry to hear this.
  9. Where to start with this post, brimming with fail? To not hold onto a lead, again, is a joke. To have another needless red card, is a joke. Me mustering the enthusiasm to respond to this post filled with baseless "facts" and personal insults, is a joke. Just who the hell do you think you are? I rubbish the board because they have their petty power struggles and one-up-manship that ultimately does this club no good what so ever. Not only that but every last one of them can't think for themselves, they are all puppets, pawns, there to be manipulated by one man hell-bent on massaging his own ego just to be a "somebody" arround Inverness. Face facts? We are absolutely not the tenth best supported side in Scotland, if you told me that in person, I'd laugh in your face. A ridiculous suggestion let alone one of these "facts". Area difficult to attract talent? Pish. An extremely defeatist attitude to suggest this. We have excellent air-links to London and many other locations in the UK, and only our farce of a Director of Football can't use this to the clubs advantage to bring quality players. I'll give you smallest budget in the SPL - had to get a "fact" right sooner or later, eh? I was not at the game today. What's your point? Are you suggesting I'm less of a supporter because of that? I'll tell you what, how about you stop being such a condescending "superfan" and allow me to do whatever I please? How about that? I have absolutely no intention of going to the game against Dunfermline. I certainly don't need to justify my reasons for not going to someone like you. You are exactly the type of "fan" that we don't need. I want us to be better. You settle for mediocrity and lambast all who oppose it. Here's a little fact for you, I've lost no "moral authority" whatsoever. I never claimed to have "moral authority". What I do have, is a right to say what I want to, even if it's criticising the club WE ALL support. I'll close by simply telling you to "shut it".
  10. Good. I really can't tell if this is a serious post or not? If you genuinely think that I've posted that because some no-mark backwater pish from down south have beaten us then you are very much mistaken.
  11. Not quite sure what I need to elaborate on? We (ICTFC) are an absolute joke (not very good at football). It's pretty self-explanitory. On a side note, not only are we an absolute joke on the field but we are a joke off it as well. The management team is a joke, the "coaching" is a joke, the Board of Directors are a joke.
  12. We are an absolute joke.
  13. Because the team as a whole, simply is not good enough. If it was, do you think we'd be looking at a points tally worthy of relegation?
  14. I dismiss fantasy as garbage. Massive difference. Your arguments are massively flawed. Surely if the players are as good as you suggest, then we wouldn't still be in relegation trouble, four games from the end of the season? You tell me about Doran. What I know about him came from straight from the horses mouth. Meekings - I said prone to seeing red. G Shinnie - Do you want me to give you a list of players who've played for the U21's over the years?? Means absolutely nothing. Ross - I'm not a professional footballer so I don't anticipate being able to take the ball of him. Grasping at straws. A Shinnie - It took him long enough to settle in the first time. Like I said, I'm not holding my breath. Tansey - Does not play for the shirt. I must have missed these Xavi-esque passes. If he was as good as that he'd be up for an award. What I've done is take the very players you mentioned as being talented and given you exceptional reasoning about why they shouldn't be playing. Juggling is a talent. Doesn't mean it gets you a place in an SPL squad. Your absolute blind faith in everything to do with the club is admirable, but ultimately, ridiculous.
  15. Meekings - Not seen enough of him. Far too prone to seeing red for my liking. Graeme Shinnie - Not good enough Nick Ross - Talented, yes, but too lightweight. Not good enough. Aaron Doran - Can kindly GTF whenever he wants. I know what he thinks of this team and what he's prepared to do given the chance to LET his boyhood team win. Andrew Shinnie - Not really seen enough of him but seemed ok once he settled in. The real question will be how he comes back from this injury. I'm not holding my breath. Greg Tansey - Absolutely, never in a million years good enough for this club. Perhaps the investment money will make its way to the playing budget, I really don't see it though. Butcher and Malpas might have learned what from this season? And what are you basing that assumption on? They had their chance to make changes in January and didn't. They didn't learn much from the first half of the season. I very much feel that you are blindly grasping at straws in order to defend the indefensible. Best yet to come? The best has been and gone. Kille game 6-3 was as good as it got. That's it. One game this season.
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