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  1. Can i get added to the European travel thread please. I have paid and I'm part of Malkyboy's group
  2. Did you no see him the first time round?!
  3. Was that no the free kick i was on about? It only took him all season!!
  4. Absolutely dreadful signing. Seriously worried if this is the direction hughes is going. What did he do in the season he was here? What exactly does he offer us? He is a player that thinks he is something he is not. Considers himself to be some sort of beckham character with his terrible free kicks. Then finally after a whole season trying(and after basically deciding to leave us) scores a free kick on the last day of the season. The whole deal stinks of no getting a regular game down in england, we know he will come and play up north, lets just get him in to boost the squad. Shocking decision
  5. Renegade. I bow down to you!! I couldn't care less how many games you have been to. I've hardly missed a home game in 18 years and go to a hell of a lot of away games. Its not a competition. My point is that we have got a hell of a demanding support. Terry butcher is doing an incredible job and im sure most of us didn't think we would be where we are. But of course people like you seem to enjoy slating them and criticising them after 1 poor performance like last week. Get behind them. I think today more than proved it.
  6. People (like me) said the result and performance was rubbish. It was. Last week the players were booed off and deserved it. This week the players were accoladed for their great result and performance. They deserve it. Simple. Seems even after great victories the uber-fans are still more interested to attack their fellow fans, even when they are praising the team, than doing likewise themselves! Very strange. Booing the team after they went on a 10 game unbeaten run? Yeah they totally deserved it!! A good result and you just jump on that band wagon though. Get a grip
  7. Very odd attitude. Last week people criticised a rubbish result and performance and after a great turnaround (which the same people are praising) people seem more interested in attacking those who were right in the at the time and and paid their money to go to the game. Very strange. Explain?
  8. Well said. Absolutely phenomenal result from the boys today. Im soooo gutted i couldn't make the game but by all accounts it was a really good performance and we more than deserved to win. Terry Butcher is doing such a good job but never really gets the credit he is due from our support. Really don't know what it is with our lot but sometimes the demands are unreal. I really feel like giving the v's to the majority that slagged us off last week. Particular mention to the tactical genius that is the immortal howden ender. What did you think of today? Did butcher get it wrong as he always does?
  9. The free hospitality that was offered today? Is that the big idea to get hundreds pouring back through the gate. The kids day was a great idea but to be honest that should be the norm for a football club
  10. Where is the benefit in me joining it? I would quite happily contact the people involved and tell them what they should be doing better. Do you really think they doing everything they can?
  11. Right guys, i'm going to open a can of worms up here. That was an absolutely disgraceful attendance today. I actually can't believe that. First home game of the season. "Sell out Saturday". Our club needs us. All these so called fans that wouldn't go back unless Rangers were voted out. New players on display. Very good performance away last week. Add to that the amazing(for once!) weather we had today. After all that we could only muster a 2800 home support. Shocking. I really dont know what we have to do to get all these glory hunters in more often. And then we look back to last wee
  12. The best news i'm likely to hear all close season. Absolute shocking player who thought he was some sort of steven gerrard or something. Promised a lot when he came but really didn't deserve to wear the jersey. Will get found out big time down there at that level and we will be a million times better off without him. He is up there with andy barrowman!
  13. Im probably going to get absolute pelters for this but here goes. In my opinion this subject is getting rather tiresome. I have travelled to the majority of away games this season and love nothing more than following my team all over the country. I enjoy everthing about it. The trip down and back on the train, pre match drinks and getting the craic with my mates. But primarily im there to watch the football and support my team. Thats what it is all about. We are all down there to watch the game of football. Now I totally agree with everyone else that some of the stewarding is ridiculous
  14. Superb post, totally agree with everything you said there. Althought I wouldn't have used the word clowns or idiots. F****** A***holes is what they are. They are an absolute embarrassment to themselves. Apologies for the language but it seemed to be perfectly ok for them to use it on saturday. I'm all for everyone having their own opinion, but when that opinion is slagging off our own players, when we're having one of the best seasons ever, then they should take that opinions elsewhere. Doesn't really surprise me with this group of fans we're referring to though, they shout the same
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