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  1. I see it's a record breaking crowd bolstered by what looks like 8 Morton fans Backs up the ridiculousness surrounding this game being televised.
  2. My prediction HT: 0v0 FT: 1v0 1st ICT: Storey 1st Opp: Muirhead Crowd: 1643 Caleyjag's Prediction HT: 0v0 FT: 2v1 1st ICT: Keatings 1st Opp: Millar Crowd: 1782
  3. Cowdenbeath @ 2.25 please If Caleybraveheart forgets I'll post it for you
  4. My prediction HT: 0v0 FT: 2v1 1st ICT: Storey 1st Opp: McGowan Crowd: 3736 Caleyjag's prediction HT: 0v0 FT: 1v1 1st ICT: Doran 1st Opp: Hemmings Crowd: 3456
  5. ........ and when he leaves I'm sure you'll be the first to question why we let him go. Either you've seen something different this season from last season to change your mind on him or you're just being different for the sake of it, the boy couldn't do anything right last season in your eyes but now you think he's a decent player. You're a confusing chap Alan Simpson, so much so I think you're confusing yourself.
  6. This is the games we should be encouraging youth, start with a couple of the younger lads and lets see what they can do. After all if we won't do it in these games then when will we?! I agree there's no such thing as a nonsense cup but it's about priorities and this one surely ranks lowest of them all so make it work for the good of the squad if nothing else.
  7. Our style of play needs to change for sure and has been evident all season. We have players who can take the ball down and run at defence but the mental block we have with tactics and persistent long ball won't a loud it. Have to agree with you regards the management team and their thinking.
  8. Indeed, I married a cougar who showed me the error of my ways not least my choice of teams and here we are ......... ?
  9. Ironically we're in Sneck this weekend but not at the game, currently having an cheeky drink to celebrate Caleyjags birthday. She was at the 5v2 game in '94 so fitting we won today. Was really important we got a win today just to put points on the board and in still a bit of confidence amongst the squad. Be good to read the comments from those that were at the game.
  10. HT 1v1 Makes a change for us to be scoring just before the whistle as opposed to conceding
  11. Using my phone so no normal match day thread format, sorry. Rooney returns, not sure many had predicted that and I wonder just how fit he is. No changes up front so for me they must perform today. I never like to say a game is a must win and it's not the end of the world if we don't but really we need to kick-start our season with at minimum a win.
  12. Daniel Mackay didn't stand a chance of getting game time with us bringing in Todorov, Keatings and Storey so in a way it makes sense to get it elsewhere. Remind me though why our management team repeatedly big up our youngsters stating how good they are only to repeatedly ignore them.
  13. Agree with you there however given who we've brought in and the positions they play it'll never happen and he won't be on the radar. Had he been available I reckon he'd have been brought in instead of Mitch Curry.
  14. You and Robbo would get on like a house on fire then
  15. Double edged sword tbh, while I expected nothing else than to be beat I certainly didn't expect to be beaten by this margin. Is it a gulf or just down to one bad day? I'm hoping for the latter but things need to change as that's now three defeats to Utd in as many competitive months and we look defeated even before we play them, a shadow of the team that put them out of the Scottish Cup last season. Devoid of inspiration, devoid of innovation, devoid of creativity and almost going through the motions of inevitability. It's very difficult to predict a drastic improvement for Saturday against Arbroath but we must win, we've started this season the way we finished last season and that's infectious.
  16. *** VOTING IN THE POLL ABOVE IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WERE AT THE MATCH ONLY *** If you were at the match, please use the poll above to vote for your top 3 players. As a bit of fun, we have also added an option to rate the referee .... Please make sure you vote for 3 separate players. If you make an error, let us know so we can fix it. PLEASE ONLY VOTE ABOVE IF YOU WERE AT THE GAME Anyone caught trying to cheat the system WILL be banned from voting in ALL site polls...this is your only warning. **NOT at the game ?** As a result of requests received, we have made a slight change to how these threads work for site users who watched the game on TV or listened to the full game live on the radio ....... You too will now be able to cast your votes, but should do it in the thread below, and NOT in the official poll above. Just list the three players of your choosing and award 5,3, or 1 point(s). You can give the ref a mark if you want too ! These votes will NOT be counted in the official total, as we only count votes from those who where actually at the game, but it IS a way for you to participate in the process .... which many people asked for .... a happy medium we hope !!!!!
  17. It's encouraging to see that things have changed then .............. (looks to the heavens in hope)
  18. Now you're just trippin .............. Danny Williams, really? Decent player but don't recall him setting the place alight. Thought you were all about giving youth a chance as well but not much hope of that if we bring back every Tom, Dick and Harry.