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  1. Really good play at times and some good goals, was not expecting that score. Rooney played a blinder, which I never thought I'd ever say.

    New Kit

    Was told when I picked mine up today that 200 sold on pre order
  3. One of the best, first met him at 12th BB"s in Dalneigh, encouraged us with 2 left feet to the same level as those more talented. RIP John
  4. Good performances today particularly by the young guys and all fitted in well. 2nd half we were better team, not great with injuries, think Rooneys looked the worst
  5. Keatings & Carson looked nae bad at Clach, Keatings scored 1st goal. Todrov scored 2nd but to early to tell on this performance . No new strip.
  6. Austin signed for Kelty Hearts apparently
  7. Geezo we have witnessed some shocking refs through the years, but that must be the worst ever.
  8. First class, congrats to all team and crowd, well done to the young lads for getting the atmosphere going. At home beating County in the cup on pen shootout a damn good night I'd say
  9. Better performance and good win but lots more work to be done before we've turned the corner.
  10. All the best, hope all goes well
  11. Extremely poor especially in defence, 3 so called centre halfs can't attack a ball in the air. Rooney never a right back looked lost on touchline for long periods. Apart from snow what will Jan bring in.
  12. Wishing you all the best, stay strong
  13. Defo the classic game of 2 halves, great in the first one, then foot of the gas thinking it was job done. I'll take the 3 pts though and top of league.
  14. Shocking really how we couldn't achieve the 3pts today. Rooney is never a right back I'm afraid.
  15. Very good team performance, quite a few in running for MOM, Oakley for work rate, Austin for goals but has to be Vigurs for me, controlled that game and put in a real professional display.
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