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  1. The Long Man

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    Cracking start, and the better team once again. But we need another goal. You just know what’s coming if we keep the score like this!
  2. The Long Man

    January signings

    I think he will probably go over the bridge in the summer, to the retirement home for old ICT players.
  3. The Long Man

    Ayr Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Fantastic result on what was no doubt a difficult night weather wise. Top four, and we can only get better. DU and Ayr are both catchable, and we know County aren't any great shakes. Lot to look forward to for the rest of the season.
  4. The Long Man

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    That was an assault, and should be treated as such.
  5. The Long Man

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    Agreed - that was a cracking goal from White. What I also noticed was just after that County had their only sustained spell of pressure, for about 10 minutes. We needed all hands on deck, and White was back on the edge of our box, harrying and tackling, helping out the defence with no little success (and not conceding free kicks). Hopefully that is the kind of work ethic Robbo is instilling, that kind of commitment, work rate and together attitude will be invaluable.
  6. The Long Man

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    Well, despite the stab-in-the-back ending (and it did feel like a mugging, as opposed to being outplayed - not least thanks to their unprovoked aggressive attitude, like sulky teenagers aware that they are being outclassed), that was a terrific game to be at, great support, atmosphere; the kind of game you couldn’t really take your eyes off for a second. Robbo was right - that was daylight robbery. Weirdly, in spite of the disbelief we felt walking away, there was also a certain amount of pride in the way we played. We played them off the park for long periods, with the kind of passing and moving we have had in the best periods of our history. If you remember where we were this time last year, and how we were at the beginning of this season, when I saw them last, there is a huge improvement. The most pleasing thing for me is how we played as a team - instead of that disjointed scattergun approach we seemed to have, this felt like a coherent unit who knew their positions and had a plan, getting the ball down the channels and behind their defence generated a lot of chances. Walsh in particular looks like an essential part of this team now. Of course it is a massive letdown to come away with nothing, but there was ample evidence that Robbo is moulding the team into a good football side who have nothing to fear from the distinctly unimpressive league leaders. We all know about the scoring problem, but with at least one more fresh face in this week, and Oakley to come back, if we can build on that performance we will come good. A strong second half to the season and we can challenge those above us. The next two games will be very interesting. I hope we can carry through the positives from that performance. The players deserve a bit of credit for it.
  7. The Long Man

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    With County down 3-1 at Ayr this could be a very useful day if results stay this way.
  8. The Long Man

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    Goal! Inverness CT 1, Dundee United 0. Tom Walsh (Inverness CT) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom left corner. Assisted by Liam Polworth. Lovely stuff.
  9. The Long Man

    U18's Season

    Great stuff, took them to extra time and pens. Must have been great to watch, it was pretty good on twitter. Well done the lads. 👏
  10. The Long Man

    U18's Season

    Can I just say, following the U18's on Twitter is fun, and beats reading any more tiresome bickering about the board: Go, lads!
  11. The Long Man

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    I don't have any more answers than you do, or anybody else. Of course I am in favour of open communication and transparency. But it is also easy to sit in your armchair and blame the board, whilst at the same time expecting them to come up with large amounts of money, much as i would like them to. You have a load of questions/implications there of which I haven't the slightest idea of their veracity or accuracy. Contrary to your suggestions i don't have any qualms about hurting anybody's feelings, or think they are gods, or anything other than people not that different from the rest of us. If change is needed let's hear about it, and let's have it. But I would prefer it is based on some actual facts and not the reams of wild speculation that tends to fly about here. If you want answers to those questions, then you won't get them here, perhaps open up some communication with the board yourself. Hopefully the resurrected Supporters Trust will be doing exactly that, and i will be very glad to support them doing so, where we can hopefully have a collaborative dialogue. But if anybody thinks running a Scottish football club in the Championship is easy, on low crowds such as ours, you are welcome to contribute your ideas.
  12. The Long Man

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    I am not aware of any our board members who think there is any financial gain to be had from being on the board, or have active business ventures which could possibly benefit. How would that even work? Some of them have dipped their hand into their own pocket, but there is obviously a limit to that.
  13. The Long Man

    Partick -V- Inverness CT

    Ridgers has become so good, he will surely attract attention from other clubs. I hope we tie him down with a generous contract. Great day, we were due a bit of fortune.
  14. The Long Man

    Partick -V- Inverness CT

    Alloa and DU winning - would be a great day if it all stays the same...
  15. The Long Man

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    That's twice we have outplayed them, deserved a win but got the draw. Those 4 points would have made a nice difference. But keep going like that and we will do alright. We're going the right way. And remember the disparity in budgets between the two teams.