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  1. The Long Man

    Where are our subs at Robbo?

    It's a pity that the post match interviews Robbo used to do that were posted here don't appear any more. That was exactly the kind of thing he would explain his reasoning on, and I have no doubt that he did have his reasons.
  2. The Long Man

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    Without Fox that would have been a drubbing for the moneybaggers.. Mind you, Ridgers did his own heroics at the end there.
  3. The Long Man

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    Where's oor Charlie when you need him? 🙄
  4. The Long Man

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    From the BBC match report: Inverness Caledonian Thistle manager John Robertson: "I thought we totally dominated the match for an hour, created all the best chances in the first half, played some lovely football and cut through them for fun. We just couldn't get it past Foxy - I thought he had a terrific game. "We played the better football, created better chances but just didn't take them. In the end it's a good point - it's away and it's a derby game but we would have liked to have won. But to come to a club that's spent double the budget we've spent and be the better side shows that we are going to be at the right end of the table." As ever, good summary from Robbo. Very happy to be the better side, at less than half the cost. Moreover, a younger side with more to come as they mature together.
  5. The Long Man

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    Good stuff. Remember the doom and gloom after Hearts - now look where both clubs are. Sets up next week beautifully. BTW what happened to Robbo's post match interviews? I used to enjoy his forthright views.
  6. The Long Man

    Machado matters

    You are so cynical and defeatist. Nothing the club does is good enough for you.
  7. The Long Man

    Machado matters

    I would also like point out the lad has called Inverness "a real paradise", so that promotes him to ambassador at least: We have also signed a lad from Lewis, but he hasn't said anything about the other worldly qualities of Inverness, so I guess he is more of a foreigner. But seriously, the investment in youth and their encouraging results is an exciting development for the future. Bring them on.
  8. The Long Man

    Machado matters

    That's more like it!
  9. The Long Man

    Machado matters

    People are so unnecessarily and negatively snippy about a new signing. The kid is at Culloden Academy, so in my book he is a local. Support the young lad instead of droning on as if you are all lawyers and are determined to stereotype him as a 'foreigner. What is this, ukip corner?
  10. The Long Man

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Fisher was a great signing who Foran refused to play because he fell out with him. A few goals from him might have saved the day.
  11. The Long Man

    Owain Tudor Jones interviews Gary Warren

    Thanks for posting this. Fascinating to hear about the Butcher years from the inside, the dressing room chats, Draper's first appearance, Steve Marcella and the Christmas party. Makes me very nostalgic about the glory years and the squad we had then. Two good guys.
  12. The Long Man

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Luckily the link to the programme is in the twitter feed. If you go to the official site you will be hard pressed to find it. Maybe a link to it could be provided in Scotty's match day thread from now on?
  13. The Long Man

    He's One Of Our Own

    Agree with PerfICT, it is shaming and makes you wonder how we can hold up our heads when the press and other fans will now think of us as hosting a clique of hostile, abusive fans who apparently hate one of our best players so much they abuse his sister. Just unbelievable, and set to wreck years of building a reputation as a club free from the old, ugly side of neddish behaviour. The only thing we can do is make sure there is a backlash against these clowns by showing our support for Liam and the team - it must upset the other players too, which is doubly damaging. I have a feeling a lot of people will want to make that point, so let's make it clear if he plays tomorrow night - though I think he might be taken out of the firing line to calm the situation down. As far as saturday goes, yes we missed a couple of golden chances to go ahead, but in the second half they built a wall of two banks of four, as we have seen in many games, including the World Cup. You don't have to be brilliant in such a team, but Ayr stuck to their task with real discipline and energy, so they frustrated us successfully. That's football, had it been us in their position we would have been celebrating a famous backs to the wall performance. We can learn from that, but it's crazy to go overboard as if we had got a drubbing. We were the dominant team, and will have better days.
  14. The Long Man

    Hearts Game

    IHE is right. Those first three goals were unstoppable, brilliantly executed. Ridgers didn't have a chance. After that no wonder we struggled. We lost the game in midfield really, we couldn't stop them swamping us there and delivering balls out to the sides with ease. A lesson learned, and even then there were chinks of light in our counter attacks. We have a bit of growing up to do, but the season has't started yet., so I wouldn't draw any long term conclusions from it, other than we are a championship side and they are a SPL side. The difference was obvious. Ikpeazu looks like a star.
  15. The Long Man

    Hearts Game

    So you put off people going to see a game and increasing the gate, and then, when it is too late, tell them they could have come. What way is that to run a club. If that is the case ICT should lodge a complaint against them, if there is a way of doing that.