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  1. Superb response after going behind. What a start to the season. ⚽⚽⚽🥅
  2. Out, but with our heads held high. Great effort, lads, so very close. Now, with that performance, we can go for the play offs in good heart, knowing how good we are.
  3. Would love to sneak this before extra time, when they have no time to reply.
  4. Toddy great strike, well saved, and then Allen hitting the post. We are giving it a great go. St Mirren might have underestimated us. Great to see us playing good football and showing what we are capable of.
  5. This seems to me a deliberate spoiling motion, aimed at the hearing on Thursday. IMHO it is designed to plant suspicion in the tribunal that there were two sides to the aggravation, with both guilty of abuse. That will be borne out if Davidson's defence on Thursday is that Todorov provoked him by saying unpleasant things, or something similar. Since there is no evidence that we know of for such a claim, the opposite of Todorov's case against him, it smacks of excessive opportunism and a very cynical ploy. I hope it increases his punishment. Maybe his lawyer cooked it up. Desperate, and very un
  6. There are so many permutations, it is nigh impossible to figure it out. With three tough games in a week for us it is a steep ask. But i am also convinced the others will drop points along the way. So what's the bet it all goes down to the last day. We will need three points, and also rely on other results going our way.... It's that close.
  7. I think it will all hinge on the Dundee game myself. That will be a cracker of a match. When you look at that week, we have St Mirren, Dundee, Hearts. A really testing week which will decide our season. But what have we got to lose? We can give it a good go. Only reservation is if the St Mirren game gives us heavy legs on Tuesday night.
  8. Well, it's all speculation obviously, but if you factor in Hearts away as being a possible defeat, then the other three games are massive, but particularly the Dundee game which could be decisive. I am convinced, though, that the others will drop points so there will be a window we can squeeze through if we play to our best. Whatever happens, I will be happy with the way we have finished the season, in view of what most of it has been like. So it is all a bonus as far as I am concerned. But if we make the play offs then I think we have as good a chance as any of the others.
  9. Interesting, Robert. As we know from this league, there will plenty of ups and downs to come yet, so I wouldn't get too despondent if we slip up here and there, because so will the others. But no doubt we are in a very good position with our current form. Should be a fun ride.
  10. Well, our number 77 (what? there's another 76 players in the squad?) has outdone himself, two great goals, and a lovely curler from MacKay. How will we keep the predators away from him? Great interview with McCann afterwards too.
  11. Come on, guys, if the team is firing on all cylinders, no reason to go for it in both competitions. Anyway, being realistic, St Mirren is a long shot.
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