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  1. Dick's match summary: "You would nae put a dug out in those conditions"
  2. Under the circumstances that's not a bad result. They will be far more disappointed than us, given the advantage they would have had if they had collected three points today. Keeps us well in the race.
  3. That was very late, I expect the team had already travelled. Could they really not tell this morning before we set off? Very poor.
  4. It's that lucky pink strip again. The most distinctive one in the division. Because we're different. Class.
  5. With the four teams below us playing each other, and thus taking points off each other, a golden chance to get three points and gain some ground on them.
  6. I would have thought a replacement for Gardyne will be fairly high up the list.
  7. Great result, strong performance, perseverance rewarded. Great work by Allardice before passing to Welsh. I expected a behind the sofa ending, but we saw it out coolly and confidently, and could have scored another. This league is so competitive it will be an exciting, nerve shredding season. But on the evidence tonight we are up there on merit and can give a game to anybody. Doddsy saying he expects to do business in the transfer market in January. Striker top of the shopping list?
  8. Ian McCall: “We had our goalie to thank for it finishing 0-0. It all comes down to the penalty save, it was outstanding. “In the first half they hit the bar and the post but we had two really good chances as well. I thought they were better and if any team deserved to win it was them but our goalie makes a great save. We’re now five unbeaten but we need to turn a draw into a win.” Billy Dodds: “I thought we played our best game of the season today,” beamed Inverness manager Billy Dodds at full-time. “I thought we were magnificent. “The pitch wasn’t
  9. Superb response after going behind. What a start to the season. ⚽⚽⚽🥅
  10. Out, but with our heads held high. Great effort, lads, so very close. Now, with that performance, we can go for the play offs in good heart, knowing how good we are.
  11. Would love to sneak this before extra time, when they have no time to reply.
  12. Toddy great strike, well saved, and then Allen hitting the post. We are giving it a great go. St Mirren might have underestimated us. Great to see us playing good football and showing what we are capable of.
  13. This seems to me a deliberate spoiling motion, aimed at the hearing on Thursday. IMHO it is designed to plant suspicion in the tribunal that there were two sides to the aggravation, with both guilty of abuse. That will be borne out if Davidson's defence on Thursday is that Todorov provoked him by saying unpleasant things, or something similar. Since there is no evidence that we know of for such a claim, the opposite of Todorov's case against him, it smacks of excessive opportunism and a very cynical ploy. I hope it increases his punishment. Maybe his lawyer cooked it up. Desperate, and very un
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