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  1. You can see what Dodds was thinking - that they'd come at us strongly (correct) and so we needed to hold them first (didn't work!) and then bring on the artillery (worked better than anybody could have imagined at halftime!). But I do think that, given our injuries and refereeing casualties, the best we could hope for before the game was to to be able to go to Perth still in it, and with a chance to pull off something remarkable. And, by some miracle or other, the players did it. They are going to be on a high over the weekend so that is the best preparation for the game we could have hoped for. You feel that the game could go either way now, and that is itself a real achievement.
  2. That was astonishing from Macalear. A fantastic shot into the roof of the net, and five minutes later a free kick which would grace any Champions League or World Cup game. Where do they summon up this amazing never-say-die attitude from? Samuels was outstanding in his running and creating of chances too. And I was delighted to see Allardice back, he can make an immense difference in the middle of the park. I think we have our team sorted for Monday. If we can just resist the pressure they will put us under from the off, we can grow into the game as we did tonight and give them some real headaches. After thinking we were down and out of it at half time, quite amazing that we have a real chance in a cup final of a game that, once again, as underdogs we have nothing to lose by really going for it. As long as we can defend for our lives too. Bring it on. We have sown the seeds of doubt in them now, let that sink in and gnaw at their self-belief over the weekend!
  3. Arbroath can't complain, they couldn't have had a better chance than their domination of the play, home advantage and facing a team down to 8 and 9 players. As Dick admitted they blew it against Killie anyway. I just wanted to add to all the deserved plaudits that our stamina was awesome. Two hours on a dreadful pitch and conditions with us on the back foot most of the time, not to mention two players less. Their commitment, their refusal to buckle, get their bodies in the way, refusal to give in, especially in that last ten minutes and the whole of extra time was phenomenal. And then to step up and score five out of five, with a fantastic save from Ridgers, after going through all they went through - what can you say? Heroes, all. Let's face it, St J will be a far tougher test, but with last night under our belt, the belief will be deep that we can once again defy the odds. Also I think we will be able to play better football against a less stifling, stuffy side. We are the underdogs, and that suits us fine.
  4. Incredible backs to the wall performance. With all that crap thrown at us, and one of the worst refereeing performances of all time, we stuck to our guns, defended resiliently, and then scored five great penalties. Never mind the quality of the game, let's salute the fantastic spirit and never say die attitude of our boys. Nerves of steel, and very well deserved.
  5. Agree with a lot of the suggestions on here. Arbroath are very good at stifling the game, we need to address that by strengthening our midfield which is outnumbered. The result is our attackers are starved of service and become wasted a lot of the time. I would drop Mackay to the bench, bring on Allardice if he is fit, and get the balls to the attackers from midfield through the lines to Samuels and Chalmers. We have to freshen up and bring something different to the table. We have the players to do it, and there won't be many goals in this game, so those moments of guile and inspiration can be crucial to turning the game. Give them something to think about.
  6. Well, for Arbroath that went exactly to plan. They are well organised and hard to break down, not attractive but effective, shielding the back four with a midfield happy to sit in front of them. We looked nervy and off our usual game, struggling to get going and put some decent passes together. However, I think we will do better in a game where it is all to play for, rather than these unnecessary two leg games, and we certainly have nothing to lose, we have to go for it. So bring it on and let's play like we know we can. It's a cup game now, so let's play like it's one. I don't think they will be any better than tonight, whereas we definitely can be.
  7. Being 'rested' doesn't mean much, especially in comparison to the momentum we have built up over the last run of games. Also, I wonder if the psychological effect of missing out after leading the league for so long will have an effect. This is an excellent chance for us, especially with our new found appetite for goals. They will be stuffy and defensive, but I fancy us to score a couple. Just keep the back door closed!
  8. Two great goals from Samuels saw us through that tie. Hope he can do the same v Arbroath. He seems on a good streak right now, love the way he finishes. With him, Chalmers and Shane we have goals in this side. I fancy us against a deflated Arbroath. We are on a bit of a roll, 7 goals in three games.
  9. Yes, now we have two wins under our belt, with 6 goals scored, let's concentrate on a pedantic argument about our name 😂
  10. Yo! What a finish. Well done that man Chalmers. Back in the top 4. If we go on a run now that would be perfect. Topsy turvy or what?
  11. Dick's match summary: "You would nae put a dug out in those conditions"
  12. Under the circumstances that's not a bad result. They will be far more disappointed than us, given the advantage they would have had if they had collected three points today. Keeps us well in the race.
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