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  1. I expect Robbo is of the view that whatever the height of the challenge or the intent, studs were raised as he went in. It may look worse than it was, but they are very likely to rule it dangerous play whatever the appeal - it's one of those things that tends to be an automatic red whatever the circumstances and they are unlikely to give any latitude around.
  2. Not a disaster. Heads didn't go down, even after a rather fortuitous rebound. Polly was daft raising his boot that high. But we know what we have to do now, and we are capable of it. Should be an exciting match.
  3. Thankyou, Huisdean, for saying what needs to be said.
  4. Hi Danylo, Thanks for your reply, always interesting to find out why people take a shine to a club from far away. Your reasons are sound, and I hope you get to see the view from the stadium yourself one day. I was in Kiev a few years ago, and had a good time, met some great people. I really wanted to go to a game but didn't have the time unfortunately. Maybe next time. As for your questions, we did sell Christie to Celtic, so we got some money for him. Shinnie i think was at the end of his contract. Rooney I can't remember. But you are right - we are a relatively small club, with modest attendances, compared to big city clubs from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. We have a very good track record of developing players, bringing in those who need an opportunity, as well as giving young players a chance. We have built some great squads over the years with that approach, and are doing so again. The downside is of course that the best will get offers which we cannot possibly match, as well as wanting to play for bigger clubs. So you have to accept that, enjoy them while they are here, and hope that we can reinvest the money in good players. Yes, in theory we have the whole Highlands to draw on for our support, but I think you will find most of the Highlands is quite empty! But you are right - there is a constant battle to get new investors, or sources of income, if we can. The best hope is promotion to the SPL which will great increase our income. It is a constant battle keeping financially afloat, for a club like ours. I hope you get to watch the semi final in Ukraine.
  5. This is great. So who is doing the commentating?
  6. More evidence, should it be needed, that we are establishing a solid, winning team. Next two games will be very interesting.
  7. Hey Danylo, don't take the sarcasm to heart. Glad to hear that you know some of our players from way back. How on earth did you get attached to ICT? Do you also support Dinamo or another Kiev team?
  8. You get the feeling it's coming together at exactly the right time. Could be an exciting end to the season. 😀
  9. Indeed. Much better to have an early decision, instead of waiting until near kick off. If it was badly waterlogged at 12:30 there is no chance of it being magically ok by this evening.
  10. Or it could be a giant red herring. In the shape of a conspiracy theory.
  11. I believe she was a great advocate of social media for increased profile of the club and engagement of sponsors and fans. i shall leave you to judge whether that was effective.
  12. The only other match that night is Doncaster Rovers v Barnsley, which many pubs will automatically show, but there is a good chance that you can ask a friendly barman to switch it over to our game. These are the ones that come up, but wouldn't take it as gospel, would check with them first: More general:
  13. I don't see why they should wait. They could just assume there is a strong possibility of an Old Firm semi-final and proceed accordingly. Doesn't matter if it turns out to be Aberdeen instead.
  14. Odds on it is Hearts, Robbo will surely relish that.