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  1. bigjohn

    Billy Mckay

    Warning, poor attempt at humor and probably works best with a central Scotland, weegie, accent. Here goes, Ive been reliably informed that Billy Mckay is a transvestite as he now has a wigan address. (wig n a dress). I'm waiting for the tumbleweed. I did warn you.
  2. Ive just beeni reliably informed that the social club has been closed for a couple of months now, you may already know, but I thought id put it on here in case anybody else didn't know.
  3. He popped his knee apparently, ouch.
  4. I use "tune in radio" on my pc and phone which is also excellent.
  5. Heard yesterday on the radio down here in the central belt, that it is being covered by MFR.
  6. As Captain Mainwaring used to say..... "I was waiting for someone to notice that". Except I really WAS waiting for someone to notice it. Full game "as live" coverage. Programme on from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Post match interviews with Ryan Christie and Graeme Shinnie. As Cpt Mainwaing used to say...." you stupid boy" lol
  7. Just noticed that the game is on alba at half past six.
  8. bigjohn


    Hope its the Accies they get. ill be borrowing my dads scarf and going to watch
  9. As a central belter im biased as New Douglas Park is only 8 miles from my house, c'mon the Accies, Imrie is off so there is no problem now
  10. I would consider myself to be amongst the "not the brightest" brigade but even with my limited intelligence I wouldn't come on here and challenge anybody else without taking the time to check my post for basic punctuation/grammar etc. or getting one of the grandchildren to correct it. Smacks of pot calling the kettle black in my opinion. Before anybody takes the time to point out my mistakes, I would like to reiterate that I know my English isn't great so you would be wasting your time.
  11. Thanks for that, I should be able to make it, looking forward to it.
  12. What time and which ground is it being played. I'm not far from Airdrie and wouldn't mind going to support the lads but it depends on what time the ko is at
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