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  1. The stadium is a joke. The worst in the SPL in my opinion. As doofer says above it's far too open which means no atmosphere, always cold because of it's stupid location, 2 eye sore stands behind the goals, horrendous looking main stand, no idea who designed it but they get no points and it does nothing to attract new fans. Stadium investment should be an absolute priority now. And I guarantee our crowds would go up if the stadium looked a bit better, people and neutrals especially would be far more inclined to go down every second Saturday if they were in a decent ground instead of sat in the freezing cold and struggling to even see the game because the poor design of the north/south stands. This is the opinion of so many people I have spoken to. Boys from work, neutrals, people who aren't ICT fans but who just want to go down and watch a game of football on a Saturday afternoon but they are put off by these things. The stadium does absolutely nothing to help attract new fans. If there are funds available investment in this area should be a top priority.
  2. I would also like to see long sleeved tops, but unlike yourself I don't see the reason for the club not ordering them? Every season I am told there is not enough demand for them, how do they know, they have never ordered them, none of us have ever been given the chance to buy one! I can think of roughly 10 of my mates straight away that would choose the long sleeved over short sleeved. Plus 2 of you have already said on here you would prefer long sleeved, so there obviously is demand. If Ross County can provide long sleeved tops, I fail to see why we can't. Next season's new away top, here's hoping!
  3. As someone has already said, differences of opinion, shouting, swearing is all part and parcel of football, and I couldn't agree more. But thats not the point here, or certainly not the point I was making, far from it. The point I was making is how the hell can anyone be so negative towards our own team and players when we are in the form we are in? That is what really pissed me off on Saturday. When we are having the season of our lives like we currently are, I do not appreciate any so called ICT fan sitting for 90 mins and slagging off one of our own players. Especially our club captain. And it wasn't just a one off remark it went on throughout the whole game... And lets be honest, the word he chose to use to describe Ritchie Foran is not important in the slightest, donut, ****, *****, whatever, who cares the word ain't important - it was the fact he was being totally negative and not supporting the team that annoyed me, and clearly a lot of others around him. I'm sorry but say what you want, anyone who claims to be an ICT fan acting like that is a disgrace. There are differences of opinion, then there is someone just talking complete *****. If you can't support ICT at a time like this, then you should take your negative comments somewhere else as far as I'm concerned. Not gonna say anything else on the matter.
  4. Because I was there to watch a game of football, and support my team... not to get into an argument with a group of idiots who had nothing positive to say about anything. It would have achieved nothing. Thats why I chose to ignore you all. And I would also like to point out I don't even know the opening poster... so quite funny how someone else noticed your and your mates disgraceful behaviour.
  5. I was actually going to come on here today and start a topic about this very thing because it annoyed me that much, so quite glad someone else noticed this mornoic behaviour by some of our so called 'supporters' on Saturday... Infact, I wouldn't call these idiots supporters. Just complete clowns. A group of boys sat in the row behind us at the game on Saturday, and one in particular with ginger hair, was constantly referring to Ritchie Foran throughout the game as a 'donut'... I don't think I heard him shout anything positive about the team the whole game. Seriously, what is that all about? We are currently enjoying our most successful spell as a club ever, and still you get people shouting nonsense like this. Let's be honest we all know who the donut is here, and it sure ain't Ritchie Foran. Then my mate, sat next to me, turned round and questioned why the hell he was calling our club captain a donut when we were drawing 1-1 away to the current 3rd best team in the country? He mumbled something like 'am I not entitled to my opinion' before of his aggro mates, another idiot, stood up and told my mate to 'sit the **** down' or something along those lines. As someone else above said, even after it calmed down, they started it up again. They weren't supporting the team on Saturday, just shouting ridiculous comments aimed at our own players. And when Foran got taken off mid way through the second half, whilst the rest of us were chanting his name, the ginger destroyer behind us thought it would be better to change the words to 'ritchie foran is a donut'... It was just cringe worthy listening to him. Saturday for me was one of the best and most enjoyable away games of the season so far, the crack on the train on the way down and back was first class, was a quality game of football and overall another brilliant away day following ICT. Just a shame the day was slightly marred by these morons, who's aim seemed to be not to enjoy the game of football and get behind ICT, but to simply cause trouble and abuse people. I also would be happy never to see any of them at at ICT game again, our club does not need 'supporters' like this. And I also know at least 2 of them that were in the group are members of this forum. Lets see if they show their true colours and come out and justify their/their mates behaviour. I somehow doubt they will.
  6. when ordering online is there any way to apply the 10% season ticket holder discount?
  7. http://www.ictfc.co.uk/articles/20100722/new-home-shirt-launch_2208825_2099517
  8. Ryan Esson signed a 2 year deal earlier today. Will be annouced soon. Happy days!
  9. The photo on the back of the P&J can be found and bought here: http://www.snspix.com/prints-33521/24-04-1...ct-gallery.html Some cracking photos!
  10. I noticed that. Not once in Charlie Bannerman's report does he mention that Forans winner was an overhead kick, instead he writes 'Foran scrambled home the winner'.. Think he deserves a bit more credit than that!
  11. Well done to all involved with this. Very impressed.
  12. 5 - Foran. Without doubt 3 - Rooney 1 - Tokely
  13. By the way, crowd of only 2,008? Don't believe that for a second. The crowd for the last midweek game against Queens was announced at over 3000, you telling me there were 1000 less at tonights game? No chance.