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  1. Try www.prediction-game.com. It covers various sports competitions not just football, but there is an SPFL predictor competition and its free to join. A group of us had a mini league in the clydesdale bank one last year and we have set up our own mini league again within this site. Points system is slightly different and you can do cup games as an option. We are sticking to the Classic contest which is just league games Also you can predict ahead for most of the seasons fixtures so saves missing a week if on holiday.
  2. Local train station for South Queensferry is Dalmeny. Get 43 bus from outside Premier Inn - passes station or go directly into St Andrews Square.
  3. Here's hoping that our pre-season picks up and we get some folk signed up or it could be a depressing decision lol! Don't know where your letters are, but we received our letter of thanks early May, presumably after possible relegation was not an issue. Dated 26th April, " The Journey Continues". Also included details of the fans evening on May 7th and application form for season tickets. So no gripes from us and tickets have been renewed
  4. Definitely more than 54 fans. I was one! Agree with all the reports. First half dire but what a difference A Shinnie made and also Nick Ross played well. Maybe time for Nick to get a start and Billy Mackay on as sub later. Thought the latter was a bit ineffective last night. ran around a lot but didn't create anything. Time to take quicker and more accurate throw ins too.
  5. Gutted for the team. Cruel result. Best I've seen them play for a while. Good passing and commitment all round. Don't think Esson did make a save. Motherwell had 3 shots at goal and they scored. Disappointed to see so many of our fans leave after their 3rd goal. Good to see Hayes back. Onwards and upwards.
  6. Make sure its the correct fixture card. Picked one up at main stand turnstile on Saturday and it was season 10/11. Wishful thinking?!
  7. I'm currently taking part in the Clydesdale bank football selector. www.cbfootball.co.uk Think this replaces the old bbc scotland sportsound predictor which went belly up season before last. More fun than the predictor. Create your own mini league and pit your skills against other Caley Thistle supporters. I'm doing pretty well under another name in our Club League. Lots of ICT supporters doing the same. Good luck!
  8. Good choice to appoint Foran if true. No denying that Grant was best choice at the time but how many of the former squad still remain.. Tokeley, Duncan, MacBean... Can't think of any others. Completely different set of players now, and maybe some with better qualities to be captain. Foran has been immense, a workhorse and always encouraging and motivating on the pitch. Good luck to him.
  9. Saturday's win was a clear "lose". Sure, we beat Airdrie. They were a very very poor excuse for a football team. A half decent first division team would have demolished us (as has happened so often this season) If you look at the first division table we've scored more goals than anyone else so far this season and have the second best goal difference. So I can't understand all the negativity about not scoring more against lower teams. obviously we're doing better than others.
  10. It was certainly noticeable last year and I'm quite sure hesitancy cost us a goal or two. Players should be fully committed and not holding back expecting the flag to be raised. Grant Munro does it quite often and it doesn't have any influence on the linesman, so what's the point?
  11. Noticed in the BBC highlights that Grant's arm goes up looking for offside against the Dons first crack at goal. Think the Caley defenders did this a fair amount last session.Seem to remember we were 2 down in minutes against Hibs at Easter Road last year for precisely this. Surely the players have to carry on irrespective of whether they they think its offside. Ok the linesmen are often wrong but the defenders shouldn't stop running in the hope the flag will be raised.
  12. Phoned the ticket office about this earlier this afternoon. Whoever I spoke to didn't think there was pay at gate but tickets are available at ICT and have been for a while. When I said there was no info on official site, she said all the ticketing information had been passed on a while ago. Just checked official site and still nothing there!!
  13. Got the Harry Lime theme going round in my head now. Seem to remember it was a detective thing - Michael Rennie or someone rings a bell. We used to see how long we could stay under the cold shower and then run and jump into the water and it felt really warm! You could be right about the brick- think it was something about life saving.
  14. Think there was a kiosk upstairs and seats where you could peer over. But we used to stop for chips at Pagliaris on Academy Street on the way back to the bus station. They sold good ice cream too. Their van used to come round Hilton most nights - great nougat wafers. Remember going to the baths on a double decker bus from Hilton School when we were in P6 or 7 and diving for a black rubber brick. No idea why anyone would dive in for a brick!
  15. Totally agree with what you are saying L_G. I don't object to queueing if it is a fair system. But being stuck 2nd or 3rd car from the front of a line and not moving for half an hour is no joke.It does seem that the row nearest Stadium Road is constantly moving because drivers reverse out of their lines and keep joining it. Good idea if the area was coned or taped off at the rear of the car park once all the cars were in, and everyone had to drive FORWARD. OK it might still take time to exit but it would be more orderly.I do appreciate that when we get a full house and the car park is very bu
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