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  1. Ok , i didn't realise ... I'll sleep better tonight knowing that
  2. Why do BBC Sport keep calling .. Aaron Doran Doran Cogan
  3. When is the "split" fixtures out ? ... I hope County isn't our final game of the season
  4. STV News just said the Hearts V Aberdeen game will go ahead on Friday
  5. To be honest it's been that long since I've seen Dean Brill I doubt I'd recognise him
  6. Attendance for Tuesday the 12th is likely to be lower , the kids will be back to school .
  7. A pile of nonsense ! We haven't got half the squad they have & been wracked with injuries but just get on with it ! If they can't raise a team then they should forfeit the points ! Absolute disgrace !
  8. What about Josh Meekings , any word of him coming back ?
  9. Great game & great atmosphere , good to see us back in the top 6 . 3 points on Saturday v Septic would be grand ... MON THE CALEY !!
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