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  1. Looks more like a goal keepers top to me. I don’t mind pink as a colour, but is it too pink.......... ?
  2. Another disappointing result, just when we should be pushing to consolidate 2nd. 👎
  3. Achhh .... 2-1 Shankland !!!! Against the run of play 👎
  4. Harsh....... there was contact 👎Really up against it now.
  5. Sean Welsh was the scorer, according to the lad sat next to me !!!
  6. Underwhelming performance & result. Can’t believe I’m grateful for a draw against Alloa !!!!! Hardly a playoff promotion performance.
  7. 0-1 FFs from a penalty.......... what chance have we got !!!!!
  8. There are announcements ???? Glayva !!!
  9. Disappointing result, particularly with DUtd getting a draw and a few teams behind closing in !!!!!?
  10. 1-0 in what has been a tight game. We have missed a few chances, but so has Ayr. We need to dig in now !!!
  11. Get in !!! 0-1 ....... Aaron Doran, great goal ⚽️?
  12. I was 9th today in the pie queue in the main stand today. Run out of steak pies by the time I got served. What chance have we got !!!!! Poor day all in ?
  13. Inverness CT manager, John Robertson: "We were horrendous, quite as simple and straightforward as that. From the first whistle we looked lacklustre, didn't have any energy, any zip, didn't move the ball about. It looked like the players thought it's only little old Arbroath - little old Arbroath showed exactly what it takes to be a professional football team."
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