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  1. LanceShaw

    Free download of Scottish Cup Final in full

    I cannot find a way to d/l this, only watch it on-line ...
  2. LanceShaw

    ICT Scarves Around The World

    Bonney Field, Sacramento, California Sacramento Republic FC v Rangers The Lone Jag ...
  3. LanceShaw

    ICT -V- Dundee

    Thank you for the video short replay ... normally, it takes a few days before we can see them here in the States! The match wasn't on any streams I could find, but Rangers were ON! WTF?!
  4. LanceShaw

    PLAYER SPONSORSHIP: 2012-13 Season

    How do I perform that? I looked around all the menus and canny figure it out ... I'd like to contribute as well.
  5. LanceShaw

    Arabs preview

    I just read on FB (a rumour) where TB was offered a one match touch-line ban after his comments about the Dons match ref ... anyone one else? edit: C'mon! Isn't like he said they were mince. They're not infaliable ... I feel like it adds to spirited debate.
  6. LanceShaw

    Game 09 - Stenhousemuir (A) 25/09

    HT 0-1 FT 0-2 ICT Shinnie Opp None Att 1016
  7. LanceShaw

    Game 09 - Stenhousemuir (A) 25/09

    HT 0-1 FT 0-2 ICT Shinnie Opp None Att 1016
  8. LanceShaw

    What the ...

    I've been found tae be the end of wind-up that happened in ma box. And here I'm reading for the fourth time about the merger between Caley and Inverness Jags and bad blood and high tension and me after a few lagers ... completely against ... It was a Caley Jags v Staggies match that led me tae Caley. It was a fantastic match. Early days, we can still make top six lads. Thank you for all your messages. Cheers Wee Gussie edit: and my wean has no taste in his choice, but what can you expect, a third division side and they're still on telly every week!!!! How does that work?
  9. LanceShaw

    Hibernian -V ICT

    You can say what you like, but I don't get to see the matches except on BBC Text. A point is a point ... and we're no bottom of the League and I'm happy with that for now.
  10. LanceShaw

    What the ...

    this appeared in my twitter feed this after: Top Six Next Year @TopSixNextYear Still reckon ICTFC and Ross County should merge. Who's daft idea is this? Okey, we no top six, but we're no bottom either. The Staggies are holding their own for a time. What sort of nonsense is this? ... has any of this been bantered about? Cheers all Wee Gussie