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  1. I seen I photo on twitter from a saints fan from after the game of security talking to the kid but he was like only 8, so what else are you going to do.
  2. hearts are actually playing very well at the moment but Wilson is out. which is a big bonus
  3. I would quite happily take it to some away games this season. is the guy who owns it on here?
  4. this flag used to go to all the games. haven't seen it at any games apart from county. does anyone know who owns it?
  5. you could put a smaller bus on?
  6. number 17 is still in school I think!
  7. who's going to raith rovers and how are people getting there. if there was enough interest it would be good to have a supporters bus going down?
  8. I liked kevin mcann, he's at Livingston now I think
  9. hows everyone getting down ??, does anyone know if the CJT are putting on a bus?
  10. last time i went to celtic park there was no atmosphere in the caley side at all !!!!!
  11. who's all going and what do you think the score will be ????????
  12. there is a bus leaving from dows - £4.50 there is also 2 buses leaving from the social club - £5.00 me and 2 others are going :)
  13. im going down to celtic but im getting the supporters bus :)
  14. We are doing really well at the moment and our fans are not rewarding them by turning up at home AND away games. Let's try a get a high attendance at motherwell and celtic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. i think easter road is a great stadium, but why is no one going ???
  16. who's all going to semi final at easter road ??
  17. Does anyone know where the singing section is going to be at ross county ??
  18. yea, there not shutting it until september 2013
  19. How much fans do you think will go hampden. For me i think alot because all the part time fans will go And when every other club goes to hampden they get persionalised waving flags, i think the shop should get them (not just for the fans but it would make a few pounds for the club) and when alot of the other clubs go the get a massive crowd surfer flag. i think it is a very good idea to have a collection a get one. thoughts ????
  20. And there is never any singing at celtic away games !!!!
  21. if you are intersed send me your email and i will send you a picture.
  22. There is a 10 ft by 5 ft flag going for a £10 if anyone wants it.
  23. we've not sold out are allocation for celtic ??
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