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  1. As a devoted Christian i believe in second chances and forgiveness. Ill let you ponder this passage from the good lords book. Matthew 6:14-0 "For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins." × References for Matthew 6:14 Cross References 156:14 - Mt 18:21-35 ; Mk 11:25,26 ; Eph 4:32 ; Col 3:13
  2. If we are unable to sign Storey then surely Ched Evans has to be an option for us?
  3. last position we need! Would rather we signed Ched Evans than him
  4. Anyone flying from Aberdeen 6am on the Tuesday?
  5. Wonder if anyone could link me to a thread on the fans game vs county, if there is one....I cbf looking
  6. This thread didn't take long to kick in speculation for a couple of hours and were suggesting new managers. Complete lack of respect to the man still currently managing our club.
  7. Just straight swap Greenhalgh out Watkins in
  8. Struan94


    Do you think it would be possible to set up a card display in the stand for the game away to county? just simple red and blue striped cards along the stand which could be held up before kick off, or could this only be achieved at a home game? would make a great spectacle to the viewers watching on sky and would maybe add a bit more atmosphere. Don't know how difficult this would be to achieve or the costs. just want an idea of how hard or easy this would be to make it happen. (This is as long as we sell out our end)
  9. It's got nothing to do with rangers! it's an Inverness flag with a background of the place Inverness are from! can't get my head around why you hate the flag of the place you live in.
  10. Sickening that people are offended by the flag of the place you live in
  11. This is unbelievable! a british flag with inverness on it is not a problem what so ever considering were all british citizens and part of the united kingdom, there's some amount of morons on this get a grip
  12. I really couldn't care less about the cups just a distraction to the league which i think we can win. Were playing better football than Celtic and have a prolific striker which they don't, also the distraction of the CL. As for the other teams have you seen anyone bar Celtic that's even come close to the ability were playing? If we keep playing the same style as we have done and stay injury free i think we can do it.
  13. Would reply to that guy but seems others already have with the point i was going to make, plus i don't know how to quote, reply or do any of that carry on, But a slow start may be down to playing teams like this. Why not play division 1 or 2 sides?
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