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  1. I was on the bus and saw nothing out of the blue which may have caused this except the odd song and will not be attending the meeting tomorrow due to work.
  2. As someone who has been travelling to the majority of away games for the last four seasons, most of which have been using the bus provided by CJT I am completely bamboozled as to why they have taken the decision to prevent me from travelling to Motherwell. I have never had any issues with CJT before and am really quite angered after giving my service to them for so long. It is the young fans who kept the bus going at times as we have already seen when we never went to Celtic or Mitherwell earlier this season they failed to even run a bus due to such low numbers. I am now completely discouraged by travelling on this service in future and it seems to me they have really shot themselves in the foot on this matter. I don't know why they think they have the right to prevent fans from travelling to an away game when our numbers are so low.
  3. The stewads are absolute useless ******** at our stadium like everywhere in the league.
  4. I have 5 for sale £7 each.
  5. If anyone would like to buy red,blue and white ICT flag and stick for £7 1.5m x 1.5m let me know cheers.
  6. azZO

    Goal drought

    Well aye a would agree it has been a goal drought eh ken but after a good performance the day against plastic whistle I think we can all agree we are back to our winning ways eh so whit dae ye make oh that terry butcher performing wonders at Hibernian it would appear he is nae daeing sae well himself well shot of him if u ken whar I'm comin fae aye ken cheers. azZO
  7. Good post, I agree 100%. Aye cheers fraz eh. azZO
  8. Aye I think this was a good idea eh it's about high time we did this lower prices to get the numbers up eh aye it's a plan like and I would like to thank inverness caledonian thistle fitbaw club on their absolutely fantastic idea cheers. azZO
  9. This is very disheartening there is no bus to Motherwell football club away even though I did not intend to travel shame nobody wants to go after such a good turnout at the final eh. azZO
  10. Well on my behalf I would like to congratulate inverness caledonian thistle football club on reaching the top 6 in the scottish professional football league premiership this is a humongoose achievement to reach the top 6 2 seasons running it is no bad considering we were made just 20 years ago and in that 20 years we have overcame many humongoose achievements one of our biggest achievements was Sunday just a shame about the penalty a if we won it would have been absolutely fantastic eh.
  11. Here if that's a problem for u organise wan Urself and show a bit more respect for those who go through the great hardship of organising a bus
  12. Here a good design eh maybe without the cringes slogan something a bit more appropriate would make the flag look better perhaps the words pride of the highlands would be a bit more appealing
  13. I'll put in £10 how do I pay it is there a thing at the club shop for me to pay tomorrow
  14. The bottom one yes there is one the exact same as the top one but a smaller one
  15. Aye Thomas sounds like a plan a display would be good eh
  16. I have a flag which is a saltire with an ict badge in the centre inverness in the top triangle caley thistle in the bottom triangle won't let me upload a pic