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  1. CraigF92

    Crystal Palace

    Watched the highlights of Chelsea v Palace and i was very impressed. What a job Pardew is doing. Going to predict a top 9 finish for the eagles.
  2. HT: 1-1 FT: 2-2 1st ICT: Williams 1st Opp: McKay Time of 1st Goal: 28 minutes
  3. Thought i would make a comment about the referee as well. That is the worst referee performance i have seen in a long time. Most of his terrible decisions were giving Hamilton free kicks that should of been ours or just not giving free kicks at all. Terrible. Hamilton were a dirty dirty team. That McKinnon is a dirty wee fecker. Nade as well should of got punishment for kicking out.
  4. Started the game really well today and should of been 2/3-0 up. Lopez and Mutumbo should of scored. When Hamilton scored though that changed everything. Just spineless after that. No plan B at all. Injuries or not that is terrible. They moan about attendances. No wonder people aren't coming to watch that.
  5. Great result and great performance. Had potential to be a banana skin especially after the international break. First half was quite even up until the goals right after each other but then i felt we kicked on after that. Could/should of scored 5 in 2nd half. Meekings and Watkins scoring, McKay rounding the keeper and skying it, Watkins hitting the bar and the post. Motherwell were crumbling.
  6. Hope the pay what you want goes well. I hope people aren't ***** and pay like £1. I'm going to pay something decent because i enjoy watching football and the football on show right now has been excellent.
  7. Also in the scottish cup final against Aberdeen
  8. Look what i just done with Inverness CT! I still can't believe it! By far the best thing i have ever done in a FM series. It really shocks me because i wasn't the greatest on FM14. I actually done a Inverness one and finished 5th. I was targetting 4th on this season behind Celtic, Dundee Utd and Aberdeen also a decent cup run. All the relevant screenshots are below! Table, tactics(home and away(hard games or to hold out)), outrageous scoreline! To be honest in a way we were lucky in the end because with 6 games left we were 11pts ahead of Celtic(who drew far to many games) and only won 1. Lost 4 and drew 1. Celtic nearly had us if it wasn't for our incredible come back on the last day. All hope seemed lost until i totally went for it!! Funny thing is we didn't beat Celtic all season.... drew 1-1, lost 2-0(cup semi), lost 5-2, lost 1-0, lost 1-0. So if anyone has any pointers on how to play against the bigger teams and beat them that would be a great help!
  9. Speedy recovery mate. Hope these guys get what they deserve.
  10. Excellent game today, really enjoyed it. Best home game i have been to for a while. All of this seasons home games have been good though(that i have been too) Glad to see McKay back in scoring form. Hopefully he can continue that after the international break against Motherwell. Vincent excellent again and capped it off with a goal. Warrens header was a bullet!! Got to keep this up and bring this into the next game against Motherwell! P.S I think Tansey is a very lucky boy, he kicked out at that Hamilton player before all that pushing and shoving.
  11. HT: 1-0 FT: 2-1 1st ICT: McKay 1st Opp: Scotland Time of 1st Goal: 37minutes
  12. We have the 2nd best home form in the league(i think behind Dundee United). Lets keep it that way. Home form will be key this season.
  13. I agree. Nearly every Inverness home game i have been to this season has been entertaining. Dundee 0-0. Even though it was 0-0 i enjoyed it. Highland derby. County had a number of chances in the 1st and Inverness battered them in the 2nd. Celtic. Not just because Inverness won but there was alot of chances. Dundee United was quite a good game aswell. Should of scored more. Most of the games i have watched on tele(EPL) have been shocking. Not every game is shocking but most are quite poor. Newcastle 1-0 Liverpool was a disgrace. Shocking excuse for a game. I agree with Gringos top 4. Liverpool are a laughing stock at the moment sadly. They had a real chance to build of last season. Burnley and QPR will surely go down. I think Leicester might just have enough to stay up.
  14. Do you think he will be made captain for the day certainly deserves it one of our most consistent performers Not a chance. Shinnie is the captain and it will stay that way on Saturday.
  15. The last 4 games he's scored - Inverness won! But the 3 before that, he netted in a draw against Stranraer, a draw against Dundee United and a defeat against Aberdeen! But, I'm sure you weren't meaning it literally! I think he will bag a couple in the next 2 home games!