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  1. His through ball with his back to play to put Deas 1v1 on Tuesday against Dundee. Absolutely different class. His situation wouldn’t have changed from January to March.
  2. Does anyone know when we’re playing this final against Raith? Obviously the 2020/21 competition was postponed back in October after majority of clubs voted against playing in it but not seeing anything on our final apart from that it will be arranged later on this season?
  3. Disappointing result yesterday, end to the winning run and play offs unlikely now. But I'm proud of my team and how far we've come since this time last year. Certainly more positive. From no chairman, hardly any players, directors leaving, questions over the season tickets. Then for us to appoint a chairman for him to leave just 3 months later and on the park struggling. Dumfermline putting 5 past us. I thought it would be a long season. However, since then Robbo has got a settled side keeping clean sheets. Winning games and got us playing again. Putting a smile on the fans faces again. Mulran
  4. Yaaas! Another fan talking sense! 100% agree. Butcher and his team are the boys to take us back.
  5. Love it! Bring Terry, Maurice and Steve home! Our most successful team. They will the Caley great again. We'll be back
  6. I want Butcher back realistically can't see it happening. Someone like Eric Black or Kevin MacDonald who are from this neck of the woods and have big contacts down south. Similar to Butcher, they can attract the quality needed to get us out if this mess
  7. Just wondering when the board will issue a statement on the club's current state and what they are planning on doing moving forward. The communication at the club has been poor and I was expecting something by now
  8. Lonsana Doumbouya was allowed to leave in January under contract for nothing. The board havent made a correct decision since the end of the 14/15 season. Not letting yogi speak to United was the start of it. From the Board room to the twitter feed sack them all IMO. Terry butcher will bring us back. We'll see the highs of the 14/15 season again but not with the people currently employed by the football club. We need a massive rebuild
  9. He needs help with his addiction as its a horrible place to be in but if the speculation is true about betting against his own team, he has no sympathy from me. He'll be getting realeased in the summer anyway. He hasn't offered anything to the football club. David Raven is a far superior right back. One of the many poor signings John Hughes made
  10. Foster is a young keeper who has come up from the youth. He was injured for most of last season playing with the U17s squad who won their league
  11. Just wondering if anyone knows about a possible card display at the cup final or at the home games in the Europa league qualifiers?
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