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  1. So I cannot vote for Hyde?
  2. Clach Wed 23rd June 19:45, Brora Tuesday 29th 7pm, Nairn/Aberdeen Sat ?? Wed 23 Jun 21 | 19:30 | Grant Street Park
  3. Seems to be a waiting game, players deciding to leave or stay, with knock on late decisions to sign new players. Hope to hear good news next week, or training may be a bit sparse on Tuesday.
  4. Raith released some nice big centre forward types
  5. Supposed to be a few friendlies about this time, Sat/Wed/Sat Clach, Nairn and Rothes maybe? Brora Rangers @brorarangers Pre-Season Friendly Announcement We will take on @ICTFC on Tuesday 29th June with a 7:30PM Kick-Off!
  6. Maybe he didn't like 77, he did ask for 9.
  7. Guess a lot of players waiting to see who manager would be. Brad had been here a long time away from family.
  8. I'm gobsmacked about the number of players being released by clubs, think everyones budget must be getting lower. Certainly a lot of people to choose from.
  9. Rotherham rumours for Liam. Will listen to podcast when cutting grass a tweekend.
  10. Who thinks Billy Mckay a good prospect, seems to have regained form, got over injury problems, teams up well with a big centre forward type. Seems to like area.
  11. Most clubs offer 2 year apprenticeships, mostly paid by government, this is covered by a two year contract to start. Thinking they come thru youth system, then sign at age 17 after highers. Anybody outside that system seem to sign a limited contract, like Anthony MacDonald.
  12. They are usually announced this time of year, maybe after leagues finish.
  13. Summer break starts Saturday morning, many of them have their bags packed, lol.
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