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  1. Maybe we'll see who is not on the bus tonight!
  2. WhatsApp Video 2021-09-19 at 11.14.16.mp4
  3. This week, he is to be seen out at Fort George shouting at various players.
  4. HT: 0-3 FT:0-3 1st Scorer ICT: Mckay 1st Scorer Arbroath: none
  5. 1. Mckay 2. Duku 3. 6th 4. Deas
  6. Clach Wed 23rd June 19:45, Brora Tuesday 29th 7pm, Nairn/Aberdeen Sat ?? Wed 23 Jun 21 | 19:30 | Grant Street Park
  7. Seems to be a waiting game, players deciding to leave or stay, with knock on late decisions to sign new players. Hope to hear good news next week, or training may be a bit sparse on Tuesday.
  8. Raith released some nice big centre forward types
  9. Supposed to be a few friendlies about this time, Sat/Wed/Sat Clach, Nairn and Rothes maybe? Brora Rangers @brorarangers Pre-Season Friendly Announcement We will take on @ICTFC on Tuesday 29th June with a 7:30PM Kick-Off!
  10. Maybe he didn't like 77, he did ask for 9.
  11. Guess a lot of players waiting to see who manager would be. Brad had been here a long time away from family.
  12. I'm gobsmacked about the number of players being released by clubs, think everyones budget must be getting lower. Certainly a lot of people to choose from.
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