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  1. Makes me wonder if Butcher is aiding Foran with his recruitment, either way good signing! I'm sure he could bag us around 15 goals next season.
  2. He's done an amazing job at Falkirk, when is his contract up down there? paying off JH and giving compensation to Falkirk for Houston might not be affordable.
  3. Butcher? I bet he regrets leaving us now and what he did up here worked well, 80% of the current squad (whats left of it that is) was brought in by Butcher. It wouldn't please many fans as the way he left us was pretty grim
  4. I would personally like to see Richie step up, might be a bit too soon for him but why not eh?
  5. He's playing a lot better now that Josh is back keeping him right.
  6. MM

    Ryan Christie

    Does that apply to players under 21? I thought players under 21 didn't need to be registered.
  7. What happens when big Roy gets fed up, spending big money in Scottish football. I guess they should just enjoy it while it lasts and make the most of it, if county don't win a major cup in the next five years then it will be a complete disaster.
  8. Agreed. It would be good to sign a player that has some sort of goal scoring record no matter what level he is at, he must be buzzing at the moment and we could do with someone on form and ready to start sticking it in the back of the net. We could probably pick him up for £10- £20k, which is a gamble worth taking I think Dunfermline will demand more than that. Wouldn't be surprised if they demand over 100k
  9. MM

    Ryan Christie

    Hopefully the club learn from this and get a few of the youngsters signed up on long term deals.
  10. Looks like we've started on top, another Boyata OG for Celtic according to BBC
  11. MM

    Injury Updates

    Good news at last, i think with Draper in midfield and an experienced CB along side Devine our defence should become pretty solid we've really missed Meekings
  12. MM

    Ryan Christie

    Good deal if it goes through to be honest, if it does work out for Christie at Celtic and he gets sold on for a few million we will be due a percentage, if it doesn't work out he will probably just come back like his dad did. Lets just hope if we get the 500k we strengthen our squad with some quality players like that lad from Dunfermline?
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