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  1. Heard that it wasn't just down to Injury and a family bereavement that kept Carson out and that the rumour of him leaving was almost a fact.. Instead another player has left the club down to Carson giving the club an ultimatum. Delighted to see Carson back in the squad though, he's a proper team player and without him we look much weaker
  2. Or instead of selecting a team that's likely someone's Fifa fantasy team, why don't you make it more interesting by selecting players from within Scotland! Pick 18 players and a manager that you'd like to see in a caley jags top? Just an idea but you get fed up selecting the worlds best talent plus it would interesting to see who all the fans would like at the club!
  3. DEANO96

    David Raven

    They haven't done anything! I set it up. This has nothing to do with A fb page. When setting it up through change.org I misread what it was asking to. I thought it needed to go through someone for permission to post it! That's not the point though! The point is seeing how many fans will sign it and actually want David Raven to stay! Then when it's worthwhile, I contact either the p&j or any other source of press to make it know to all including the club which would hopefully put pressure on them to give him a contract. Theres no saying it'll work, but people always go on about clubs listening to fans...well if the club see a petition with 500 or whatever signings to it they'll maybe take notice of the fans for a change.
  4. DEANO96

    David Raven

    who are you asking about?
  5. DEANO96

    David Raven

    I certainly hope a certain Mr Stokes is not on the radar. In fact I'd sooner see him anywhere else! When it was first mentioned he could come here I was one that was optimistic about it. Now, having seen wat he's done to hibs since joining, I'm glad he never came to us. And let's be serious that would be a hell of a wage to pay, a wage that would be better spent on David Raven and these forwards Yogi's talking about! Btw, if you go Inverness CT Loyal page on Facebook there's a petition to stop Raven getting released! And if anyone knows how we could get it to the club then I'm all ears.
  6. Delighted with the result today and the performance wasn't bad however I won't be expecting to see us doing in through our last 5 games, no matter how much I'd love to see it! Killie scored against the run of play IMO although I wouldn't go as far as saying we pulled them apart! After giving off a couple chances early in the second half I thought we started the second half pretty well. Up until the red I thought we would get back into it as we were the better side but once McDonald got sent off I couldn't see us losing! Good penalty from Tansey, scrappy finish from draper and fantastic team goal for Williams goal. I would like to point out also that it's very annoying to constantly hear fans booing and shouting when the boys start passing around. Sometimes you have to be patient, sometimes you have to go backwards and it proved to work for this goal. And I'll admit, I hate seeing us settle for a point by going side to side but I enjoy watching the games when we play decent passing football like today. At the end of day we got 3 points and are as good as safe so getting players to sign is now imperative. I am not looking forward to the summer as I dread to think what's going to happen too the squad.
  7. This is yet another shambles from the club. Yogi said the day before or day after hearts game that Monday passed was the deadline for players to re-sign and now it's Friday...nothing's happened! Polworths deal was supposed to be competed last week and it hasn't. It's seems the club has been bullied into waiting for players as they've become desperate for them to resign. Then of course there is the story that the club are going to release David Raven...one of if not the best right back we've had to date and it's not like he's passed it. And he's one that wanted to sign, seems that the club officials have totally lost the plot this time.
  8. Quite possibly! Wasn't bannigan the one linked with Aberdeen before Tansey? Seems like we cash in on Tansey whilst freeing up funds for another cm that is still young and a decent player. Wohld hate to go into next season without Tansey though
  9. So, what was wrong with this post? Not normally to ask for a reason but disagreeing without a reply? Bit strange
  10. To be fair if all we have at the end of the season is draper and Tansey signed up then these 3 wouldn't be the worst signings! As good as each of them are though, they aren't coming from a team that's be superb! We've had a poor season, particks had an average season...that to me is the difference in players we recruit but still, 3 decent players! I'd agree in some respects that we need to sign out of contract players soon but it's getting late in the season and the later we leave signing up new players the less likely it'll be that we get the ones we're looking at! Bahktoui would be a fantastic signing...however it'll take some about of luck to get him!
  11. Glad to hear doran is making a good recovery...would be delighted to see him get a run this season, and the difference he would make should be competing for fourth or fight against killie would be huge. I also hope the club give him a contract for next season because he is a big player for us and seem a willing to stay. Hopefully Raven, brill and mutumbo will be back shortly so they can all get a run in the team and prove themselves worthy. Alex fisher has a chipped bone and had been ruled out for 2-3 months as far as I know
  12. Absolutely delighted on Saturday and it hasn't worn off yet! We totally dumped on their party and their was no better way to do it. It must have been the worst trophy celebration ever. Anyway back to the game. What a performance from the boys, after Fon Williams early save and Irvine hitting the post we dominated! They barely looked like scoring where as we could've had 4 or 5. Glad to see polworth and storey back in the team, both had good games, both scored and what a goal storeys was. One disappointment was Liam Hughes...I'm sorry but he's sh*te. Everyone else was great! I must admit I'd rather see meekings at CB but Devine hasn't had a shocking season so I wasn't all that shocked to see him stay there! What a difference Tansey makes to the team and draper looked better with his partner back in the team! Was glad to see Ryan Williams get a run and he looked decent but still think the money on him and Hughes could've gone on a goal scorer! The only other disappointment of the day was some of the muppets that attended! They don't realise how much they ruin it for others. I was in the signing section and it was decent crack, (despite being stuck behind one or two bigger guys) signing and bouncing but again those boys letting off smoke bombs, starting on stewards, standing on chairs, shouting abuse at police (who were only doing their job) and abusing others was totally un-needed and stupid! And serves them right if they get punished! So I'm sorry if any of them are on here, but you's are idiots and make the club look like a joke.
  13. Fon williams horner. Warren. Devine. Tremarco Polworth. Draper roberts. Williams Foran. Storey subs: Esson, meekings, mutumbo, R.williams, Hughes, wedderburn, vigurs cant see meekings being fit for 90 mins, hope Foran is fit or 70 mins at least to give storey a little support! Normally vigurs is rubbish but at the weekends was probably one of the better players however storey needs support and Foran showed he's up for it so I don't see why he can't play. If Foran isn't fit to start then I'd put vigurs beside draper and polworth behind storey.
  14. Today was foul, the ref was foul, the players were foul, every bit of this afternoon was *****. 10 years ago, we'd be relegated by now so it's just as well the league standard is p*ss poor. I'll be quite honest too, going down might again let us start again. When it comes to talking about players well there was no real positives. Fon Williams looked nervous (again), Horner got forward, never created much and was caught out of place far to often. Devine just wasn't comfortable, wedderburn isn't a CB end of. Williams was same as Horner. Draper was poor, Tansey couldn't do anything apart from pass sideways apart from one or two diagonals! Vigurs I though done okay but again isn't the standard we expect and I hope he leaves in the summer! Roberts was slow and did nothing, polworth tried and failed all day long! Hughes, well he doesn't look like he's played football before...he was undoubtedly the worst player so far this season! Can't believe I'll say it but D. Lopez looked more interested. He never challenged for a header, was to slow at releasing the ball and just didn't look any good! Foran actually looked interested when he came on, covered a fair bit of ground and if he's fit he has to start vs Hibs! Storey never done anything and we never used a final sub surprise surprise. We have to hope that county take hibs to pens tomorrow and if hibs win, get so hammered they'll be legless on Wednesday! Can't see us doing anything otherwise! Really not looking forward to next few games, which I've never said before.
  15. I'm not going to defend Hughes all day long but I don't think this is all his fault! Yes he's brought in some of the players, yes he picks the teams...but once players are on the field it's down to them get the job done, manager can only pass on instructions! Also the switch in formation will be partly down to lack of players but it'll be Hughes trying something new as well! And you can't try something once and write it off if it doesn't work! Personally, I think half the squad has to go. To me they don't seem interested! Those who have contracts signed are the important players! the other players know that at the end of the season regardless of where we finish they're going to have options! Vincent for example has barely played yet Dundee want to sign him? A player who's always Injured? I don't buy it. Just seems to be passing time, picking up wages and waiting for the bigger contract to come along! Saturday is going to be a real struggle but we have to win and I've never hoped to see player more than I hope to see mutumbo on Saturday! I'd also like to see Horner at right back and polworth pushed forward! And I'd also agree with putting Foran on even for 60 mins to support storey...should they both be fit!
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