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  1. TtotheOtotheM

    Remember this guy............

    I was quite concerned with his signing during the summer and have seen or heard little to alter that since. He spent a similar year at Saarbrucken, where he was injured/***** and then left with little fanfare. So why did We take the risk? He's come through some sort of player agency that sends feelers out (Seedorf too, I assume) across Europe and is likely on a reasonable wage. With instability at board level and change at management level We were an easy target for agents during the summer, I just hope we can improve player recruitment in the coming years.
  2. TtotheOtotheM

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    oh dear! it would appear that the whole club is in turmoil at the moment. A baptism of fire for Finlayson in all fairness but hes absolutely bollocksed it. Is there anything we as fans can do?
  3. TtotheOtotheM

    Transfer in and outs

    Where do we find these obscure strikers? Ofere, Doumbouya and now this mysterious Dutch/Curaçao guy. Is there some sort of scouting agency that clubs approach with a specific budget and are given appropriate matches? All of the players mentioned above came with quite detailed youtube videos and are represented by agencies that seem to represent lots of players; Doumbouya is represented by 'More than Sport GmbH', Ofere by 'Holland Sports Management' and Zschusschen by 'Premium Stars sportsmanagement'. I wonder are these players owned by their agencies, something vaguely akin to the Tevez/Mascherano to West Ham deal? The role of agents in football seems to be coming under increased scrutiny and i hope the club aren't just taking players based on the videos sent to them by these agencies. The case of Zschusschen caught my interest as i lived in the same town as the club he played for previously (Saarbrucken). After some digging, it appears he came to Saarbrucken in January after starting last season without a club but found himself down the pecking order as their first choice striker was in good form. It is worth noting that Saarbrucken play in the fourth tier of German football which is probably on par with the Scottish Championship.
  4. TtotheOtotheM

    Transfer in and outs

    The Calder fella just signed apparently. Seems he is a defensive midfielder, while its a position we probably do need strengthening i just hope it doesn't mean Draper is away. Id argue Draper could be the difference between going up straight away or not, he's a Rolls Royce of a player who, in my opinion, doesn't get the plaudits he deserves. He was every bit as good as Shinnie, Watkins and Tansey in our cup winning season.
  5. TtotheOtotheM

    New Manager

    I really hope this wasn't just the cheap option again, i'll give the club the benefit of the doubt. Football is a fickle game and managers can find themselves blacklisted after a few bad jobs and that seems to have been the case for Robbo, even if there were extenuating circumstances that led to poor results at his previous clubs. However, a few years away from professional management might have been a reset button for him where he has been able to reflect on what went wrong. Best of luck and hopefully this time next year we will look back on this as a success.
  6. TtotheOtotheM

    Inverness CT -V- Celtic

    I can see your point, and it is definitely true that there is great risk in going down (jobs etc) but i really don't think think we risk falling into obscurity. The past few years we've seen some big teams in the championship but assuming hibs and utd go up (and st mirren down) i think we could do very well. I don't think we pack the same "giant killing" punch that say rangers. hearts, hibs have had in the lower leagues and we may benefit from this. Truthfully, it depends entirely on what sort of squad we assemble over the summer, relegation or not.
  7. TtotheOtotheM

    Inverness CT -V- Celtic

    As many others have pointed out losing to that celtic team is hardly embarrassing, they're comfortably the best SPL team I've ever seen (in regards to comparison with the other teams in the league). The rangers result on Friday and the hearts result before that gave us hope but unfortunately the writing is on the wall as far as i'm concerned. This squad just isn't good enough; factor in an inexperienced manager and unfortunate injuries at unfortunate times and it seems that relegation is inevitable. We might just pull it off somehow and stay up but then next season will be even tougher with Hibs and Utd in the spl and assuming our best players will leave again in the summer, that prospect is pretty terrifying. Although a huge financial risk, perhaps going down will give us a chance to build a new squad with a new core of young players and a young manager.
  8. TtotheOtotheM

    David Raven

    Hopefully not another summer of awful trialists and vague comments in the press about the lack of money then...
  9. TtotheOtotheM

    Joint Statement Regarding Pyro at Matches

    Admittedly, using pyro is a bit stupid especially if it ends up with an impressionable youth getting a criminal record. But rather than vilify and marginalise the singing section lads, why don't we give them an opportunity to positively express their support? The atmosphere has improved in the past few years to the point where it is actually enjoyable to sit in the north stand. The club could do something forward thinking and make these lads feel like a valued part of the club. Assist them in putting on a display in the big games or give them a say at supporters trust meetings, I'm sure they have plenty of ideas.
  10. TtotheOtotheM

    Miles Storey latest

    thank ****
  11. TtotheOtotheM

    IF we needed a new manager.....

    Who would we go for after hughes? We would be a pretty attractive proposition for any aspiring manager id say.
  12. TtotheOtotheM

    FC Astra Giurgiu -V- Inverness CT solid stream
  13. TtotheOtotheM

    Going to the final ? From where

    Aalborg, Denmark
  14. TtotheOtotheM

    County game

    Apologies if this is obvious but where can I get tickets? Do i have to go to the club shop?
  15. TtotheOtotheM

    League Cup Semi Final v. Hearts Build Up

    Anyone on the 7.55 train tomorrow?