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  1. Rice came in after the Scottish cup when we started to decline...... is he actually part of the problem would be my question?
  2. For me it's no coincidence that our form suddenly improved on arrival of Malpas, he is clearly respected by players and knows the Scottish game and our club especially inside out, for me there is no better option for manager if he wants it. If he wants to remain in the background then what about Darren Young, has left Albion Rovers and has done a stellar job getting them promoted to League 1 and keeping them there for 2 seasons. Would be someone Malpas could really assist and kick on with.
  3. I think it's a good idea. The lesser clubs are not going to meet Welsh or Irish opposition until the last 16..... and I think at this stage an away trip (European adventure if you will) would be quite an exciting prospect for most of these teams. It will also be great for the young players to get competitive games under their belts. A very good idea in my opinion and I hope it works :)
  4. I really really hope he proves me wrong and is a huge success but I'm very wary of the fact he's not got any experience, and that's being as either a manger or assistant, or even taking the youth team. Would have preferred to see him get a year or 2 as an assistant under his belt first. However there are success stories out there like Alex Neil, Bryan Robson and I'm sure plenty others that have gone straight into management from playing with the same club. So although I haven't clicked happy I guess we have to applaud the board for having the courage to take the risk and they must really see something there in Richie. Onwards and Upwards!
  5. ThorburnGolf


    If Yogi is to leave then I find this very very sad for the club as I hold him in very high regard for what he has achieved with this club. If we are looking at a new manger I just don't feel Foran should be the answer, he's never even been an assistant manager never mind manager. Personally I think we look at a young up and coming manager like Gary Naysmith or Barry Ferguson. Both of whom played at the very highest level of football and have proven themselves at a lower level in Scotland as managers with East Fife and Clyde respectively. A fee would obviously be involved here but if we seriously cant afford to poach a manager from a league 1 or 2 side then serious questions have to be asked.
  6. I would guess it's forward thinking due to the ages of the players in question. It is a shame to lose Raven, but I actually think Horner has shown quite a bit of potential this season.
  7. "The players are getting renewed contracts and wage rises and it's a minefield. You fight your corner but there's an understanding from me that you have to be careful about what you do. I've seen Scottish football clubs that have overspent." Sounds to me like he's getting a bit fed up of agents. Again I don't think this has anything to do with KC
  8. Okay I'll give you that, we probably have signed too many midfielders, but given the way Hughes plays with only one up top normally there wasn't too much need to sign strikers with Storey performing well, Lopez (Granted he was pretty dire) was there as a back up first half of the season and we then signed Fisher for 2nd half, unfortunately he got injured. We don't really have the funds to have 3/4 first team strikers on the books if we only normally play one. if we have 5 midfielders starting each week then it's an area you do need serious cover and I can understand the strengthening here as Hughes see's it as the most important part of the side. Personally yeah I'd love to see a couple defenders come in, but I actually think Devine and Horner given some game time and a bit more experience will be great players for us.
  9. Well there you go.... let's just sack him now then.... clearly the man that won us our first piece of major silverware and took us into Europe for the first time is uninspiring and really not fit for purpose..... or have you overlooked this without a second thought? Hughes has said himself that we as a club can only afford to sign rocks and try polish them into diamonds.... when you are doing things like that your success rate is going to be small.... not every signing is going to work out. Lopez for example..... What a first touch he had, and clearly the vision to pick a pass was there.... I can understand why Hughes signed him, he saw huge potential and if I'm honest so did I first couple games, but it just wasn't meant to be, he didn't quite fit the way you would of hoped. The best managers and clubs in the world don't get it right from time to time, Man Utd with Falcao and Di Maria, Chelsea and Torres, Liverpool and Carroll and the list goes on and on and on. Are these managers all to blame?
  10. "There's an understanding from me that we're not flush with cash. We have to be stringent about the way we do it." Clearly Hughes and the board have had discussions on cash flow/budget and he is well aware... no issue here. "I want to keep driving the club forward and keep getting into cup finals, into the top six. For the first time in our history, we took the club into Europe. "Why do it once and sit back and rest on your laurels? No, we want to do it every year." That's good.... same ambitions as the board but in line with what cash is available given above statement. "That's the standard that we set, but to do that, we need to start bringing a better quality of player to the club." Why don't we look at this as JH admitting that some of the players he brought in weren't of the quality, he made mistakes, but why come out and individually say Lopez wasn't good enough or whomever..... you're just slandering people and where's the need for that.... I think this is well said by JH without individually saying players haven't performed or been up to standard. This to me states that he has done what he maybe didn't have time to before the season and been identifying and scouting potential targets and then leaving it to the board to see if a deal could be done for the players he feels would fit the mould. People are reading far too much into things.... the press will always twist stories to make them sound more fantastical or controversial. I think Hughes knows this season has been poor in comparison to last but I think, much like Mr Ranieri south of the border wants to cool down expectations of a club that has overachieved.... at the end of the day, what do you think the aim will be for Leicester next season? I would guarantee you it would be to stay in the league and anything else a bonus.
  11. Worked wonders??? Hardly..... He made the playoffs which is what should be expected of a club of Raith's size. JH kept us in the league which is what is expected of him, you do realise that even with an increased budget it is still the smallest in the league. yes it's been a topsy turvy season but he has done what was expected.... of course we want more, but hey, we weren't far away from top 6.... at the time of the split we were only 4 points off 4th and a potential European place (While Celtic were still in the cup) I mean its hardly the apocalyptic season everyone is making out.
  12. You win some you lose some.... we can't afford out and out proven players, so we have to take risks, on occasions they pay off as they have done in recent seasons, this season admittedly it hasn't been a great one for the new signings, however hopefully the retention of the backbone of the squad and a couple additions that come in and pay dividends and we could be battling and getting back to top 6 football next year. Why go to a club in the championship that is clearly on a massive downward spiral? JH comments about funding are clearly to do with league position and prize money, its tough for him to compete on the budget and he's covering his own back with comments which is fair. How can he be expected to replicate last season consistently on the budget he and the club has? I think that is his position to make us the fans a bit more realistic in our expectations. The board have obviously stated a budget now we are staying up, but to me looks like they have indicated a willingness to give a little more should we finish 7th and win a bit more in terms of league prize money. I like the fact that JH is honest about these things, personally I think people are reading too much into things regarding an in house feud between board and JH. Biggest budget we have ever had.... good to read.... but still going to be one of, if not the smallest in the league so lets be realistic on expectations regarding this statement and not expect miracles.
  13. JH with that win yesterday has effectively done what his remit would suggest for a club our size.... avoid relegation. Well done JH... lets look to get some of the lads signed up for next season so you have some continuity in the squad and build from there.
  14. As long as we hold on to the spine of the team below coming into summer I'll be happy: Fon Williams Raven Meekings Warren TBC Draper Tansey (Although think he will be gone) TBC Polworth TBC TBC Would like to see us starting to do what Yogi started at Falkirk and bring through some more really talented young Scottish lads. Plenty talent out there in the lower leagues, you only need to look at some of the lads Dundee United brought in from Queens Park to prove that. The likes of Max Currie, he showed some potential in the nets against Celtic and I think we should be snapping young players up like that, send them back on loan for experience with the plan of bringing them through in a couple seasons.... However that would mean signing players on longer than 1 year deals!
  15. You would obviously love to keep both as both fantastic goalkeepers. I would say it has to be OFW if we can only afford one, he for me is the better goalkeeper, and I'm basing that really on the past month where he has been superb in the sticks. Brill has to be considered too much of an injury risk now and I would like to see us bring in young goalkeeper that can develop under Esson as coach and OFW's tutelage as mentor.