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  1. £2500per week each !!! Didn't realise we paid any of our players that level last year and suspect it is nearer £1500 per week which is still too much !!
  2. I am reliably informed Tullochs own all the stands. Land is owned by Highland Council and leased to Tullochs who lease the complete stadium and pitch to the Football Club.
  3. On his day vigurs has the ability to be a game winner and he is more likely and more often Able to perform that role in the championship than in the SPL. Polworth has even more ability but regretfully hasnt the strength of footballing mind to dig deep and deliver which is a shame as he could be a Stuart Armstrong .
  4. Reported Club turned down a £50,000 offer for Draper from across the bridge. Delighted to hear it as he is key to success.
  5. 2 goalkeepers, Raven and Warren already told to look for new clubs so hope Robbo has players lined up!
  6. Why worry the players we are likely to attract will be available right up until the season starts
  7. Too risky likely to get humped !
  8. Is there anyone on the Board who actually lives in Inverness?
  9. Number 23 on the menu Malpas with Rice
  10. Can't see an injury prone player will be of interest to either of these clubs unless on a pay as you play basis
  11. Who interviewed them don't think Our new Chairman was around and surely a recruitment specialist like our new chairman would be the right guy for that job.
  12. Whilst RF did have a 4 year contract ,by all accounts there were break options in the clubs favour, but doubt that will be made public knowledge ,so admitedly doubt anyone apart from RF and Board will know real truth. Considering the make up of the Board at RFs appointment I do not believe they would give a straight 4 year contract to a rookie as that would be against all business principles so more inclined to go with the break options over a 4 year term .
  13. Try singing " there is only one Heimer Guojonsson"!!!!!
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