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  1. Brilliant result gives us hope in getting to the last 16. Pretty comfortable win in the end Rovers gave us a scare when they equalised but we responded really well kept our heads up & got the win we needed. Tom Walsh was MOTM & well deserved IMO. I was in the Raith Rovers end for the 1st half & some of the fans were slagging of his haircut when he was taking corners & saying he was crap reckon Walsh had the last laugh as he tore them apart. The whole team did well & did a professional job good to see White Doran Donaldson & Todorov scoring. Was a Brillant ball from Vincent to Walsh for our 3rd goal & it was a great cross from Walsh to find Doran who made no mistake as he hit the back of the net.
  2. We scored ten penalties in a row & we still couldn't win. Pretty shocked that we actually scored that many penalties......
  3. Not much happening in the last ten minutes looks like it will be going to penalties.......
  4. Another save From Ridgers this time from a corner which was met by Dunlop then moments later Dunlop has a shot that just skims the bar. Not good defending by the sounds of things.......
  5. Peterhead came close to scoring Smith showing some skill beating Donaldson cuting inside & forcing a excellent save from Ridgers. Minutes later Peterhead threaten again a driving shot from Brown forces a one handed stop from Ridgers. We then hit them on the break & Jordan White forces a one handed save from Fleming after meeting a cross from Walsh.
  6. James Vincent hit the post with a header pretty close.
  7. That's OFW officially gone to Hamilton Accies. He has barely played for us since 2016/17 he played like 3 games in 2017/18 while Mark Ridgers was going through a really bad period in form. His only appearances in 2018/19 was on the bench while Mark Ridgers was injured in the later stages of the season. Cammy Mackay didn't have a ridiculous appearance fee so he got put in between the sticks ahead of OFW. He wasn't the best keeper we had & certainly wasn't the worst. Pulled of some outrageous saves but then he would have horrendous blunders like that one against Dembele when we got thrashed 4-0 at home by Celtic. No one is to blame for the contract apart from the management that was in charge at the time. Anyone would have done the same if they got offered a luxury contract like that. Anyone who says otherwise is talking bollocks. It's not his fault that the situation turned into an farce GK department is a position we have a lot of depth in (Ridgers Mackay Hoban MacKinnon) I would imagine OFW's departure has given us a lot more room in the wages department. I wish him all the best for the future he seems like a pleasant guy. I'm glad he's finally found a club & has got himself out of this mess.
  8. I never rated Storey as highly as other ICT fans he did a decent job for us don't get me wrong & he was 10x better then Dani Lopez but that was about it. I thought he would of been better suited as a winger/inside forward. He scored a belter against County so he'll always be remembered for that in my books. The move to Aberdeen was obviously a bad move for his career & he hasn't really recovered since.
  9. How is a major honour a Mickey mouse cup? Just cause you don't get into Europe don't make it pointless . You will find you get more money now out of the Scottish League cup due to the BT Sport coverage £250,000 for winning it £115,00 for the runners up plus the TV money. You only win £60,000 for winning the Scottish cup these days runners up gets £30,000. You get the same amount (£60,000) for reaching the League Cup quarter finals. As far as I'm concerned the League Title Scottish Cup & League cup are your big three domestic cups & that's it the same in every country. Each one should be taken seriously especially if your a club like ICT. Football is all about winning major honours something we don't achieve often. As for the "No one cares who wins it" argument plenty of people do I remember every team who has won it in my lifetime & know of finals that happened before I was born it's one of the few cups I care about it's the same with a lot of football fans I know.
  10. Jim Goodwin to be announced as Dundee manager in the next 72 hours James Mcpake to be offered the role of assistant manager. Gordon Strachan has told Dundee's manager director that he only wants the job if he gets full control of academy development so it looks like Jim Goodwin will be the man to take over.
  11. Apparently Robbo's agent made an approach to Dundee and said his client was interested. I've been hearing that the story about Dundee making an enquiry is fake news and just newspapers talking crap.The only one who has been with contact with Dundee is John's agent. Nothing has been confirmed yet so we are just gonna have to wait & see what happens in the next few days as far as we know it's all just Chinese whispers.
  12. 37 points only 3 points more then our relegation in 2016/17. We were one point behind Falkirk after losing to them on the final day of the season. We were also on equal points with St Mirren they had -19 GD we had -21 GD
  13. It's probably because Barry Ferguson is in charge they seem like a team on the up wouldn't surprise me if they get promoted to the football league in the next couple of years
  14. With Craig Levien in charge no wonder he fell for it😅
  15. Typical Inverness it's almost like we don't have a local team. But apparently one of the guys in management of the leisure centre is a big Ross County fan so it makes a lot more sense now......