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  1. You must of missed that game against Dumbarton where he scored a Hat-trick or the game against Dunfermline where he scored a brilliant goal. He definitely has talent & can score goals which is why this season has been so frustrating regarding Nathan Austin. In some games like the one yesterday he was just plain average forcing one comfortable save from the keeper with a rather tame shot . In a couple of games he has started this season (Ayr Falkirk) he looked decent & was anything but lazy even scoring a couple of goals against Ayr. I'm hoping he will go when his contract is up at the end of the season cause he is one of the most inconsistent strikers i have seen play for ICT can't ever see him getting his form back.
  2. He thought MacDonald should of passed it to him instead of taking the shot himself fair enough. But MacDonald is only a teenager & he shouldn't of been treated like that i'm pretty sure he even apologised to Austin afterwards. If anything he should be getting a pat on the back for actually creating a chance cause we were struggling to create chances all game!
  3. Very lackluster performance today felt like we were playing in a friendly at times we only turned it up a gear in the last ten minutes. Dundee United looked like they wanted that win much more then we did they have certainly proved a point heading into the play offs. What the hell has happened to Nathan Austin? he was brilliant this time last year nothing seems to be going right for him this season. That 3-2 win against Ayr Utd has been his only highlight so far.
  4. If we perform like we have been recently we won't make it past the Play off QF hopefully we can get back in form by the end of the season.
  5. I think Welsh's contract is up at the end of this season. Shaun Rooney contract ends in 2020 not 100% certain though
  6. I've been hearing rumours that Hamilton are after Aaron Doran heard this story from more then one person..... I'm hoping it's just Chinese whispers
  7. I know that's how I fell for it in the first place😅 but then I noticed that it ain't got got official next to the name or the blue tick. As soon as I went on the page I realised it was just a pointless spoof account. Will be interesting to see how the squad looks come the end of August let's just focus on the play offs for now.
  8. Thank god for that. I just noticed that it's not the official account feel a bit stupid now.. Looks like someone has a lot of time on their hands
  9. Please tell me this a bad attempt at a joke....
  10. Who can blame him for leaving with the amount of abuse he gets from idiots who don't know what a playmaker is.
  11. Great goal by MacDonald seems a great talent & has a lot of potential
  12. I am not convinced ether to be honest we are skint enough one or two more seasons in the Championship could be fatal....
  13. Thought we were not too bad in the first half felt that was our chance to get into them & score a goal or two. Whatever Levien said at HT obviously worked as Hearts were much better & actually started to pass the ball instead of trying to play long ball all the time. Shooting on sight pushing more men up forward etc adding more pressure on us. Felt we played too deep especially in the first half the opening ten minutes was probably our best period of the whole game. Then we just sat back & tried to counter attack it didn't seem to have any effect & if anything it made Hearts come into the game much more. Was a brilliant through ball by Tom Walsh in the 2nd half which led to our free kick & best chance of the entire game it was a brilliant strike by Chalmers he was really unlucky to not score . We had momentum after that but after Tom Walsh got a wee knock & we made the subistuition getting Tremarco off for Mchattie we lost all the momentum we had. Hearts seemed to take control again & the rest is history.... Proud of my team for getting this far considering now we are a mid table Championship side it's a brilliant achievement for us. Part of me is kind of glad we got knocked out cause Celtic winning 3-0 today meant it would of been us facing them in the final with virtually no chance of winning. We would of been more then likely witnessing the day that Celtic won the Treble Treble Jesus Christ that would of been depressing... Fingers crossed Hearts will win in the final wishing them all the best. Time to focus on securing the Play offs & try to get back into the Premiership where we rightfully belong!
  14. Both. But Play-off final is more important in my opinion considering our position right now don't think the club can afford another couple of seasons in the Championship.
  15. We are skint only players we will be getting will be on free transfers on about £400-£900 a week contracts. Hence why we are getting players from QOS Dumbarton Alloa etc. Think we should maybe wait till the summer & see what league we are in before we start making wish lists.