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  1. Looks like the match is going ahead let's go for this! Hopefully Robbo will rotate the squad give our youth players more game time. The last 3 out of 5 winners are Premiership teams now (Rangers Livingston & County) Dundee Utd look set to go up. The cup has more prestige then fans maybe want to give it credit for. Its still a cracking wee cup for the lower league teams just a shame about the Colt teams but we can take care of that today!. My dad supports Raith Rovers so personally for me it would be very interesting to see a ICT Vs Raith final. National cups don't come often for both teams & I would love to take the cup off County & back to Inverness!
  2. The city is full of glory hunters & people still bitter about the merger. As Terry Butcher said Inverness doesn't deserve a team like ICT. It's amazing the success we have achieved during our 25 years as a club. But does Inverness care? If it ain't the glory hunting Old Firm fans with their TV subscriptions or people still crying about a merger of two Highland League clubs that happened 25 years ago people just don't want to give ICT any respect. Baffles my brain what would fans rather have? Still going on away trips to Forres Mechanics? or away to teams like Hibs in the Scottish Cup playing in the top leagues of Scottish football. As much as I like the Highland League there is no doubt that playing in the Premiership or the Championship is miles better. ICT have done the Highlands proud it's about time we get the respect & appreciation we deserve. We should be getting four to five thousand fans with the population we have not to forget the surrounding areas. Imagine if ICT & even County were nearly selling out their grounds it would be amazing. You can only dream eh?
  3. What a result! Thought it was pretty even throughout the whole game with both teams having to clear of the line. The wind played a huge part and It played to our advantage in the 2nd half most notably the failed clearance that led to to our goal. It was a tough gritty performance from the team & it proved that not only can we win ugly but we can do it against top sides. Trafford Carson & Welsh were great in the midfield big standout in the team for me.
  4. Great win today the whole team played well in tough conditions. Keating's was my MOTM Carson & Trafford were close runners up they dominated the midfield. Jordan White had a decent game scoring a superb goal. Miiles Storey's pace was causing Ayr all sorts of problems on the flanks. Went on a brilliant 45 yard run to score the 2nd goal catching them on the break after another poor corner from United. James Keatings looked pissed off that Storey didn't lay it off to him? but fair play to Storey he scored. I would of been pretty pissed off if he hadn't.
  5. "Jobbers"?? This ain't professional wrestling ?. Totally agree with you said. Just thought that was a weird word to use in football terms?
  6. He got loaned back for what four five months? I reckon we definitely would of got a sell on clause. Would of been outrageous not to.
  7. First half was pretty decent in my opinion especially the first 25 minutes that was when we created most of our chances could of scored a few by HT had we been more clinical. Again though we conceded when we looked comfortable. We failed to deal with a Thomson cross from the right he found Bobby Linn who got way too much time & space on the ball giving him enough power to smash it past Ridgers. Carson seemed to be the only one who tried to block it. Jordan White didn't have a good day at the office his head got on the end of about 3 decent crosses but he failed to find the back of the net. There was Good link up play between him & Vincent with the handball incident he just couldn't quite pull it off today. On another day i'm pretty sure he would of scored at least one of those chances. Doran got in a good couple of scoring positions but sometimes I thought he was trying to be too clever. He got a brilliant chance to score after a lovely pass from Keatings but took way too much time to decide where he was going to shoot. The Arbroath keeper (Jamieson) managed to come of his line & save from close range he then saved Tom Walsh's rebound which was a pretty good save to be fair. Keatings nearly scored a great goal with a bycycle kick he just needed a bit more power. It was a brilliant assist from him to Doran for the first goal that through ball was perfect & this time Doran took no time & was composed enough to score. The 2nd half was not as good we were very lucky Arbroath didn't score again. I don't know how the hell they missed that chance shortly after the whistle it was a very dangerous cross from McKenna which was begging to be smashed in the net how Spence missed that opportunity is beyond me. We didn't create as many chances as we did in the 1st half a low cross from Walsh found Doran in a great position but his shot was comfortably saved by Jamieson. A Walsh corner then found Mccart his effort was just wide. It got worse when Storey came on not his fault it was just cause Arbroath decided to play deep due to Storeys pace. We definitely play much better when teams play higher up. After that we were really struggling & looked like we were lacking ideas. Storey caused some problems & he got lucky with the goal. He did well to cut inside from the left & it was a great shot but Jamieson should of saved it with both hands the power of the shot got the better of him he won't want to see that again anytime soon...... We could of killed the game off after a decent move from the team resulted in Walsh finding Keatings his deflected shot just going wide. Good save from Mark Ridgers right on the 90th minute Donnelly managed a wee spin in the box & pulled of a shot no one saw coming apart from Ridgers good reflexes & reaction from our number one. We couldn't match our 5-2 win against Arbroath 25 years ago it was without a doubt an ugly win just scraping by in the end. Still good to get a win in the first home game of the season but we gotta do better against Dundee.
  8. 1-0 to Utd already Lawrence Shankland header. James Keating hit the post on the 2nd minute after meeting a cross from White. Seems like end to end stuff so far we just gotta make sure they don't score again or the heads will start to go down.....
  9. 5-2 to Fort William against Nairn County (North Cup) Jack Brown scored a 30 yard curler looks like our youth players are making a difference.
  10. Brilliant result gives us hope in getting to the last 16. Pretty comfortable win in the end Rovers gave us a scare when they equalised but we responded really well kept our heads up & got the win we needed. Tom Walsh was MOTM & well deserved IMO. I was in the Raith Rovers end for the 1st half & some of the fans were slagging of his haircut when he was taking corners & saying he was crap reckon Walsh had the last laugh as he tore them apart. The whole team did well & did a professional job good to see White Doran Donaldson & Todorov scoring. Was a Brillant ball from Vincent to Walsh for our 3rd goal & it was a great cross from Walsh to find Doran who made no mistake as he hit the back of the net.
  11. We scored ten penalties in a row & we still couldn't win. Pretty shocked that we actually scored that many penalties......
  12. Not much happening in the last ten minutes looks like it will be going to penalties.......