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  1. Has anyone approached him for an explanation Steve? I may take the opportunity to ask him on Saturday for an explanation, this situation is a disgrace and things I’ve heard from other media sources matches this dictatorial attitude and creates a general fear to speak out against him.
  2. Strong rumour that John Robertson to be ousted this week, not before time in my opinion!
  3. More to the point, when are you buying lunch?
  4. Just as well the powers to be aren’t investigating the ‘perks’ that uncle Roy foots the bill for over the bridge!
  5. Does anybody know if there’s a date set for the AGM, by my reckoning it should have taken place last December. Why the delay, perhaps there’s issues with Gardiner’s book balancing following his concert fiasco?
  6. What’s the situation with tickets for the Killie game, is it advance purchase only?
  7. Probably for the best, but let’s hope there’s targets to bring way is Brad Mackay the answer.
  8. You're being far too generous in your summary..............don't get me started about Brad Mackay!!
  9. Spot on Mannie..................
  10. That's me sorted, new cards not being sent out until early July.
  11. Surprised you were AWOL at your favourite stewards venue of Tannadice last week, hassle free in the shed!!
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