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  1. Probably for the best, but let’s hope there’s targets to bring in..........no way is Brad Mackay the answer.
  2. You're being far too generous in your summary..............don't get me started about Brad Mackay!!
  3. Spot on Mannie..................
  4. That's me sorted, new cards not being sent out until early July.
  5. Surprised you were AWOL at your favourite stewards venue of Tannadice last week, hassle free in the shed!!
  6. Baird's contribution and workrate was acceptable in my book, I feel when this lad's luck changes in front of goal he'll start scoring for fun. Discipline & Ability??..........
  7. Another solid performance and boy did he enjoy letting the Arabs fans know it at the end of the game!!
  8. Fully endorsed................even with the bus pass it was a dear day for this tripe. Highlight of the day? the beer prices in the Stags Head............
  9. Good luck Liz, don't allow yourself to be detracted by negativity and I sincerely hope you are successful, knowing you as I do the only outcome can be positive as your love of the club is the primary driving force.
  10. Time for some to stand up and be counted........and more to get their heads out of the sand or own arses......that was totally unacceptable????
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