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  1. Should we from now on play for penalties kicking the ball against a player in the box. Under the new rule high chance of getting a penalty. We seem to be good at putting penalties away.
  2. We dont have time to work out the best line-up. We need results now. This is a shortened season and as such every point counts. There is also always the threat ofbthe season being curtailed and a repeat of last season happening again. We dont have the luxury of time.
  3. Yup you just need to do 2 years training.
  4. £9.99 great price most other clubs are at £12.50.
  5. 5 full time professionals and several u18s all in full time training like Kennedy. As opposed to us dominating a part time lower division team and not being able to score and as Robbo has said in the P and J todorov missed an open goal. Remember we have a lot of young players in our starting line up now. Like Killie had the other night.
  6. Dunfermline put 3 past premier opposition tonight. Peterhead beat utd the other night. I don't think we can use the excuse of limited preparation as all These clubs have had he same preparation as us.
  7. Worrying especially after dunfermline put 3 past Kilmarnock tonight and kept a clean sheet and we had 75% possession with 6 or 7 shots on target against cowdenbeath.
  8. If true that's an outrage as Brechin are going to be bottom again for sure. There is no reason for the pyramid to be suspended for another year.
  9. Last night just made a mockery of the fact the spfl mucked up with not allowing Brora and Keith Hearts into the league. Bot clubs (justifiably) must be sitting with a smirk on their face today after their performances against higher league opposition and the capitulation that Brechin put out. It was mentioned on the premier sport coverage that both hearts and ourselves have something to prove this season as we are apparently aggrieved by the way the end of last season was handled.
  10. Delighted by the performance of the team. They matched Hearts who have a budget 10 times ours for the full 93 mins. Other than a dodgy refereeing decision couldn't have hoped for a better start. Especially since a lot of the youth players wee starting that will surely give them confidence they can compete. Plus hearts have had 9 pre season games to get up to speed. Hope shane is ok and will be back soon.
  11. All football clubs are hemmoraghing money in similar situations as us. But seem to be trying more to engage with fans and allow them to view games. Montrose sorted it out months ago and had it as part of their season ticket deal. No excuse saying but we are losing this much money. All clubs are in the same boat and it's a revenue stream that should have been well planned for as fans were never going to be allowed back especially after we saw in Spain France etc over a month ago a rise in cases. Club have totally been caught napping here.
  12. However league two, one and highland league clubs managed it? And had the foresight to have it in place for cup games?
  13. Yeah Brechin are £12.50 and Montrose v Ross county is being steamed at £12.