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  1. Yes we are capable end of. This we aren't good enough crap is pish. I'd rather focus on the positives in the team at the moment. SC semi-final top four finish, chance at promotion all on a shoe string budget with a small largely inexperienced squad. At the start of the season most folk would have been happy with 5th again. But we are guaranteed 4th at least. Keep the faith.
  2. For utd second goal? They admitted it was handball.
  3. Neilson and McMullen both admitted to the press it was handball.
  4. Well last two games of the season let the youngesters get some game time before the playoffs and see if the team improves.
  5. Hamilton lost out to Motherwell for his signature.
  6. I wonder if Brian Rice will be trying to raid any more of our players? Oakley, Polworth.
  7. Well with Liam going that's a fair chunk of wages off the books at the end of the season.
  8. If we manage to get promotion we might be able to persuade him to stay?
  9. If the pars draw or lose on Saturday our result is irrelevant. 9 points to play for 9 points clear. If they draw we are potentially 8 point clear and 6 to play for. If they lose we are 9 points clear with 6 to play for. It will be decided on Saturday. The only way we can be caught is if we lose (I don't think we will) all three matches and the pars win (I don't think they will) all three matches and there is a huge shift in goal difference. Pressure is on Dunfermline to perform which they haven't all season consistently on a far superior budget to ours. I'm hoping we beat Ayr in the play off quarter final and watch the boys at tannadice again in the semi. It's also worth noting we could hand Cunty the title on Saturday by beating Utd.
  10. Why is Fon Williams on the bench if he is injured?
  11. Ah well at least it'll be helping the club get back on its feet. Safe trip down the road to all fans going to Cappilelow tonight.
  12. So it would have been a shock if Dundee Utd had beaten us? The team played well for the most part. Like other folk have said the better team won. The team gave it their best shot. Nothing for them to feel down about. It's over now playoffs are the goal let's secure them tonight.
  13. He's been playing in the U.S on loan for past two seasons. Just convenient every time he comes back to Scotland he is injured. Although his contract ends next month so spondoolicks back in the coffers for the playing budget.
  14. Agree and Ayr and Dundee Utd will fear us in the playoffs as we have regularly over the season been the better of them. It would be great to finish third not only to get the extra finances but the home tie in second leg of the play off quarter final.