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  1. Cheerio don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  2. Agree the awpr has made this an easy attendance for me also up to Peterhead from Montrose. Pity forfar didn't win through the playoffs that would have been an excellent few away days.
  3. Arbroath's average gate this season was mid 900's
  4. Yeah and banks o Dee already told them to get tae 😂😂😂
  5. That completely contradicts the same persons quotes in the press and journal who said that due to rule and legal issues regarding our youth team potentially being promoted if they won the league that there was no appetite or mechanism in place for our colt side to be permitted into the league. The same person then went on to say that banks of dee showed a lack of ambition by rejecting an invite to join the league.
  6. Chairman of the highland league threw his teddy outbofbthe cot with his comments after banks of dee declined robbo on the league. It doesn't exactly make teams want to jump at the chance to join a patients thinks it's above the junior game.
  7. Aye because the highland league gets huge crowds. It's about fitness and development. Any game is better than no game and both sets of players would want to prove their worth.
  8. Hope its cove Peterhead and Dundee away as all easy to get to for me.
  9. According to P and j Peterhead are trying to punt shame Sutherland our way.
  10. It was also helped by some very dodgy officiating, where similar incidents in their game last night were dealt with conpletley differently.
  11. Watching the DUFC V ST Mirren final and st mirren player kicks DUFC player in the face with his foot over his head and only gets a yellow DUFC player had cut face. Yet polworth got a straight red for a waist high toe poke? Referring inconsistency in scotland is a joke.
  12. They didn't bottle the big games against us last week
  13. Well said and brilliant statement from the club. Hopefully this is the start of a new era of competent communication from the club. Brilliant that John wants to stay and immediately notified the club shows he is committed and he is a great fit at ictfc.
  14. Really. Apart from feining injury Every time he isn't out on loan to an American team.or for playing for Wales.