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  1. Such a shame for Daniel especially as he was looking forward to getting back from previous injury. Hope he recovers soon and gets back on the field soon.
  2. Did anyone else pick up on Neil Doncaster forgetting it was the championship teams that entered the draw and not his beloved premiership. The man has a one track mind when it comes to Scottish football.
  3. 16 goals from 52 appearances not exactly a great return 1 goal every 3 games for your Main striker.
  4. We are only just at the start of the season and we have lost three players to injury. Is this a bad omen?
  5. Wow here is another season and yet again off you go on your soapbox. Are you spending the season again shooting down everyone else's opinions which don't match your own? Or do you include yourself in your own statement of idiot fans? Please do tell.
  6. At least we aren't lumbered with fon Williams anymore what a calamity he was in goal for Hamilton on Saturday against county.
  7. He sounds pissed off we managed to get round the Colts team in the highland league.
  8. If we get beat we end up 5th best runner up on goal difference if we draw we progress.
  9. We need to field our strongest possible team against cove. They have huge ambition to win league two this season and have spent money in the transfer window bringing in players with experience. They won't be the push over they were last time we played. We need to give them as much respect as we would any team in the championship.
  10. Dundee only got a bonus point against cove this evening so not just us on a rusty start.
  11. I agree we are identified by most as red and blue stripes. Why do we keep changing our identity. And why always blue. I hate being misidentified as a rangers fan. Not impressed.
  12. Bookies have Dundee as favourites, then utd, then Partick and us in fourth.
  13. Does anyone have ticket prices forbthebpeterhead game on Tuesday night. Couldn't find any info on their website or ours.
  14. I have to admit this pre season has given me a good feeling about the up and coming season. Some decent match ups against premiership oposition and the team held their own. No reason to fear anyone in the league. It might be more the other way round after the way we finished last season. Ayr are definitely weaker this season utd haven't really added anything to their squad. Dundee will be on a slump from relegation and Arbroath coming up have had a bad pre season. It's their forbthe taking let's get on the pitch and do take it.