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  1. Does anyone else smell a rat that all these recent accusations against our CEO and board have bow miraculously come to the fore after all the other championship clubs decided against a independent enquiry?
  2. We had no influence to start with. The club did what they believed was right for ourselves and other clubs who were are now facing extreme financial hardship. They revealed their evidence that the vote was corrupt and bow have been attacked by the spfl for sticking to their guns. The evidence they produced showed that the vote was corrupt and that it shouldn't have stood. They have maintained their position bot changed their view unlike several other clubs who have bowed to the premiership clubs. And don't get me started on brechin using our reputation to convince the league two clubs to change their votes.
  3. It's not over with several clubs hinting at legal challenges. The vote was corrupt. And Dundee now look like a bunch of idiots that reconstruction is dead in the water. Spfl management of the whole situation has been a joke. The way the sfa handled the red card in the semi final earlier in the season has also highlighted that neither governing body in Scottish football is for for purpose. This was the ideal time to reform the system. But the whole system of Scottish football has been dealt a death blow by 6 premiership clubs. Absolute joke. But those same clubs were putting pressure on lower league clubs to vote so they could get money. Hypocrisy at its finest.
  4. Most likely thing Dundee have been offered is a large backhanded or enhanced 2nd parachute payment in a league without Inverness or Dundee Utd or hearts. Plus some lucrative friendlies. That will keepnteir bank balance ticking over as a 16 league prem is a step to far.
  5. I am one of the essential workers, on the frontline in the ambulance service and wish to show my support to the club for what they are doing for the community. I am down in Angus living but wanted to find a way to show my support to the club and keep them going. I haven't had a season ticket for a few years due to the distance I live but wondered if it there is a way I can support the club like they are doing to the community in Inverness.
  6. True hadn't thought of that but even if there was an increase and we remained championship I'd be happy to pay to keep the club I love.
  7. With the shut down of football and the income gap the club is going through. Are the club going to start selling next season's season tickets early I.e now to help generate income. Id be willing to buy an early season ticket to help the club out.
  8. After we beat them in the playoffs they can try to win it again next season.不不不不不不不不
  9. I believe the threshold for having an emergency ambulance cover at a game is 5000 or above. Any thing less can be dealt with by the likes off the red cross etc. Not sure What the policing thresholds are. We are already majorly stretched in the north east last few days with ambulance cover for obvious reasons.
  10. The medical evidence I've been given is large gatherings will not stop The spread. The death rate globally is about 2.5% and then those with undying conditions. Even if you are elderly if you don't have anunderlying condition you will be ok. Evidence suggest also that children under 10 and pregnant women Seem to have a higher immune rate.
  11. Clubs should be allowed to live stream games on the internet if this comes to pass.
  12. I'd like it if the government gave us all a free sky sports, premier sports, bt sports package so we can watch games at home
  13. Scottish government are banning gatherings of people of over 500 from Monday. Unless the season is played behind closed doors that's it finished.
  14. MorayJaggie


    Would it be worth also notifying faith rovers about the applause?