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  1. So winning this competition is just purely for bragging rights?
  2. What's the prize money for winning the tournament?
  3. Agree and their lazy journalism using an image of fans at the TCS from the irn bru cup final between county and that Welsh team.
  4. I loved the suggestion I'm not sure if it was on here or another platform of getting a half and half scarf made up of ICT and fort William colours.
  5. Spfl were a joke with their live streaming of the draw.
  6. Pretty sure Morton won't be happy after Friday about coming back up north.
  7. There is provision for cyclists and pedestrians on the westhill junction of the awpr and to which on numerous occasions there have been near misses as cars lorries etc have not seen the pedestrian crossings due to the high speeds involved on the underopasses and gone shooting through the red lights. The placement and design, if similar to that of the awpr would be a worry.
  8. It is a big deal when you feel unsafe and intimidated at a football match. I agree as have witnesses similar incidents and the pathetic excuses of stewards at ictfc backing away and actually hiding rather than doing the job they are paid to do. The club should be trying to encourage folk to come to matches and families. Why would you pay 40, 50 pound to be intimidated and scared?
  9. County or clach next at home.
  10. Such a shame for Daniel especially as he was looking forward to getting back from previous injury. Hope he recovers soon and gets back on the field soon.
  11. Did anyone else pick up on Neil Doncaster forgetting it was the championship teams that entered the draw and not his beloved premiership. The man has a one track mind when it comes to Scottish football.
  12. 16 goals from 52 appearances not exactly a great return 1 goal every 3 games for your Main striker.
  13. We are only just at the start of the season and we have lost three players to injury. Is this a bad omen?