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  1. The spfl and sfa don't do fair. That would penalise one of their ardent supporters of the farce earlier this year. The spfl and sfa thought it was fine to go ahead with the game. The government had to order them to stop the game. I assume the next two will also be curtailed due to this as it falls within the 10 day isolation period for those asymptomatic players. Yes it would be right the 3 point be given to st Johnstone but that wont happen.
  2. So much for these bio bubbles they apparently train in.
  3. All 8 players for Aberdeen were confirmed that they were out in aberdeen on Saturday night in one of the affected bars of the outbreak.
  4. Rumours through here is that Aberdeenshire is more really getting shut soon if cases keep rising
  5. One has been reported as having been out. Two testing positive and 6 in close contact and sfa deem game on Sunday ok to go ahead with Aberdeen having 8 players short
  6. Good to see we are able to attract players over teams like dunfermline and Raith.
  7. Only one of note is Daniel Macky. All the others were farmed out to fort William. If they were good enough they would have been in the first team and not just to cover injuries. A bench warmer is not a success story.
  8. I'd rather the club survived in the league than a youth system which at the moment isn't producing.
  9. If the kids want to play football why shouldn't the parents pay? If your kid wants to do martial arts you pay, swimming you pay, tennis you pay, learn an instrument you pay. Why should this be any different.
  10. They are only in the premier league for another season as it was cut well short. They wouldn't have survived and would have been in the championship.
  11. Sorry but it seems to be a 50 50 love hate split on the horrendous away strip. They should have gone with black and red stripes sold more and made a bigger donation to the hospice. The colour will put many off buying it and as such a smaller donation being made.
  12. Looks like some cheap schools kit. Absolute crap.
  13. I wish him all the best. Shouldn't have been let go. Solid in defence. Good leader. Shot ourselves in the foot.
  14. Still good enough for premier league why didn't we keep him?