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  1. MorayJaggie

    Disgraceful attitude of a tiny minority of ICT fans

    Last time I checked it wasn't Sunday school when you go to a match. Folk are trying to turn it Into a father Ted protest. "Down with that sort of thing" "don't do that now". 🙄
  2. MorayJaggie

    Worrying Low Home Attendances

    Football is an entertainment business. If you don't get entertained you don't go back. This is the problem we spent nearly half our existence in the top flight. We got entertained folk turned out to watch the bigger clubs like the old firm, Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts etc come to the TCS. playing alloa greenock Morton etc on a cold icy windy Saturday afternoon down the TCS doesn't gave the same appeal. Hearts, Hibs and Rangers all lots thousands of attendees to matches when they were in the lower leagues we are no different. The product to be entertained is not there it's as simple as that.
  3. MorayJaggie

    Worrying Low Home Attendances

    I remember when we had flybe as a sponsor and I had the opportunity to beat the goalie at half time against another fan. I lost but it made half time enjoyable and gave the folk in the north stand a good laugh at my crap penalty kick. Also maybe adding a roof over the area behind the West stand with some heaters giving folk in the north stand somewhere to go at half time to warm up maybe a good way to go. Get a local business to do the work and maybe a table in hospitality or a free advertising board next season to mitigate the cost.
  4. MorayJaggie

    Worrying Low Home Attendances

    What is there this season to actually make people want to go to a game?
  5. MorayJaggie

    Stadium gifting complete

    The Longman reclaimed refuse arena.
  6. MorayJaggie

    January signings

    Every transfer window Dundee utd have splashed the cash over paid for players and continue to pay huge wages and where are they? They are still languishing in the championship. I was shocked at Oakley 's departure but overall we still have a team that can produce the goods. Austin and Oakley seemed in the past few matches to work. Let's hope one of our new squad members can make that step up and partner Austin upfront. I hope we can push on and show the likes of Dundee utd, Falkirk etc that money doesn't buy this league a good squad playing for a good manager does.
  7. MorayJaggie

    January signings

    WTF is going on at the club?
  8. MorayJaggie

    ICT v County

    It will be interesting to see how much the club gets from this new channel per game.
  9. MorayJaggie

    Ayr Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Dare we start believing?
  10. MorayJaggie

    Ayr Away

    On bt sport he also said he couldn't see why it couldn't go ahead.
  11. MorayJaggie

    Ayr Away

    Spfl have actually held the pitch inspection half and hour before the yellow weather warning is in place? Starts at 12.00 today until 11.00 tomorrow. Injuries from falls, slips and trips possible but a game can't go ahead because it's a bit windy?
  12. MorayJaggie

    Ayr Away

    Yellow weather warnings for snow and ice tonight in central beltb and west of Scotland.
  13. MorayJaggie

    Fifth Round Draw.

    It's not just a journey over the bridge for us all. For me to go on a Monday night will involve a 350 mile round trip. Doo able on a weekend but a midweek night with kids of school age is impossible. Not all ictfc fans live in inverness.
  14. MorayJaggie

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Fans can watch it on tv.
  15. MorayJaggie

    January signings

    Gregor what's his strike rate like compared to our strikers?