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  1. The podcast hinted it would probably be this week sometime.
  2. BBC Scotland podcast had a representative from the SFA on and they said the three were not in the same room and did not consult each other they submitted their findings by webex. It also said that the fast track appeal does not allow clubs or player representatives to be present?.
  3. I think we need to concentrate on the league rather than the cup at the weekend. We are at risk of dropping out of the playoff spots. Play our best 11 tonight and give some others a chance on Friday night. The boys will have played 3 games in 7 days plus training that's a big ask especially against the likes of Dundee Utd and Hibernian.
  4. The problem is there was at least two on that panel who were incompetent and didn't review all the available evidence or were unprofessional and couldn't be bothered to take it seriously. But like CaleyD says it's all too convenient. I have a strong suspicion it was a on unofficial punishment from the SFA against Robbo as his comments didn't breach any rules and this was their way at putting little Inverness back in their place. How spectacularly did that backfire.
  5. Wonder if we could convince paddy power to supply loads of these for the final
  6. An apology to ictfc and Keatings should be made aswell as refunding the club the fee.
  7. I think they Should sue to SFA for defamation as they have implied he's cheated to gain an advantage. If you are accused of simulating a foul then that can be construed to mean you tried to gain an advantage by deception and or cheating and that is not what keatings has done. It would be easy to get a physio or specialist in bio mechanics to analyse the video and prove from an expert medical point of view how the body reacts when it's hit at speed. Then go after them for the character assassination. The SFA really have opened up a can of worms over this and surely tunnocks are not liking the bad PR as it's their name in most of the stories.
  8. Are we not sponsored by a law firm? Surely this would be good PR for them seeing to be fighting an injustice.
  9. Signed yesterday and shared on loads of posts in twitter. Up to 384.
  10. Yeah banners for the tv cameras and a pre match display a card on every seat.
  11. I've been sharing it on Twitter on as many sporting posts as I can
  12. The panel aren't even in the same room when they hold these fast track appeals they use video link to speak to each other.
  13. link to a petition to get The red card recinded please sign and share.
  14. He's now just gone and got himself a reputation as a cheat.