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  1. MorayJaggie

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    See Brian Rice being linked with no 2 role at st mirren and negotiations are underway.
  2. MorayJaggie

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    22nd September first derby of the season in dingwall can't wait.
  3. MorayJaggie

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Well that's bell replaced hope he can do what he's done at barrow and Wrexham and he can score penalties.
  4. MorayJaggie

    Robbo linked with Livi

    What contract did we sign robbo on if livi wanted him they would have to pay a sizeable fee dependant on what's left on robbo contract.
  5. MorayJaggie

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    If that's the origin of the story then quality factual reporting from the sun and daily record ad per usual.
  6. MorayJaggie

    Robbo linked with Livi

    I think he will have what happened to him last time he left us in the back of his mind. He is in a secure job with us with a squad full of potential. Agree with others when they say livi will be the brechin of the premiership this season coming.
  7. MorayJaggie

    Irn Bru Cup 18/19

    After the debacle of last season I can only say bad.
  8. MorayJaggie

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    We aren't in the premiership we need to cut costs. Gary is on a large wage and not the player he was. Past two seasons he was poor. Don't see the problem. SEVERAL players now above him in the pecking order. Lots of folk on here keep harping on about not looking back but looking forward, time to look forward and let him go. It is a business at the end of the day.
  9. MorayJaggie

    2018/19 League Cup Group Draw

    Cove and Raith at home cowdenbeath and hearts away.
  10. MorayJaggie


    Mutual release him from his contract allow him to stay there get him off the pay roll free up the money job done.
  11. MorayJaggie

    2018 Calender

    Vigurs and Baird for May
  12. MorayJaggie

    2018/19 League Cup Group Draw

    Cove away please the rest not worried about. Although if cove get a home tie against cowdenbeath might have to walk the quarter mile to Balmoral stadium for a nosey.
  13. MorayJaggie

    New kit?

    Home top is minging pure and simple and away top I dont mind as it looks similar to the black kit we had with the names onit.
  14. MorayJaggie

    Recruitment Policy?

    The problem with the uni idea is what do they do if they leave the club?