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  1. MorayJaggie

    Ryan Esson Testimonial

    With the club announcing Ryan's testimonial year who would you all like to see us play for his testimonial match?
  2. MorayJaggie

    Thingy Cup

    Dundee, County, Raith, Dunfermline and Falkirk all struggled today in Alba cup I say Partick for SFL1 title.
  3. MorayJaggie

    Elgin-Inverness 0-6 FT

    Full Time Elgin City FC 0 Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC 6
  4. MorayJaggie

    Elgin-Inverness 0-6 FT

    6 nil eric second of the night
  5. MorayJaggie

    Elgin-Inverness 0-6 FT

    5 Nil sutherland hat trick
  6. MorayJaggie

    Elgin-Inverness 0-6 FT

    four nil sutherland
  7. MorayJaggie

    Elgin-Inverness 0-6 FT

    3 nil sutherland
  8. MorayJaggie

    Elgin-Inverness 0-6 FT

    two nil rooney
  9. MorayJaggie

    new Home kit

    The sponsor on the stips the boys are using for pre friendly is a big white rectangular box with orion group in it stuck on the front of last seasons strip. I appreciate it is just a make do strip but it looks awful. Pictures of the strip are on,
  10. MorayJaggie

    Elgin-Inverness 0-6 FT

    Yes agree it has been lashing it down here all day and borough briggs isin't the best for drainage on a dry day it must be like a swimming pool by now.
  11. MorayJaggie

    Confidence running high

    I think with the team we have an excellent mix of youth and experience and the fact they all have a full season together under their belts (bar new signings). We should be looking at 7th place minimum. What other team last season matched our run outside the old firm. The gap between the spl and first division is not as big as people make out just look at all the splsides put out by first division opposition in the cups.
  12. MorayJaggie

    First SPL manager to get the boot

    I think the boy Danny Lennon as he has never managed at this level is inexperienced and has filled his side with former part time second division players. (BARROWMAN) springs to mind here looked what happened when we took him from SFL2 to SPL complete faliure.
  13. MorayJaggie

    Errea Strip Favorites

    does that club have any imagination? they are soo dull. Dull maybe but 100% better quality than errea definatley. Why can't we do a dealwith nike fila puma or addidas
  14. MorayJaggie

    Kevin McCann on loan from Hibs

    According to BBC news website we have him on loan until January. Wonder if he has a clause in the loan deal barring him from playing against the hibees when we meet them.
  15. MorayJaggie

    New Goalkeeping Coach

    Good to see players seeing the potential in the club as a development move. We have had a lot of players move on to bigger clubs and big tel is obviously a lure as well. Good times at TCS.