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  1. Glover

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    Directly brought about the first two goals. Hopefully he can be signed on a new contract before Jan.
  2. Glover

    U18's Season

    Concerning as he (Martin) was injured late last year too. Hope it's not a repeat one and he's back soon.
  3. Glover

    NoS Cup v Forres

    Claggan Park would be good, 4000 attendance and could break the attendance record of 1500. Grant Street a NoS fave though...last nine finals held at: 17-18: Grant Street, Inverness 16-17: Mackessack Park, Rothes 15-16: Dudgeon Park, Brora 14-15: Grant Street, Inverness 13-14: Grant Street, Inverness 12-13: Tulloch Caledonian Stadium, Inverness 11-12: Mosset Park, Forres 10-11: Dudgeon Park, Brora 09-10: Mosset Park, Forres
  4. Glover

    Project Brave

    More funding for clubs with already ‘in-place’ facilities, more spending for those without. A funding hurdle based on number of youth players gone on to represent Scotland, advantage to populated areas. In-built advantage (populous - chance of better player) and access to the key investment/resource (JD performance schools) by virtue of being a club in a more densely population area. The logic from Scotland manager of trying to be playing the best possible opposition (Mexico, Belgium, Portugal) contradicted by a systematic prevention in Project Brave on the basis of no. of FT coaching staff, not player ability or results. Structurally designed to avoid smaller club success over better-funded/larger clubs from being seen. More onus on the club (than the SFA). More financial risk and burden for clubs and coaches relegated from Premiership and for Championship teams. Except for JD Performance schools, which are almost all located in Central Belt, the SFA has outsourced the coaching through funding - but no transparency as to its level, timeframe, conditions. Clubs like Livingston and Falkirk leaving Project Brave. Brainchild of Malky MacKay but criticised by Henry McLeish for being skewed towards biggest teams and for SPFL targets and not for the national interest.
  5. Glover

    Project Brave

    No probs. There's been loads of ideas/suggestions over many years - I just can't see how this was developed with any overarching logic model.
  6. Glover

    Scotland v Albania

    17,500 fans. It looked pretty empty. Getting out of the group would be a good result and I think then there’d be a spike in attendance.
  7. Glover

    Scotland v Albania

    The BBC reported this as 'Scotland four wins from Euros': which translated as beating Albania and Israel at home, drawing both away games, and then beating two teams (from gp. 2-4) in the playoff semi-final and final. Either way, one of the teams in League C is in the Euros. Tonight's game will be interesting, Albania beat Israel 1-0.
  8. Glover

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    Fair point. The long and short of my response was to acknowledge a range of board members' views and/or online presence. I am on the Trust board, you're right, and my posts here do give a strong indication of what I would be for, or against, true. I think in the Gary Warren thread it was stated that it would be made explicit if it was as coming from the Trust, or Trust as a whole, and was otherwise in a personal capacity. I will check on it to make sure. And thanks!
  9. Glover

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    50% of the Trust board may not have so I, and the other CTO members who are on the Trust's board and have posted, can't really claim the Trust has taken notice either, until it is on agenda, or raised and also then minuted. I haven't yet posted in a capacity of a Trust board member. I have raised one thread from CTO before. As CaleyD has said above, there are updates on work being done to follow. Making sure Trust members direct the Trust, and the Trust board, is why I put my name forward, I'm excited about the upcoming AGM, there's been no twiddling of thumbs but lots to do before December still. Getting to the stage where the club consults is another thing. But if I post here it's not coming from the Trust.
  10. Glover

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    Firstly, it has to be negotiated or co-constructed, between the two parties, which precludes any transmissive approach. This would relate to structured dialogue. Secondly, it has to be mutually beneficial - the supporters have to see benefit from it but so do the club. With regards to Testimonials and ICT25, these are current examples and opportunities but there would be numerous examples here. Lastly, it has to be equitable, the club has all the resources, paid staff, expertise, job descriptions - so has an inbuilt advantage, and power over the other, so this has to be recognised. The club could assist with facilitating supporter engagement, and some examples have been suggested earlier. This is before things like re-building/winning back trust and re-engaaging supporters happens (the ICT board's words, not mine). I think the Supporters Trust will have taken notice of this thread, yes, but an email or DM there is a good way to check. But if it is the case of the Supporters Trust having to do all the initiation and leg work then it won't really work. There has to be ownership on both sides of any meaningful dialogue.
  11. Glover

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    Or even the scorpion and the frog. The scorpion is drowning in a river and asks a frog to take it on its back to the river bank. The frog agrees but tells the scorpion not to sting it, otherwise they will both drown... Chairman - 24 August 2017: "Winning back your trust, improving your match experiences and building a side that can get us back into the Premiership are my key priorities as I begin my new role as Chairman of this proud club... a new era of engagement" CEO - 25 May 2018 "Our 25th anniversary gives us a great goal to work towards re-engaging with our supporters and building a great future". Chairman - 25th August 2018: "Please note that the ICTFC values across our club are based on being: P.R.I.D.E" [see Alloa programme, p7] You pays your money and you takes your choice.
  12. Glover

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    1) Open Night for season ticket holders (up to 120) was held on Mon 21 August 2017. Since then, we have had three new directors join and a new CEO, yet I am not aware of any opportunities to meet having been planned since. Q&A (Open Night) is fine as a starting point for the season but I don't see that as being the box ticked. On top of that, something more formal i.e. structured dialogue. 2) 'I just struggle to see what else needs communicating' - but that is top-down (and so is Q&A). These things are fine as part of a bigger framework. As I've said previously, of the eight minority supporter owned clubs, we are the only one without some kind of formal supporter dialogue. Supporters Direct Scotland and the government's 2014 Working Group on Supporter Involvement in Football Clubs (WGSIFC) promote this dialogue (not just informing, dialogue). I'm glad you mention CPFC. The English Football League (EFL), in England's equivalent of WGSIFC, recommended that its member clubs’ directors and/or senior executive management represent the club at least two meetings per year with supporters, which must include the supporters trust, as well as considering any individual who requested to attend. So, were CPFC to be relegated, the silver lining would be thus! '...those who put the money in and take the risks get the say' - I will not be taking a bite of that cherry, 'For fools rush in where angels fear to tread' - that is another area for a braver soul. You are right that endless to-ing and fro-ing on everyday things is problematic and another thread, by SP, mentioned Boardroom Banter and Scotty's response concurs with your example very neatly. I can extend the challenges to fan representation: the WGSIFC don't really back a fan representative on the board as it can be very disruptive. Cathy Jamieson was on the shortlist submitted by The Killie Trust (Trust in Killie £100,000 fan rep fund) to the club and was the one eventually selected by Kilmarnock FC. You would need someone effective for both fan and club and it's been documented how tough it is for both the fan rep and the board. That doesn't mean it shouldn't happen, and in 2010 (in England & Scotland) Trusts were represented on 60 club boards and 15 clubs were owned by supporters. To come back to it, the democratic deficit is correct because a) ICT fans are minority shareholders and b) our fans have no say, except to vote with their feet, and it's bad for the club and it's bad for Scottish football - TV rights companies hate half-empty stadia and won't pay a lot for it. I support structured dialogue and so does the government, UEFA, SFA and SPFL. 3) Fair enough but you are the exception. A significant number of fans in that survey cited it as a reason, third, after ticket prices and kick-off times.
  13. Glover

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    It is the duty of senior management to consult supporters. If, on top of that, supporters also write in and they get replies, all good and well. However, senior management being solely reactive, not proactive, does not meet with our charter’s codes.
  14. Glover

    Stubbs second gaffer to go

    Yes, SP, but I would challenge the same old, same old climate. I read an article at the weekend that had English managers lamenting that less than a decade ago British managers/clubs/fans used to mock or laugh at European chairmen for this trigger-happy stuff. We are seeing a continental shift and I wonder whether St Mirren's case is a) a personal falling out or b) a result-based decision. Hopefully a) but for Stubbs I suppose it is a moot point. Brian Rice as manager will be an interesting interlude.