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  1. Glover

    Russia - The World Cup

    Mbappe was indeed the star of the tournament. Let’s see where England are at Qatar with all of Russia 18 players well within age to play there also and with four years for players to push on/fall out.
  2. Glover

    Hearts field ineligible player against Cove

    Wouldn’t Cove feel cheated? Hearts did not have that player at their disposal but used him for 25 mins in a tight game. Could Cove not realistically have drawn/got a bonus point had Hearts had to field an inferior player on the pitch. Surely Cove have to be given the replay or three points for there to be equity; that was their right and opportunity to get 1,2 or 3 points but was spoiled, sullied or distorted. If it’s akin to being cheated out of a contractual obligation , a retrial/replay is needed with Hearts bearing full costs and more.
  3. Glover

    Feeder Club

    At the level ICT are at now there is room for very few semi-established, sold performing ‘outsiders’ from England. I think the club means to have a squad of 12-14 local players and 3-5 incoming players who serve a specific purpose. I don’t see that being much more than a mid-table Championship ambition and that’s not a dig, just being realistic. At this level, first team players can only expect to be earning the same as a professional in a civil service role and at best means the odd yo-yo into the top division. Hoping for a Livingston - expecting a Dunfermline. England continues to be a more lucrative draw at all levels. The board are not wrong in their sustainability and low-cost approach, I just wish it was more realistic in terms of promotion and ambition when considering the landscape.
  4. Glover

    The Pre-Season Thread

    In a friendly, on your debut, against an amateur team, with 7 youth players on the pitch alongside you - mad.
  5. Glover

    Jake Mulraney

    It’s not very critical, just as SO says, we are not a club with many facilities or resources and Hearts are. Mulraney highlighting that isn’t a swipe, just an observation. It was probably the same for some players getting more at the World Cup, and can similarly be the opposite (Roy Keane/Mick McCarthy). What facilities / resources does the club have?
  6. Glover

    Russia - The World Cup

    No Netherlands or Italy, a below par Brazil, Argentina and Germany. I wonder how those teams will or won’t shape the next World Cup. Sadly it’s in Qatar and I won’t be watching. Anyway, very few 0-0, VAR, lots of upsets, some new players emerging and all the main news from on the pitch. It was a successful tournament and credit where credit is due.
  7. Glover

    Liam Polworth

    Yep, 33 people have voluntarily contributed to the shirt sponsorship and so it doesn't really fit that there is a conspiracy out there. Perhaps just diminishing returns/familiarity at play amongst some - but not all. Still clear top performer in the league last year in terms of assists. Brian Clough, replying to a question about fans influencing players/games said he'd never seen a fan score a goal...
  8. Glover

    Liam Polworth

    At ICT or elsewhere?
  9. Glover

    Liam Polworth

    Not really sure Eng/Sco compares very seamlessly. Did not advocate it, just highlighting that we are becoming sustainable for the Championship. That will include Polworth leaving. Good, bad or indifferent we can now only keep players until they perform at a better level than mid-Championship and seek wages comparable to that level.
  10. Glover

    Russia - The World Cup

    Are the BBC allowed to get over excited? Or should they inform and/or educate and/or entertain? In this instance the entertain is from the football, we only need inform and educate - sadly lines were blurred. BBC WC coverage was arrogant and drifted into the One Show or All Together Now territory and what’s more did not reflect public broadcasting service values. That’s the standard, like it or not, and why we have to put up with UK laws and fines to protect it . The role reversal where ITV were the more sober of the two surprised me - I never ever wanted to watch ITV over BBC before for the WC. I’m with Brian Clough on this. The BBC should have let the football do the talking, and not treat it is an ex-pro lads away hol, like we were watching a WC Big Brother and the tone should have been the same had they been reporting it for Sco, N.Ire, Wal or Eng, as its a PBS. To reiterate I think the fans and team were let down by the BBC. It’s another nail in their coffin now TV comes from Apps inside Smart TVs and Netflix and Amaxon and Now TV etc. need paying. Easier to delete the app...
  11. Glover

    Liam Polworth

    Polworth will take with him 15 assists a season. Next was who? Trafford with 3? The squad will have no player with a history of assists. It currently has no player with a history of goals worth noting at this level. Polworth’s imminent departure is significant. Thanks to Caman for starting this thread.
  12. Glover

    Liam Polworth

    A pay rise is a pay rise is a pay rise. Draper, Raven, Fon Williams, Vigurs, Warren - and even Rice- and next Polworth - we don’t speculate to accumulate now, we cut our Championship cloth. Polworth is off to make hay while (where) the sun shines. No 3 players after Warren and no deal tempting enough for Polworth.
  13. Glover

    Liam Polworth

    Yes, will be off. I can understand it too, so hopefully that’s been factored in by the signings.
  14. Glover

    Russia - The World Cup

    I disagree. Yes there were a few incidents that were poor show but nobody was stabbed and nobody died. OF games until the millennium could be counted on for that. I won’t tar tens of millions of fans partying on the basis of the action of, at most, a hundred who vandalised stuff. We’d have the same and so would any country, though anlot would be worse. I never met any thugs at the 2006 World Cup and was bought many a beer.
  15. Glover

    Russia - The World Cup

    The ‘It’s coming home’ thing will probably be jumped on but I don’t blame the fans for that - they can and should dream. Roy Keane on ITV had something to say about media pundits looking/speaking too far ahead and was quite persuasive. I doubt though the England players or staff believed any of that. Sadly, the BBC in England/UK is a continual embarrassment - not just in football but in many respects. In this instance, the BBC could have acknowledged or set the tone and been balanced/impartial, like ITV but their very first go-to was a parody of what life would be like in England after them winning the WC - that was how they opened their coverage. ITV had Bilic and Keane and O’Neill and it’s a sad day when ITV are the pragmatics. It would have been tongue in cheek for Scotland, Ireland etc. but the BBC were just sophomoric and really didn’t strike the right tone. Croatia/Modric said the media’s hang up on them being tired and discussing plotting the draw and it being a clear path motivated them, but again that was media driven, not squad or fan - the latter from what I read wanted a test. Friends from England were content with getting to a semi final and had huge concerns over the team and their frailties. The BBC have spun what is, and what should be, a very promising first foray, into a failure from the outset, and most English fans, and I’m sure the squad in time, won’t see it that way. It’s another stumble by a BBC that needs some checks on its representativeness, impartiality, and Reithian values. It’s a sad day when ITV come out on top.