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  1. HT: 1 - 0. FT: 3 - 1. 1st Scorer: ICT: Keatings. 1st Scorer: Them: Miller.
  2. I was born in the Sneck. I was brought up in the Sneck. My father was born in the Sneck. (Unfortunately, and I'm only whispering this) my Ma was born south of the border! All four of my grandparents were born in the Sneck. Once an Invernession, always an Invernessian (or is it Invernezion).
  3. HT: 0 - 1. FT: 1 - 2. 1st Scorer ICT: Sutherland. 1st Scorer Them: E. Murray.
  4. H T: 2 - 0. FT: 3 - 1. 1st Scorer ICT: Sutherland. 1st Scorer Them: Taylor.
  5. 4 (yes, FOUR!) gentlemen who look as though they know how to have a good time?
  6. In fact, who are all three?
  7. Who is the "old" guy in that photo
  8. Hey, man - it's SHOWN not showed ! Just letting you know !
  9. 🤧 I'll try my best!
  10. Aye well, I do my best !
  11. TWENTY years ago an' were still here !
  12. I'd like to add my total agreement to all the above comments. My very first action on Sunday mornings is to look up all the results on Gringo's site. THANKS MATE.