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  1. JockWatt

    Thank You

    And much thanks from Down Under too !
  2. JockWatt

    Game 43 - Greenock Morton (A) - 28 Apr

    HT: 0-1. FT: 1-3. 1st ICT: Vigurs. 1st Opp: Harkins. Crowd: 1657.
  3. JockWatt

    Harry Munro

    I DID say it was doubtful !!!!!!!!!
  4. JockWatt

    Harry Munro

    It's doubtful, but does anyone remember Harry Munro, the sports reporter for the Highland News and Football Times in the 1950s? He was the man who first set up the Welfare League in Inverness. He had a lovely daughter named Hazel. What even happened to him, I wonder?
  5. JockWatt

    Game 41 - Dunfermline (H) 21 Apr

    HT: 1-1. FT: 2-1. ICT: AUSTIN. PARS: McManus . CROWD: 3356.
  6. JockWatt

    Game 40 - Dumbarton (A) 18 Apr

    HT: 0-1. FT: 1-3. 1st ICT: Austin. 1st Opp: Froxylias. Crowd: 647.
  7. JockWatt

    Game 39 - Dumbarton (H) 14 Apr

    HT: 1-0. FT: 3-1. ICT: Oakley. Opp: Froxylias. Crowd: 2218.
  8. JockWatt

    Political Correctness off topic stuff

    IHE - From the CAPITAL of Queensland !!!!!!!!
  9. JockWatt

    Political Correctness off topic stuff

    God Almighty, isn't the internet completely awash with obsessive, Politically Correct snowflakes these days! I blame the demise of Religion myself. It used to be the Wee Frees trying to control your behaviour by condemning you to Eternal Damnation for attending a dance. Now, in this post-religious era, you instead get summoned to the Penitent Stool of Facebook, Twitter and Internet Fora by the New Puritanism of simpering handwringers, desperate to fill the behaviour control vacuum which the demise of religion has left. If you look at some of the things folk get offended by on other people's behalf, they are quite frankly far too often completely absurd. For instance, just the other week I was called to task on here for referring to the bleeding obvious of the spoken English of the growing number of call centre employees from the Indian Subcontinent not being very good. Just as well Caleyboy wasn't around during WW2, otherwise he would have branded the chorus "Hitler has only got one b*ll...." as "disrespectful and offensive to our opponents." It really is high time people gave up this self-righteous cr*p, lightened up a bit... or rather a lot.... and allowed freedom of speech to return to our society. Jock here - I don't consider Charles' comments as trying to be funny - most of what he said I agree with and the so-called "modern" way of thinking is just so much bull-sh*t.
  10. JockWatt

    Game 37 - Queen of the Sth (A) 07 Apr

    H T: 0 - 1. F T: 2 - 2. ICT: Vigurs. Opp: Dobbie. Crowd: 1749.
  11. JockWatt

    Game 35 - St Mirren (H) 31 Mar

    HT: 0 - 1. FT: 2 - 2 . 1st ICT: Oakley. 1st Opp: Mullen. Crowd: 2342 .
  12. JockWatt

    Game 33 - Dumbarton (N) 24 Mar

    HT 1-0. FT 2-1. ICT Polworth. Opp Foxylias. Crowd 4123. 1st Yellow Vigurs.
  13. JockWatt

    Game 32 - Dundee Utd (A) 17 Mar

    HT: 2-0. FT: 4-1. ICT: Polworth. Opp: McDonald. Crowd: 5861.
  14. JockWatt

    Game xx - Livingston (A) 10 Mar POSTPONED

    HT; 2-0. FT; 4-0. ICT; Oakley. Opp; Hardie. Crowd; 1009.
  15. JockWatt

    Game 30 - Greenock Morton (H) 24 Feb

    HT: 1-1. FT: 2-2. ICT: Polworth. Opp: Oliver. Crowd: 2122.