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  1. Never a leader of men were our Brian
  2. It's obviously a Coronation Street mug .. After his demise as a teacher he worked in the corner shop
  3. The question arises then, can a Gardiner be put on gardening leave.
  4. Fingers crossed existing renewals are offset to a degree. It would make it an easier sell to my accountant (wife) but I'll renew with my son 100%.
  5. A not unfamiliar scene in the Castle Street Restaurant after Village People broke the mould back in 79. The hedonistic highlands was ahead of it's time
  6. Flamingos ! I'd prefer we looked like Flamengo
  7. Bought my first ST since 07/08 & with youngsters I also bought 1x £46 ticket . Thinking back to our first season in the Scottish league I'm sure it wasn't much more than this for a senior ticket to stand in the Howden End .. £59 is the number in my head and it was hand delivered with 24 hours to spare .. which makes me wonder how many were sold for 94/95. Sadly I no longer have the book to check if there was a number on it to offer a clue.
  8. I have a soft spot for Recreation Park. I did enjoy a visit to Tannadice when it was old school. The terracing was a fair old gradient back in the days of Jim Maclean and his 10 year contracts.
  9. Except for the Edwardian Bears, they're stuck in the 17th
  10. Thanks for the advice Scotty I took a punt and my Errea hoodie arrived today .. I'm 100% with the style, quality and thankfully the sizing. Here's hoping the new Puma range will be a huge success as a decent merchandising return will be very handy. It sounds as if we're off to a good start with shirt pre orders.
  11. Looking at the sizing advice it mentions the Puma sizing is almost identical to last years suppliers. I was checking out the Errea merchandise sale and I had read somewhere they are smaller sizing and recommend going up a size. My indecision is final. Can anyone confirm whether our Errea merchandise is smaller sizing ? Who said online shopping was the way ahead .. confused.com, thanks.
  12. Thumbs up on the new top. Puma are a solid brand going back to at least the seventies when they made a solid wide fitting football boot in trendy black before the word metatarsal was in the footballing vocabulary. Don't recall shirt offerings back then though the market was dominated by Admiral & Umbro & the odd bukta top turning up at the Hilton Church jumble sale.
  13. I'm beginning to think Traynor & his random word generator is currently freelancing across a plethora of football clubs
  14. Given the economic post covid projections are distinctly bearish ( no Rangers pun intended) a football finance think tank might be the priority.
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