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  1. M Brown, S McCaffrey, D MacDonald, C Christie, D Wyness, M McCulloch
  2. Good luck ladies. I read Dryburgh and immediately thought of the Drybrough Cup. Showing my age.
  3. Just thankful for our first round of results .. A slow start & we'd currently be in Dunfermline's sights for the run in .. or worse. Not huge margins between most of the teams in the league now and tight games need a cutting edge which has deserted us at a crucial stage of the season. I agree we need a rethink as there just doesn't seem to be a long term strategy, from the coaching staff at least. To end on a positive note I've enrolled a new neighbour to come along v Arbroath who's moved up from Englandshire but persuading him to sign up for next season could be the challenge. At least he can't be viewed as a glory hunter ! #ICTevangelist
  4. No open displays of political soldidarity is permitted unless we first pledge our support.. It is quite Putinesque come to think of it 😎
  5. Not that I'm suggesting our away support will have that many flags on display friday night !
  6. Whilst it goes without saying some world events transcend the game of football it will be interesting to see whether the world governing bodies demonstrate their usual pedantry or is a laudable terracing political show of solidarity deemed allowable provided they agree you're backing the good guys ?
  7. Hopefully not the last draw in the Championship this weekend. Every team still just about has something to play for which could work to our advantage but draws won't keep us in a playoff spot too much longer.
  8. He'd only have gone out once in high winds wearing that jacket !
  9. I agree it wasn't the best of surfaces but they played their football. and coped well with the pace of Charlie Adam !! 🏃‍♂️
  10. A guy with a decent career win average of around 45% is Jim McInally. Only John Robertson has a better win % (with us) but even his career win % is less at around 43%. Still only in his 50s and If he'd endure Peterhead then Inverness shouldn't be a hard sell. The Peterhead board refused his resignation post relegation a few years back so they do rate him, albeit it's a lower level but he was unlucky with Greenock Morton. I'd have him on any short list.
  11. Whatever those ways may be we'll watch more in hope than expectation, but it shouldn't preclude forum members pondering the bigger picture. Given the wall of silence we can do precious little else.
  12. It's fair to say not many in Berlin were complaining about the effectiveness of the luftwaffe prior to the Battle of Britain.
  13. The parameters of the DofF role was never outlined to the best of my knowledge as Robbo was appointed based on earlier discussions they had, all very cosy it seems. Gardiner stated he knew what he was getting from a similar role Robbo performed at Hearts .. So did anyone else at the club have any objective input into this expensive project that, given current form may not even see us improve on last seasons final league placing.
  14. When moving Robertson to the SD role Gardiner said something like .. "I just can't see us losing out of the situation" The question now is what if anything have we gained ?
  15. Brian Rice currently linked with Alloa .. bring the rice ball, we're stuffed anyway
  16. It's obviously a Coronation Street mug .. After his demise as a teacher he worked in the corner shop
  17. The question arises then, can a Gardiner be put on gardening leave.
  18. Fingers crossed existing renewals are offset to a degree. It would make it an easier sell to my accountant (wife) but I'll renew with my son 100%.
  19. A not unfamiliar scene in the Castle Street Restaurant after Village People broke the mould back in 79. The hedonistic highlands was ahead of it's time
  20. Flamingos ! I'd prefer we looked like Flamengo
  21. Bought my first ST since 07/08 & with youngsters I also bought 1x £46 ticket . Thinking back to our first season in the Scottish league I'm sure it wasn't much more than this for a senior ticket to stand in the Howden End .. £59 is the number in my head and it was hand delivered with 24 hours to spare .. which makes me wonder how many were sold for 94/95. Sadly I no longer have the book to check if there was a number on it to offer a clue.
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