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  1. In an ideal world I would have liked to have seen one more signing defensively. However more than happy with the squad at present and looks like a good blend of youth and experience to kick on for what's hopefully a very positive start to the season
  2. I also think that our limited budget could have been used a bit more wisely with regards to the Oakley transfer however understand the need for more numbers for cover in what will be a very tight league
  3. I'm quite pleased with this signing especially on a 2 year deal. Will be good to see how he settles and develops in the first team.
  4. Read on the Courier that Oakley was a trialist for us against Brora. What's people's thoughts on his potential return?
  5. Ah well that's good to hear that as I feared that would be the kind of players we would look to attract back to the club.
  6. Yeah I agree. The league I feel is going to be very open with not a clear favourite this season as apposed to seasons gone by where there has been a massive gaps in finances and quality of player these so other teams were able to attract. Looking forward to it already
  7. I am also happy that Welsh has decided to commit to another 2 years. Hopefully some announcements regarding some fresh new players coming in are forthcoming. I just hope the club resists the urge to go back the way for signings such as Todorov and Donaldson etc
  8. I for one respect Doran with regards to being a fantastic servant to the club etc however I do feel now is the time for him to be moved on to free up some of the wages to bring newer fresher players in for a promotion push next season. In my opinion I see Lee Connollys contract at QOS is coming to and end this season and was always quite impressed with how he played against us. 22 years of age as well so lot of upside to potentially signing him however unsure what he makes currently and if we could compete with that.
  9. I honestly can't see Reece staying on with us tbh. There was an article where he said he had achieved his goals at Inverness not long ago. I know the article alluded to a pun on the amount of goals he had scored for us and game time he had. However I also took that as in he had achieved what he set out to do with regards to first team exposure and putting himself in the shop window for when his Norwich contract ran down. I expect he may end up at a lower table SPL club like Kilmarnock or dare I say St Johnstone as they also have a few players out of contract
  10. I believe Austin Samuel was signed on an 18 month deal in January so should have him for next season i think
  11. If anyone is travelling down today. I would watch your time I was travelling back from Glasgow yesterday and was stuck in roadwork traffic. (They were cutting down trees) google said it was an 8 minute delay both ways but was more like 25 -30 mins. Hopefully they have cleared it today but just a heads up for people looking to leave for Perth sharp. It was about 15 miles outside of Inverness
  12. I would also like us to take the game to St Johnstone from the first whistle. I just fear that we might take the mentality to sit back and try to get them to half time 0-0 before mounting any sort of offense which could be disastrous considering how dangerous St Johnstone were in the 1st half. Hopefully look to counter more with Samuel's and Chalmers more than capable of inflicting damage to them and with Devine back hopefully be more comfortable at the back. Although I sound negative in this post I believe we have enough to get the job done. I'm super excited and can't wait to travel down this afternoon.
  13. Well today confirms that the majority of the SPFL members particularly the Premier league members are nothing but a bunch of spineless self serving yes men who are happy with the status quo as long as they receive their old firm gate money.
  14. We also must remember that the writer of the records particular piece of "journalism" is essentially Peter Lawells puppet
  15. I would agree that at this point remaining silent at the moment might be best at least til we see how this vote is going to pan out
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