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  1. Well today confirms that the majority of the SPFL members particularly the Premier league members are nothing but a bunch of spineless self serving yes men who are happy with the status quo as long as they receive their old firm gate money.
  2. We also must remember that the writer of the records particular piece of "journalism" is essentially Peter Lawells puppet
  3. I would agree that at this point remaining silent at the moment might be best at least til we see how this vote is going to pan out
  4. It's hard with the current uncertainty over league recostruction on what we will need. I do believe that a striker, right back and centre back are an absolute must for next season. Sutherland I don't think is the answer even if we are in the championship next season. Another big question will be Toshneys fitness levels I was impressed in the few games I seen him in and think he will play a big part next season if he can stay out the physios room.
  5. Thanks for the welcome I thought it best to contribute rather than just say I was a first time poster 😊
  6. The thing I struggle with with regards to restructure is what Dundees end game is. If indeed there is restructure with the top league going to 14 then how did Dundee benefit from this as the supposed King makers of this whole shambles?
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