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  1. Seems they haven't bothered coming back for the second half!
  2. Was late finishing work, and we lost a goal while I was on the way to the match. Changed my mind and headed for home. Can't even torture myself on Twitter updates as we've only had 3. Kick Off, conceded goal and HT. You know it's bad when even the club's own social media can't muster anything to post about. Anyone at the game want to tell us that it's not that bad and we're unlucky to be losing?
  3. Thank you for strengthening my argument. I love that your snowflake comment makes you the very definition of a snowflake
  4. 2 points from 18 and we have some fans trying to tell others that they have no cause for complaint? Can I also highlight that we started the season with only 5 points from the first 18 and that was before the "injury crisis". Not suggesting that injuries aren't having an impact, but there's evidence to show that we are just as capable of poor form when we have a mostly intact squad. Can I also echo what was said above about the worry that we are playing players who aren't fully recovered. That is irresponsible. What is even worse is the admission from our Manager that we are utilising players when he has identified that it is detrimental to their mental health. Has he forgotten the events that caused his predecessor to stand down and open the door for him to get the job? It's just a game of football. It's entertainment. We should not be consciously and deliberately subjecting anyone to undue physical or mental risks. What's just as bad is that the club, including the Sports Director who suffered from mental health issues, is allowing this. ....or it's purely soundbite to support his outrage that the SFA/SPFL didn't allow him to recall loan players? Either way, it's just another matter that shows the utter shambles that is the running of ICTFC these days.
  5. 2012-13 when (from what I can see) we had a smaller squad and were playing in a higher league. We had an awful pre-season with injuries and started the season proper with 4 or 5 lads on the treatment table, and it only got worse from there. Somehow we still managed to finish 4th
  6. You're trolling me, right?
  7. Uncomfortable viewing of a man who clearly doesn't want to be talking to the press.
  8. Not sure the St Mirren scenario creates any precedence (one was caused by a global pandemic, the other by our inability to ensure players are match fit and manage their rehabilitation) and, when our request is denied, I await the cries of how SFA/SPFL are biased towards teams outside the central belt and how they will do anything to stop us being promoted back to the premiership. Also hearing that at least 2 players are sidelined due to injuries to Dodds' ego and not to themselves.
  9. No post match video from Dodds or a player and now Barry doing pre-match for Ayr. Will let people insert their own conspiracy theories.
  10. How can you call someone misinformed and then confirm that what they said was correct and a window was damaged?
  11. The comment Dodds made following the hooking of Ridgers is what fuelled the speculation. If the decision was based purely on performance, that's all he had to say.
  12. Why? There are already memorials in the city that pay tribute to everyone who will be covered by these plans. Does the fact that they played football make them more special and deserving of an additional memorial? This is nothing but a distraction from the problems that currently exist at the club. We can barely afford to put a team on the pitch and we want to be spending money on memorials? Or will the fans be expected to pay for that as well? The boards of both ICTFC and the supporters trust would better serve the club, it's fans and the community by concentrating on those instead of looking for easy "do good" vanity projects that will do nothing to put bums on seats, pennies in the bank or points on the board.
  13. Are we assuming that we weren't informed of this some time ago? It may be that we've known for a good while, but only recently gave a decision on when we wanted the game played.
  14. Another appointment imminent. Expect the press release to contain similar to those of the above appointment about local businessman with local business contacts, but will also touch on their experience with events and the possibility of building the stadiums profile as an events venue....although their primary business interests are more tailored. Unfortunately none of these appointments will replace the money/investment made by the outgoing directors. This is worrying when you consider recent accounts have highlighted the importance of that in keeping the club financially viable, and direct comments from the CEO which have indicated that we'd have gone to the wall already if not for these gentlemen.
  15. I'll present this as a conspiracy as I have no evidence and don't want to name my source. Our CEO was told to cut costs and that included not renewing the expired contract of our Sporting Director. To avoid having to sack his buddy, the CEO decided to justify keeping the Sporting Director by temporarily giving him the duties of the outgoing Commercial Director. The Sporting Director isn't liking this and has hatched a plan to remove the current Manager and either move back to that position himself or appoint a less experienced and cheaper alternative that will then allow him to be more hands on in that area without putting himself in the firing line and justify him retaining the Sporting Director position. Relationship between Dodds and Robbo/Gardiner has been strained for over a year now. Ridgers and Robbo are very close. In other news. Grassa is about to make a return to the board.
  16. https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/sport/caley-thistle-sign-star-striker-from-clachnacuddin-291555/
  17. Really? I'd say that we've been extremely lucky. I posted on the Accies thread that I am of the view that the injury situation is one of our own making, and I stand by that. Further highlighted by, and as has been pointed out by others, the fact we can't even show any kind of caution when it comes to removing injured players from the park. All things considered, I'd say that we are VERY lucky to find ourselves top of the league. Looking at the game specifically, and King Billy's comments after. Why did we start with a new/different formation? He's been banging on about how hard it has been to get players training. Surely in that scenario you stick with what you know and what you've been working on the most? He seemed to be shocked in his post match dithering that the players didn't just magically take to playing the 3-5-2 and he had to change it to the more familiar. Duh!!! The cracks are also starting to show in the 'players are good, honest, hard working laddies' p!sh that he churns out for every interview with criticism of players starting to creep in. One last thing. What happened between him and Ridgers? Thought Ridgers was going to go over and lamp him at one point and it sounded like King Billy was threatening to hook him. He even sent Cammy out to warm up in a petulant attempt to try and make some kind of point? Glad to get another point on the board, but we're not seeing the kind of performances that will continue to draw the crowds. Speaking to one family near me and the father was saying they are almost having to drag the kids out to games because they find it boring. As it stands, they're probably not going to renew for next season, regardless of where we finish in the league. Struggling to disagree with him and feeling a bit the same.
  18. Things I miss: Lionel Nessie Matchday Programme Matchday streaming Matchday audio commentary Fan communication An atmosphere Entertaining match twitter updates Social media that's informative without asking for money Decent manager & player interviews Being treated as if the club valued the fans and not just our wallets Player meet ups (other than sponsors night) The club that I used to enjoy following A social club that properly catered for fans
  19. As I have said before, the injury situation is one of our own making as we sign way too many injured/injury prone players. Of course there are players with injuries who don't fall into that category, but it's a strategy which will always leave us vulnerable, so we can't act all surprised and 'poor us' when it bites us on the ass. What worries me is the comment by Barry Wilson that we have been playing players who are not fit. Setting aside the welfare aspect of such a thing, and the idiocy of admitting it publicly, it can (again) be no surprise that these guys then get injured so quickly again. Finally. Is it just me, or have we been picking up more strain related injuries since we employed a dedicated sports scientist?
  20. Worrying to hear our CEO saying that the main reason we're keeping our head above water right now is because we're running extended lines of credit....i.e. debt. With two of our main benefactors due to stand down from the board at the AGM it doesn't look at all good.
  21. On the pitch we are a Championship Club with potential to be more. Off the pitch we are a Championship Club with potential to be less.
  22. Any word on who we're playing for the Testimonial Match and when it's likely to be?
  23. I only caught the second half due to work, but a win's a win, so Long Live King Billy!! My thoughts on the injury point raised above are as follows: How many seasons have we now started with a worrying injury list? How many seasons have we now finished below where it was expected? How many seasons have we then placated ourselves over those shortcomings by saying it'll be better next season without the injuries? Maybe if we stopped signing already injured/injury prone players then we might get on a bit better in that regard, no? Those running the club are as bad as the Tories. They make a few tweaks, claim everything is new and great, then rinse and repeat when it turns out nothing is any different. What's worse is that we are all mugs and lap it up without question time and time again.
  24. STFU

    Dundee Away

    Great result. Long Live King Billy!!
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