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  1. I say, he has said his thanks and goodbyes to ICT on Twitter. Pity. Eh what? 🧐
  2. I say, I couldn't possibly sit amongst R##s C##nty fans. Them clapping with their six fingered webbed hands would deafen me with 5 minutes. Eh what? 🧐
  3. I say, any chance of attending this 'virtually'? I'm away that weekend on a Haggis Farming mission and won't be able to attend in person. I'm sure others would like to 'attend' in that way also. Eh what? 🧐
  4. I say, I'm mixed about Shane Sutherland and Aaron Doran. Shane - If he is out for months can we afford that? Football wise and financially? Aaron - Is he past it? He should at least have hit the target with that shot last night. He must be one of the top earners. A contract with basic rate, plus maybe a bonus if we get promoted? Eh what? 🧐
  5. I say, difference in class is a wake up call. Arbroath and Cove, as opposed to Aberdeen and Celtic next season. 😥
  6. I say, come on ICT. Get in early and park sensibly, unlike some who probably also ignore the seat number on their ticket and will sit on your seat. Eh what? 🧐
  7. I say, the clue is in the name as in it's a 'pavement' which is not for cars. Park on the 'road' or a parking space and don't be a 'pavement' parking numpty. Eh what? 🧐
  8. I say, that's a hat trick of 'bell ends' in a week, 1. Dick (head) Campbell 2. Willie (the penis) Colum 3. SFA panel 'knob heads' Eh what? 🧐
  9. I say, well said my fellow Sneckie fan!! I think 'STFU' is a gadgy coff in disguise. If I track STFU down I'll feed the blighter to my Haggis flock Hannibal Lecter style, but only after I've made him watch Watkins and Vincent's cup final goals on loop for hours on end!! Eh what? 🧐
  10. I say, well done all the players last night with total commitment. Great support from the fans also. But the few idiots who threw items on to the pitch, wise up!! 😠
  11. I say, number 69. Delicious. Eh what? 🧐
  12. I say, that's me in Arbroath. Rather windy here. My Haggis flock would not like this. I hope Kingmills has weights in his tutu or he won't see much of the match. Eh what? 🧐
  13. I say, I agree and as much use as wings on a Haggis. Got to have the midfield bossing it and keeping the ball on the deck. Not trying to hit every passing easyjet plane passing overhead like they seemed to be aiming for on Tuesday night. Eh what? 🧐
  14. I say, are you cheating on me? If you wear a pink tutu to match your pink away shirt I will find you and treat you to a stick of celery and cup of green tea at half time. X🧐
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