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  1. Wow, the Queen's Park game off topic. I have been banned from it. Lot of folk going on about Aberdeen, I questioned is this still a Caley Thistle forum. Then I got banned!! Wow, unreal. Don't want to participate in this closed shop boys club anymore That's me finished with this site. Goodbye.
  2. Is this still a Caley Thistle forum?
  3. I would have Ethan Cairns ahead of Oakley any day.
  4. Don't think he'd want you answering his fan mail (or emails etc) lol
  5. Not the worst or best game I've seen at the stadium for sure. Good that both teams were giving it a go. Glad we were playing football and not 'hoof it' aimlessly up the park time and again. Happy with a point.
  6. Give the lad a chance please?
  7. CETIC1ICT3 I agree. Hopefully as other teams are tiring we'll start firing on all cylinders (at last)!! Then come May we'll Hopefully be firing Dodds!!
  8. Aye, he's more likely to get booked than score a goal it seems. He's more of a babysitter keeping an eye on all the youngsters sitting eating their rusks beside him on the bench.
  9. Good quality video footage from Arbroath. Commentator not quite Match of the Day standard though. Would recommend they use subtitles though as not sure what language he was speaking
  10. Hopefully that's the prospect of relegation gone. R##s C###ty can't say the same. Looking like the possibility of the return of Highland derbies next season. Love the Haggis, neeps and tattie pies you get in Dingwall served by the, six fingers on each hand, catering staff
  11. Happy New Year Dick Campbell. Mustn't forget Rab Douglas either
  12. I think I saw Barry Ferguson today with Scot Gardiner having lunch. He hasn't been much use as a manager.
  13. As harsh as it sounds I was also thinking this. The Championship is a tough league, will young loan signings flourish in it? Fit in with Dodds's punt it up the park type s###e football? Probably not. Good luck to them though. Unfortunately, I can't find any positive thoughts at the moment about our team. Staying up this season will be about the sum of it.
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