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  1. sponsorship

    you certainly did. have updated the sponsorship list now.
  2. Its time for Player Sponsorship for the 2017/2018 season. PLAYER TO BE SPONSORED: To be confirmed but main sponsorship likely to be the same as last year which was LIAM POLWORTH Home Top. If we reach additional milestones we will look to add sponsorship for other players for 'lesser' items.: COST The cost confirmed to us for this coming season is the same as last season so £350+VAT. I am assuming other items are the same as last year so those additional items are listed for reference. Home Shirt - £350 +vat (420) Away Shirt - £250 +vat (300) Training Top - £100 +vat (120) Boots/Gloves - £100 +vat (120) HOW TO TAKE PART To take part in this sponsorship you will need to upgrade your site membership and join the "Player Sponsor" group. We in turn will use the money received from these memberships (minus paypal fees) to purchase player sponsorships from the club. The cost to join this group is £11.00 (this amounts to £10.00 joining fee plus £1 to cover the aforementioned paypal fees). You may purchase multiple memberships if you wish, just amend the total in your shopping cart and add a note when placing the order if it is to cover family members who may not officially be site members !!! NEW MEMBERS: To join the group simply go to this page or access the CTO Store from the main menu at the top (under features). All our site membership upgrades are handled securely via Paypal which will accept direct payment from the majority of credit/debit cards so it should be easy enough to upgrade your membership whether you live in Sneck or somewhere thousands of miles from there. RENEWING MEMBERS: You can either use the same process that new members use or, as some have done already when they got a reminder email and invoice, you can do a simple renewal from your account. Go to and you should be able to renew from here. If you do not want to renew simply ignore any reminders and you will not be billed. CASH MEMBERSHIPS: We do NOT take cash payments. Everything needs to go through Paypal. Once we know how many members have joined the group, we will make a decision on what gets sponsored. The first item will be the selected player's Home Kit ... but the more members who upgrade to "Player Sponsor" membership, the more we can sponsor. At the end of the season, members of our sponsor group will be selected at random to receive any gifts we may receive from the club and the first selected user can - if they wish - attend the sponsors' event held by the club as our representative. If you are interested, please add your name to this thread or go ahead and join the sponsor group. You will be marked as once we confirm payment received via membership upgrade .... EDIT: As questions are raised in the thread, we will clarify any that need a response below: Technically the payment is listed as a 'subscription' when you pay, but that is internal to this site only and is done this way so that in a year's time it will generate an invoice on here allowing existing members to renew (if they wish) or to let it expire. Renewal (or not) is at the user's discretion and as far as paypal is concerned its a one-off payment and there will be no automatic re-billing from their side.
  3. All of MLS did a promo where each season ticket holder could submit a picture for each ticket they owned and they were all added to the shirt numbers. Of course, when the strips came out everyone bought a commemorative one with their pictures on it for posterity .... And another to wear at games..... Similar to the names on shirt when we had our black ones. It was pretty good to see my little lad on the number 1.
  4. It is pretty sensible. MLS may be a joke to some, and to be honest it did not exactly do much to disprove that opinion for a while. But MLS 2.0, which started in the 90s, and which has really started to grow exponentially since 2006, is vastly different to the MLS of the days when Pele, Beckenbauer, Best et all came to play for The New York Cosmos back in the 70s. (even if the NY Cosmos name was recently revived in one of the lower leagues). Of course there are the 'designated players' here for a final payday - Drogba, Lampard, Gerrard to name 3 recent ones - and there are also ones that somewhat defy explanation - Barry Robson, Kris Boyd, Shaun Maloney, Kenny Miller - to name a few Scottish ones we have all heard of, but there are also some quality players over the years both above and below the 30 mark. David Beckham and Thierry Henry may have been over 30 when they arrived but both were still excellent players. I have no time for brand Beckham but there was no denying his quality, even as he got longer in the tooth, and the same can be said for Henry, despite the dogs abuse he got every time he came to Toronto for cheating against Ireland !!! Nowadays we get to see Kaka, Andrea Pirlo, David Villa, and Bastian Schweinsteiger ... but maybe more importantly we also get to see the likes of Michael Bradley (29), Jozy Altidore (27), Sebastian Giovinco (just turned 30), Giovanni Dos Santos (28) and other players under 30 who have made the move to MLS with some still starring regularly for their national teams. The same impetus has been put into future development. ...... The newer version of MLS has grown slowly, has made it a requirement of entry that all teams must have purpose built youth academies and youth policies, have set policies in place that give teams incentives (or less squad and salary cap penalties) to use 'homegrown' or 'generation adidas' players and now they are expanding the affiliations with other teams or seeking entry into the lower leagues. It is done not to benefit the clubs themselves, but to benefit the development of youth and those leagues. The ultimate aim is to make the USA national team into one of the best in the world by promoting, developing and nurturing that young talent alongside the mentorship of senior players ... and by default to do the same for Canada who are part of the setup with Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal (and possibly Ottawa, Edmonton and others in future). Do the most basic of research and you cant help be impressed with the aims and goals. I liked this article (and part two that it links to at the end) as a kind of summary : and this one that shows how Candian 'soccer' is benefitting : . The most recent Canadian squads showed 22 players of 24 in the U17 team came from 4 clubs. Toronto (11), Montreal (2), Ottawa (3) and Vancouver (6) with one each from Dinamo Zagreb and Auxerre. The U20 squad had 8 of 20 from Toronto FC II (5), Vancouver (2) or Ottawa (1), and the most recent full squad had 15 players from the main Canadian teams. The transformation in the national team fortunes is going to be like Iceland ..... people - including Canadians - are going to be saying 'its just Canada' but assuming they continue to promote development then at some point everything is going to click and they will explode onto the world scene. The USA may end up as a top team, but Canada definitely has the potential to be a decent level team on the world stage. perhaps not world beaters, but maybe perpetual qualification and the odd foray into the latter stages of the odd competition.
  5. MLS. some of the teams have their 2nd or 3rd teams playing in the USL or NASL setup or in Toronto's case (with TFC II and TFC III), both. The biggest difference is that there is no promotion or relegation between each of the leagues so no problem in that regard ... although teams can (and do) send recovering or fringe players to the other teams and can call up players from them to the first team seemingly at random .... from Wikipedia :
  6. sponsorship

    our sponsorship is Liam Polworth as it was for the last few years. if we get more then enough to sponsor his shirt, or the group wanted to change players, then we would only find out who was available towards the end of the month when existing sponsors renewal period ends.
  8. He is working for the SFA as their head of coach education
  9. Hearach and/or anyone else involved in the running of the travel club .... can you give me a shout on the message system. I would like to see if one of the new features on the next version of this software may be of assistance to you (and the travelling fans) in communicating with each other. Would like for you to test it for us if you could.
  10. You could be right, but comments made by some last season indicated that the manager wasnt listening to his coaching staff so I wonder ..... I dont know the guy, it just seems there is a lot of vitriol pointed in his direction with little substance behind it. Here's hoping Robbo can assess his staff and make sure he has confidence in them and if not, that he can tell the board he needs replacements. Robbo does have an account on here and he posted from around 2008-2010. He was also in regular contact before that but not posting publicly. I do seem to recall however that Donald Park indicated that he was the tech savvy one and Robbo was a bit of a computer dinosaur ....
  11. Source? OFW, Raven and Warren all contracted for next season I don't understand all the negative feelings towards Rice. I have heard he is a good coach. Have I missed something or are we guilty of blaming him for RFs failings? Did he become a bad coach before or after Yogi left?
  12. IF true then I will wish him well. He did a good job for us before, got us up to the top division in the first place, and put both the club directors and the SPL on the spot when it came to our eventual promotion to the top league and our groundshare with Aberdeen. The fact that he left us to go to Hearts was no surprise given his playing history so no bad feelings there, and anytime I have seen him speak of ICT it has always been in a positive manner. He was also very personable with the fans. If he has ruffled a few executive feathers along the way then so what ... ALL of our managers have done that at some point ... and some way more than others ! I will wait for the official confirmation but this "surprise" candidate is a far better choice than some of the names mentioned IMHO. Paul Sheerin's time will come at ICT and I am only guessing here but perhaps our board did not want to put a club legend with limited managerial experience into the hotseat to replace another club legend with limited managerial experience for fear of the same outcome? He may not have been in a managerial position for a while but Robbo's experience cannot be said to be limited and his record at ICT was pretty good (44 wins in 82 games).
  13. its intermittent and something I need to look into but its a bit of a needle in a haystack as the user's own settings can have a bearing on this, but the basic workaround is just to add /?page=xx to the end of the URL where xx is the page number you want. This topic has 18 pages on my settings and the basic URL is . If you want 17 and the PREV button is not working for you for some reason just hand edit the 18 in the url to 17 (or whatever page you want). If you want the first page, just remove the ?page=xx from the url completely.
  14. This is the complete text of the press release sent to media ... doesnt sound like we will find out today and nothing to indicate it is (or is not) Robbo. Think I will just wait and see !! If it IS Robbo, then he is one of only two managers who has experience of getting us promoted from the second tier to the top tier !!!
  15. Kenny's biggest mistake in all this is being too loyal to RF and its a mistake many of us might have made as we desperately wanted him to achieve success. At worst, Kenny let his heart rule his head and the rest is history. He has been at the club for a little less than 2 decades so to say he has a lack of understanding is incorrect. It is also unfair to put the blame on the lack of communication on him. He vacated the building after the final game of the season and what has happened since is in the hands of the remaining directors. I think many of them may have underestimated just how much work Kenny put in at the stadium, how much time he spent there, and how much communication actually went out because of his hands on approach or his availability ... its going to be a steep learning curve for them too, especially the new directors and whilst we are all understandably critical of the transition right now you can be sure there are quite a few folk working their socks off behind the scenes to get things in order.
  16. Well done TM4TJ - You had multiple memberships for the sponsor's draw and 2 of them came up. never seen that before, but as its totally random then it can happen. I have sent a PM to let you know how to go about collecting the stuff.
  17. Here are the draw results for 2016/17 season to see who receives Liam Polworth's signed shirt and the other gift from this season just past. WINNER - SIGNED SHIRT : TM4TJ WINNER - OTHER ITEM (TBC) : TM4TJ The names in the hat for each of the seasons are based on the members who joined the sponsorship group each year (see topic linked below). The draw itself is conducted using a random generator website ( We have used this same site to conduct all our draws over the years, and have also successfully conducted several test draws on the current data that completed without any issues. The draw is completely and utterly random and no-one on CTO or within ICT has any influence or control over the names that come up. This is important to note as there are people connected with the club and with CTO who have subscribed and are therefore eligible and who will not be excluded from the draw. If anyone has any concerns or questions about this process please feel free to PM me or mention it in the thread below. 2016-17: List of participants 2016-17 Draw Result on the randompicker website
  18. sponsorship

    Pledged/Paid List Scotty CaleyD Jagster bughtmaster weeman 12th man PerthICT ICT_Stew Gabby Caley Mad in Berks The_Sponge The_Sponge The_Sponge TheCaleyOne ICT29 IBM RossP ilpadrino luvgravy Eye Settee MoogThurso MoogThurso MoogThurso MoogThurso finmack Caley100 --------- note: if you have any issues with payments etc, please leave a note below or send a PM. I will delete any non-relevant support discussions once we have sorted whatever the problem was just to keep the thread tidy.
  19. ,,, TFC did go on to win the 2nd leg 4-0
  20. right now that would be our half !
  21. @ictchris - The club operate on a shoestring and when it comes to media presence they prefer slip-ons so they don't need to buy laces !!! Davie is right. Without @CaleyD and other volunteers there simply would not be a media presence as it is (or was) viewed as secondary to the other parts of the business. Thats not a dig at the club its just a fact of how things are where everybody has their tasks and areas of responsibility and online media was not one of them so various people just took it on here and there rather than focused on it. Given my history with the club and also with the provision of hosting and website services to them over the years I know what they are billed for those services and without quoting any numbers, its basically just enough to cover the costs. No-one is getting rich off the back of any of these services and certainly no wage is being paid. @CaleyD may not be everyone's favourite person, and his personality may rub some folk up the wrong way but his 'dog with a bone' attitude and desire to do whatever he sinks his teeth into to the best of his ability mean that he has overseen a fairly radical overhaul of things and took on all the social media stuff and the website itself. Is it perfect? No. Could things be better? Yes. Will he get a chance to continue or want to continue? I have no idea. The twitter and facebook accounts are now 'award-winning', the audio and video files published pre and post-match are a far cry from the couple of column inches in the Courier of the past or the one page word files we received from the club with interview quotes, and the effort to push on (for years) to try and get the infrastructure and investment from sponsors to be able to provide audio and video streaming at the stadium are all in large part down to him and the rest of the volunteers. He is (was) always looking for innovative solutions to things people brought up on here and elsewhere, and if some of the communications are/were cringeworthy or read like they were written by a committee it is because sometimes they were !! It pains me to see how things have gone over the last few weeks .... but as much as I dont like to say it, the expression "be careful what you wish for ...." keeps popping into my head when I see people who have at various times during the season call for the removal of almost everyone from the non existent tea lady to the chairman now start to bitch and moan when there is no-one manning the ship. What did you expect? To keep the nautical analogy going ... There are new people on the bridge and they are familiarising themselves with the controls but its not going to be an instant handover
  22. @CaleyD has indeed hung up his media credentials ... for now. Whether he resumes those duties in future or not is undecided. That will be between him and the club. I don't think I am breaking any confidence or privacy issues in saying that he is currently taking care of some professional development that he wasn't able to fit in before, and will be taking a well earned holiday after that. Much like the posts about Kenny I have seen some very personal and plainly wrong things written about @CaleyD and others from the media team on here. However, I figured he was big enough and ugly enough to answer those critics or complain if he wanted to, but for the most part he just let it slide off him like water of a duck's back. I can say for sure that I would not have been so tolerant !
  23. A former Arbroath (co-)manager has been suggested before ....... Donald Park !!! At the end of the day, it doesnt matter who someone has managed before IMHO, its what they do at ICT that matters. Some people 'fit' and others just dont. I have seen that at Toronto FC, where money is no object and the biggest failure was the vastly experienced Paul Mariner whereas the biggest success (so far) has been current coach Greg Vanney who most fans wanted sacked at the end of his first season. From all the names mentioned, I am still looking most favourably on Aitken. Not a fancy announcement or a big name, but seems to tick many boxes that would be required at ICT.
  24. Have merged the two threads. As requested, this thread will be pinned and featured and become the new travel thread for the travel club until we have upgraded the site during the off season and have a new dedicated thread.
  25. Sorry for dredging this topic up again but as I have only just returned from our trip to Scotland and Norway I am playing catch-up with all the threads and various comments made ... and this was one thread I wanted to come back to and deliver my own comments. I actually find I dont have to type a huge amount as I echo each and every comment that Davie has made here. Kenny is a man of integrity who had a goal of making ICT better without breaking the bank or bankrupting the club. He put in long hours, mostly for little or no thanks, but at the end of the day he wasnt looking for the plaudits or the pats on the back, he was just looking for ICT to be successful and barring the last season where he put his faith in someone who we all wanted to be successful he has done so. His stewardship of the club has been excellent and the snide or ignorant comments made about him on a personal level by some who don't actually know him or the amount of work he does/did in the background are not only hurtful, but in my opinion close to defamatory. I have witnessed him stand up for our supporters when stewards and police wanted to wade into the North stand because they were standing. I have witnessed him making time for the younger fans and kids. I have heard numerous stories of him being accessible to the fans to the point of sitting down with them for coffee in the stadium or as Davie mentioned, doing the stadium tour ! Heck, look at how he handled that young boy who applied for the manager's job ! Most would just bin the letter, not Kenny, he replied and spoke with the kid ... who will remember that moment I am sure. On my recent visit, I was both gobsmacked and incredibly proud that he asked if my own son would like to be one of the mascots on the last day of the season. My son - who I take to TFC games every once in a while - came to Scotland saying his favourite players were Jozy Altidore and Sebastian Giovinco from Toronto FC ... he left Scotland with the top we bought last year all signed, a new one bought from the Errea trailer tucked in his luggage, and a couple of this year's squad pictures from the reception wall of his new favourite players ... David Raven and Jake Mulraney ! My boy was going to be an ICT fan anyway (if I could help it) but Kenny (and the players) made it a trip he will never forget. I have never seen a club like ICT where players, directors, and even the chairman are as accessible as they are at ICT and that ethos comes from the top down. Kenny - I applaud you for who you are and what you have done for ICT over two decades. As Davie says, enjoy your 'retirement', you deserve it.