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  1. In Tesco town..... are you sure ????? 🤔
  2. Matchday Thread

    Vigurs & Polworth makes it 2 pens scored so we get the bonus point. Not a great night of football 😖
  3. Matchday Thread

    The first 4 pens ( 2 each side) have been missed. ...... literally canny believe this !!!!!
  4. Matchday Thread

    Canny believe it's pens against Stirling Albion..... !!!!!
  5. Matchday Thread

    I thought Seedorf looked sharp and created some excellent moves. Very creative with good touches.
  6. Just renewed my ST. I was expecting to pay £342 but with the additional discount it was £308. That's for section C main stand. Let's hope JR can assemble a team that's at least competitive in the Championship and can challenge for promotion / playoff place !!!
  7. Barry Wilson suggested two of them might be Mulraney & Cole ???? Can't see those two young players having too much influence on the older experienced players in the team. Foran did seem to expect to be here next season. What chance have we got if that's the case ??????????????????????????
  8. 0-2 Alex Fisher !!
  9. 0-2 Alex Fisher !!!!!!! Holy Shamoley!!!!!!!!!
  10. ICT board getting hammered by the pundits on Radio Scotland. Most of it pretty accurate in that board has failed the club.
  11. Charlie would do no worse and potentially much better than Foran. Let's face it, we are now talking about the management of a Championship side !!!!
  12. On Radio Scotland tonight ( post match) , Charlie Christie sounded like he would be up for driving the club forward managerially. There's clearly a lot of issues off the park as well as on. I would urge any ICT fan to listen to his radio commentary and analysis.
  13. Not a name I was expecting, but welcome nonetheless if he can assist Ritchie in dragging us out the mire !!!!!!!
  14. Would he want a contract extension?
  15. Matchday Thread

    STV are reporting that a Club Director HAS resigned. Not sure that will actually change anything. Too little too late !!!!!!