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  1. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    My assessment so far: our strikers don't strike !!!! our keeper doesn't keep !!!! Our defenders don't defend !!!! I'm no tactician but I believe these issues all need to be addressed!! if we can't take points off Livi, then I can't see where they will come from!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Our strikers are not striking enough.... Our defenders are not defending enough..... Our keeper is not saving enough....Not enough all over the park. I think I've had enough !!!!!!!!' 👎👎👎👎
  3. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    4-2 St Mirren........ 2 goals needed just to equalise and not letting any more in !!!!!!!!!!
  4. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Ball in the back of the net from Baird, but ruled offside !!!!!
  5. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    You are indeed entitled to your opinion and I respect that. Having had "a wee think" about the second half as you suggest, Falkirk didn't have to work too hard to hang on to their lead, our play made sure they didn't have to. I think the main difference was that they took their gifted chances and we didn't, nor indeed create many. We can only judge on where we see now, not what we imagine might be the case at the end of the season.
  6. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    You will have noticed yesterday they beat us 2-0...... that's how far off we are . We concede 2 and barely have a few shots on target..... that's how far off we are, not to mention the performance against Stirling Albion !!!!!!
  7. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    He was also having words with Robbo during yesterday's match. Neither of them looked impressed.
  8. The Liam Polworth Enigma

    Listening to Robbos post match interview today, I think he suggests that Liam needs to UP his game to continue to feature as a first choice starter !!!!!
  9. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    He has selected Mulraney in the pre - season matches and the previous Betfred cup games. Not today due to injury (perhaps) but Robbo was speaking more generally about team desire and about players he thought could offer more.
  10. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Mulraney I believe is injured from the Stirling game. Perhaps Robbo sees a lot that we don't during training sessions.