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  1. No offence taken at all! I just want us to stay up!
  2. I agree, but we need to do all we can to stay up. At least we can then regroup for next season.
  3. I see Marley Watkins scored for Barnsley today (and got booked). How we could do with his pace today!!
  4. Assuming no changes to the injury list, a 4-4-2 for me: Fon Williams McNaughton, Laing, McCart, Tremarco Polworth, Draper, Tansey, King Mckay, Fisher with Esson, Mckay, Horner, Mulraney, Ebbe, Anier and Boden on the bench.
  5. POY

    Fair assessment. Felt sorry for Laing as he was good first half but had to improvise when covering other positions after McNaughton was subbed. I want to see more from Polworth. He has the ability but we need the drive and passion when times are tough. I would stick with Mckay and Fisher. Perhaps start King with Cole out next week and adopt a flat back four.
  6. I know we are all down tonight and being rightly critical, but at risk of being shot down, now is the time the players need us as their 12th man. For all of us, let's get behind them in the next six games and do all we can to salvage our season and keep our top league status. If we can achieve that, we can then debate who our Manager and players should be, but for now we have what we have and need to do our bit in our bid to survive. Recent years have been good, despite the agony of the penalty kick loss at Parkhead in the League Cup. I will never forget the cup semi at Hampden, and us all joining in with the chants of "stand up for the Caley Jags". Now, more than ever, we need that spirit and support, not just in Section E but in the full stadium. Then there was the cup final.... My best ever day as a fan..... The best hangover excuse ever. Europe was brief and I only managed the home game, but an experience for a small club like us. It all seems a lifetime ago, so much has changed in less than two years, but let's make our support count where if matters: at the games by being loud, positive and behind the players. We need to play our part. It's now or, I dread to think, possibly never!
  7. POY

    For what it's worth, I went with McNaughton McCart Mckay and King was my next best.
  8. SPFL website says the fixtures will be published this week. Presumably our home games will be matches 2 and 4, which means the last home game will be a midweek game. I really hope we get County first up, would have to go there and get relegated!
  9. Matchday Thread

    I agree with most of that. First half pretty even and going in 1-0 down a bit harsh. Would like to see the goal again. We created a few chances and should have done better with a couple, particularly a couple of Cole efforts, a Fisher header and possibly Tremarco's shot. Mckay unlucky to see a great block of one effort, and a couple of opportunities nearly fell to Tansey. Cole was a disappointment and I would have subbed him rather than Draper. His sending off was unnecessary. I don't think it was a foul but he should have kept his mouth shut. The last eight minutes were then a disaster. The penalty looked harsh and after that I think we were a 2-4-3 so the inevitable happened and it could easily have been 4 or 5. McNaughton burst a gut and presumably ran out of steam. McCart unlucky to be sacrificed. Mckay worked hard. King tried hard when he came on. Not much to say for the others, and unlike some I was not impressed by Polworth. Then to find Warren got sent off in the tunnel.... For the first time this season, I am struggling to see a way of staying up. We must get a result at Motherwell, but the rub of the green is against us. Hopefully that changes, we are due one! As for the ref, one of the worst displays I have seen in a long time, but we can't hide from the fact we are the cause of our own position. The booing was disappointing at both half time and full time, that can't help the players, even if some of them were poor.
  10. Sorry, saw 0-0 on the SPFL website just before I made my post. Presumably they were very slow in uploading the score!
  11. 0-0 draw at Dunfermline today. Just hope we are not playing them in the Championship next season....
  12. Matchday Thread

    Second worst away record in the league and 5 of our remaining 8 games are away from home. I'm an optimist, but......
  13. I disagree, Tansey should start on Tuesday. Assuming the same injuries, for me: Fon Williams Raven, Warren, McCart, MacNaughton Laing, Polworth, Draper, Tansey, Cole Mckay Subs: Esson, Mckay, Mulraney, Macrae, King, Fisher, Anier
  14. Matchday Thread

    Our relegation rivals will pick up points in the next week, with some or all of Dundee, County, Motherwell and Hamilton guaranteed points. Makes today's draw more disappointing and we really need a performance and result next Saturday (and one on Tuesday would be great too!).
  15. Realistically with our budget, we should be in a relegation battle most seasons (just hope we stay up!), and we have had several years of over achievement, which we savoured, culminating in May 2015.