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  1. Just think, the same Saturday two years ago, just 104 weeks, was our moment! Sitting in the Hampden stand, less than 15 minutes from kick off. A tremendous occasion and match, which we won the hard way. Great memory, we can only hope for more in the future. My football highlight!
  2. Or there may be negotiations with individuals taking place that cannot result in a public statement of any kind until fully resolved.
  3. I don't doubt he did, but he was used erratically in differing systems rather than in a consistent role in a consistent formation.
  4. Answers welcome, even on a postcard!
  5. Matchday Thread

    Reading the STV website, the "2 or 3" did not include the starting 11. I'm gutted. 9 points out of 12 shows what we should have been capable of, but too little too late. With 5350 there today, that must have been 5000 home fans: highest since Astra? If only we could get that week out n week out! When Hammer Lyon went ahead, the atmosphere flattened, inevitably. I read Tansey got stick when the players came back out after the game. I'd gone by then, but if that is true, it is a disgrace and those jeering him should be ashamed. To the game, poor first half, but came alight with the three quick goals. When the MOM goes live, my picks will be Fisher, Tansey and Laing. A sad day, if a tear in my eye at full time, but hopefully the club structure and key personalities are decided quickly so there insolently time for rebuilding.
  6. Of the regular squad this season ignoring those on loan: Goalies: Fon Williams will presumably move on, Esson can stay as back up, give Mackay a chance as first choice, retain Hoban. Defenders: Meekings will presumably move on, retain Raven, Tremarco, Warren and Laing as first picks if they want to stay, with Mckay as back up. Retain McNaughton too if affordable. Midfielders: Suspect Draper will move on and Polworth probably will too (may be the best for him and the team I hate to say). I'd retain Vigurs and Doran if affordable, but not convinced about Mulraney. Forwards: We must do all we can to retain Fisher. I'd retain Boden and Ebbe to see what they can do. That gives a starting line up of: Mackay Raven, Warren, Laing, Tremarco Vigurs, Doran, ??, ?? Fisher, Boden so midfield could be the priority this close season depending on the quality of our youngsters. I gather Andrew MacRae is one for the future, so may be worth trying along with Jason Brown. No doubt the above will differ greatly from what happens in practice!
  7. I supported Fisher in the 'Fish v Walrus" debate earlier in the season and accept he has howlers but what striker doesn't! I had left before the players came back out, but if Tansey got stick, that is a disgrace and those involved should be ashamed of themselves. A very sad day, but probably inevitable for some time. As for the game, great to have 5000 home fans, highest since Astra game? If only we could get that every game! Poor first half and probably lucky to go in 0-0. There was flatness when word went round about the Hamilton score. Better second half, and to score 3 in 4 minutes at least meant there was some satisfaction on the sad day. When the MOM opens, I will go with Fisher, Laing and Tansey. I hope Fisher stays and becomes a target man. He and Boden could serve us well next season. Laing has grown on me, and is comfortable on the ball. What will change? Out of our hands, but we need decisiveness as we must hit the ground running next season with both playing and backroom staff or it will be another tough one. Bad apples? No idea, but the quote on the STV website implies it does not include any of the starting 11. Im in section D in the main stand, so in front of the Board. players sitting behind me included Fon Williams, Tremarco (still on crutches), Meekings, Ebbe and King. I didn't see Doran but he may have been there too. Gutted after the Eason, but I will be back to support whoever we have next season.
  8. Definitely. C'mon the fans also, be the 12th man!!
  9. Hopefully!!
  10. No matter what happens, let's show our appreciation to the players at full time. If we are down and many depart, we must show our appreciation for the cup runs, cup final win, top six finishes and the European foray. Even with the disappointment of this season, guys like Raven, Warren, Draper and Tansey deserve that from us all! Come on Caley Thistle!!
  11. POY

    We deserve a bonus 10! I went with Vigurs Draper Warren but the other 8 starters were unlucky not to get points too!
  12. Sorry about the late post but been working flat out. Luckily I was in Perth on Wednesday and Thursday so a nervous journey along the A90 turned in to the best away day I've had since the 3-0 at Dingwall last season. The fans were fantastic from well before kick off, probably the most vocal and supportive other than the cup semis and finals, even giving Foran support when he came out. Even before Mckay's early goal, he was unlucky a charge down just went wide, and to get a quick second was brilliant. The team then kept their composure, created a number of decent chances, and kept possession better than in recent times. For my money, the best 90 minute performance I have witnessed this season. Esson was steady, Mckay did well at right back, with Raven very good at left back, also adding cover to Warren and Laing at times. Warren and Laing bossed central defence. In midfield, Vigurs was immense, perhaps a bit lucky to just be booked, but had composure, urgency and passion. Draper was back to his old self. Tansey was up for it. Polworth had some good moments, whilst also covering Raven regularly. Fisher worked hard and took his goal well, but was out on his feet by the time he was subbed. Mckay took his goal well, pressed the Dundee defence and was probably also tiring when subbed. I thought Anier worked hard and put himself about, but he is not Mckay class, whilst McNaughton and McCart were put on to ensure we kept out Dundee late on. The players were all up for it, the crowd was fantastic. We need the same team and a large noisy support tomorrow. It's still a long shot, but at least we have a chance, however remote. Its my wife's birthday tomorrow and I was originally not going. She is now having lunch with her sister and I am now going. Wednesday was a great night, can we do the impossible? I don't know, but I will be backing the guys 100% regardless of what happens. If it does not go our way tomorrow, let's give the players a long standing ovation at the end. If many leave, they leave us memories of several seasons none of us dared dream about. Two finals, one cup win, three top six finishes, a trip to Europe. They deserve our appreciation! Come on Caley Thistle!!
  13. Matchday Thread

    A sad day. After eight years living in England and getting to as many games as I could, tbis is my first full season as a season ticket holder for some time. What a year I picked! I've been at all home games except the two against Celtic (holiday and work prevented these) and to a few away ones. I don't think we are worse than many of the other teams, but we've lacked a consistent plan and line up. It is hard to pick consistent performers, apart from Tremarco and, perhaps, Draper. We know our strengths (Draper and Tansey bossing midfield) but too often did not build the team around that. Bringing Billy back should have saved the season, but the service he has had has been limited. I don't understand why Fisher was frozen out. He is a grafter, and while his finishing is hit and miss, I like his attitude. Others have failed to perform, or let their heads drop when times have been tough, and decisions have gone against us, but we have a squad that should have been mid-table. Since the St Johnstone game I have been resigned to our fate, and the loss today probably makes it inevitable. To hear that we only performed when 2-0 down says if all. I will miss only my third home game next weekend due to family commitments. What I would give for a miracle and a home play off game on the 28th, but I just can't see it. I will be renewing my season ticket, as I love the club and football, but I fear the worst next season, and just hope we can build a competitive squad that can get us back up. After two cup finals, two great days out at Hampden, bossing the derbies, a European adventure, albeit brief, this is tough to take, but we must still get behind the team for the last two games and hope for a miracle. Lets just hope we can bounce back and get more great memories. Yes, we have punched above our weight, and it was great, but we should be a Premiership club.
  14. I think I heard north stand, section j, seat 172 but may be wrong. I didn't win!
  15. Matchday Thread

    We did have seven subs: Hoban, McNaughton, McCart, Horner, King, Cole and Boden. Interesting watching them at half time: McCart was doing a serious warm up with the others having a kick about. Not sure if that is a McCart thing or what he has been taught at Celtic.