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  1. Pity we don't like looking at bringing Josh back, even on a short term pay as you play deal, to let him get his career back on track.
  2. Matchday Thread

    I agree with most of what's been said, but it is too early to judge what sort of season we have in store. We have a new Manager settled not in, who has made a good impression on rhe when led in nterviews, although frustration showed yesterday. We have 10 new players, the biggest ever change in one close season? 7 of them started yesterday, with 2 coming off the bench, and a potentially good signing out injured. 4 of our remaining squad from last season have injuries, and we will be stronger with them back. We also have Fon Williams still on the payroll and another potentially on the way out, presumed to be Raven. We have a tough league opening, so a difficult August ahead that could set the tone, positively or negatively. I doubt we can get one of the best runner up positions in the cup, so hopefully the Clach and Forfar games help the squad gel. Probably worth another friendly in the midweek before the league opener. Roll on 5 August for the next home instalment!
  3. Any word on Josh Meekings finding a new club?
  4. He's injured at present.
  5. Who's our new midfielder/winger?
  6. Young Foy in the squad according to the Courier, but Tremarco and Doran unlikely to feature until November.
  7. That's fair comment. Hope Robbo works through it with him.
  8. Assuming Warren and Mulraney's have recovered from their injuries so the available squad is the same, I suspect an unchanged starting line up, with "Susan" again coming off the bench: Ridgers Calder Warren Mckay Seedorf Polworth Draper Vigurs Mulraney Baird Oakley
  9. poy

    Thanks Scotty, no surprise with the top two. Just imagine how things might have been if we had had Fisher playing whenever he was fit!
  10. Following on from the informative debate about Iain Vigurs, how do we feel about "he's one of our own" Polly? I see great unrealised potential, possibly as he is not unleashed in his best position (attacking midfield?) and he sometimes seems disinterested or even lazy. Can we make him our next star?
  11. Cue another thread.... The Liam Polworth enigma?
  12. Other than in the air, he compares quite favourably on these stats. Must admit, in the deeper role he played towards the end of last season and yesterday, he has impressed. I thought he pulled the strings in midfield against Brechin. May just be where I sit, as pretty close to the middle of the park, so I am close to the area he tends to be in.
  13. Matchday Thread

    Hope you are right 12th man. I had my 5 year old grandson at only his second game so missed some of the action as I tried to tell him where to be looking, but overall I left with a positive feel too. Next week against Falkirk will tell us a lot, and the league opening could make or break our season.
  14. And Elsdon is 6.