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  1. Remember it well, on an Open Top bus in New York and couldn't believe it when I checked the score!
  2. Matchday Thread

    Have watched the 5 minutes of highlights on the BBC website. I remain convinced we deserved to win, having made the better chances. Hit the woodwork twice, drew at least two decent saves from the County keeper, one sitter missed (I know County missed a bigger sitter and can feel aggrieved they did not get a penalty). On another day it could have been one of our enjoyable derby wins..... but we are where we are and all deserve to have our own views respected.
  3. Boden is here long term so hopefully fulfills his early promise. Fisher seems out of favour amid rumours of a fall out. Ebbe came on today and had one attempt off target but not seen enough of him to judge him. When we debated Doumbouya or Fisher earlier in the season, I was on Fisher's side as I liked his work rate. Mckay and Fisher may be worth a punt, but doubt it will happen.
  4. POY

    For me: Tansey Draper Raven but feel Tremarco, Laing, McCart and Mckay did well too. Vigurs deserves mention too, as having one of his better games until injured.
  5. Matchday Thread

    So did I, although I respect the views of others. We have tightened up at the back, which was needed. The downside is that there can be too much of a gap between midfield and attack. When we moved it fast today, we were pretty good. My only complaint was not changing it when one up. I'd have played King or Cole in place of Anier at that time, leaving Billy up front on his own but with a midfielder backing him up. We are off the bottom, still in touch, only one defeat in 6, so have cause to believe we can stay up. And I'm not a "happy clapper"!
  6. Matchday Thread

    I hope I'm not wrong, but I'm more positive than many of the other posters. Even the BBC pundits felt we deserved to win f on what I heard.
  7. Matchday Thread

    Just in from game and may post again later. Gutted we didn't win, as I felt we could hold on. Pity we didn't get a second when we had them on the rack and hit the woodwork. The way we started the second half was great. Still, only one defeat in six in the league, but turning draws into wins is what we need. Felt the County goal was a soft one to lose, but need to see both goals on tv. On this whole, I felt the defence did ok, allowing the full backs to push on more. Tansey was the pick of the midfield, closely followed by Draper. Polworth and Vigurs did OK on the whole, with a couple of decent Vigurs efforts with his wrong foot before he got crocked. Mckay did well when the ball went near him, and Anier was hit and miss, needing a better first touch, but when he got it right he did ok. Would have liked to have seen Cole or King come on when we were one up to add pace and support. Disappointed, but still believe we can stay up. Roll on Kilmarnock!
  8. According to BBC, Schalk is fit too. A really big game, lets all get behind the team and get the win we want!
  9. Great to see Marley doing well in the Championship. His part in the cup final should always endear him to us!
  10. Matchday Thread

    I wasn't there so can't comment on the performance, but against our bogey team and without our two top players this season, Tremarco and Draper, I will take the point. The three above us lost, so one point closer. Still a long haul, but there is hope!
  11. Matchday Thread

    Will be interested in your view, but as our record in Maryhill is poor, I see getting out of jail as a bonus. We have gained a few points with very late goals, which has kept us in touch. I can't wait for the derby, we are overdue a performance and result against them. I still enjoy recalling the 3-0 win in Dingwall last season, particularly the way Drapes celebrated his goal. More if the same on Saturday I hope!
  12. Matchday Thread

    But only 1 defeat in 5 league games since the Hamilton debacle....
  13. Not good, hope he comes back fitter and better than ever.
  14. Matchday Thread

    I couldn't get to the game as was in Manchester. When. Turned my phone to flight mode as late as I could and was hopeful of getting t half time at 0-0. Turned it back on when the flight landed and horrified to find we were 4 down. Anyway, whilst we were hopeful we never really expected anything, so we must put it behind us and focus on the next game. 11 left to save our season and performances like the Rangers game can surely let us achieve that. Just a pity other results this week have been a nightmare.
  15. If all fit, Raven, Mckay, Meekings, Tremarco