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  1. Hope not! Although I wouldn't be suprised...
  2. Second that - welcome to Inverness John, look forward to many goals, hopefully
  3. Neither would I..
  4. Maybe Hoban will go out on loan, which would be better than him sitting on the bench all season. Maybe Cammy MacKay & Ridgers will be vying for the no.1 jersey? Asduming OFW away & Esson concentrating in coaching? Not really relevant, but 2 local lads (3 if you count Hoban) fighting for the no.1 shirt! Don't know anything about Chalmers & Ferguson - but as for ex-Motherwell defenders, Louis Laing worked out ok. It's how players play for US, not how they played before that's important & if they can do a job, that's fine for me. Assuming Kev McNaughton is away then? Shame, but can't say I blame him.
  5. We're a Championship club, remember - I'm not expecting megabucks tranfer fees here!
  6. That's pretty cool..
  7. Nah, we've gone for youth - orinoco!
  8. Definetly re-sign! One of the few bright spots of last season..
  9. Fair enough, no hard feelings...
  10. Reminds me a bit of Martin Bavidge - talented footballer that didn't want to give up a career to play full time football
  11. P & J (always accurate...!) are reporting that we are trying to resign Louis Laing..
  12. Already got a brick with my name on it.. Anybody remember the away strip the team had with lots of fans signatures on it? Was for an anniversary (can't remember which one!), that was smart - still have mine & my Dad has his too. Probably even better as it was a red & black top!
  13. He hasn't been out of the game since leaving East Fife-been coaching at Hearts & apparently has had management offers which he has turned down..
  14. Very true - but then again, would love to see another Nick Ross, Ryan Christie, etc come through... No more news on the Brum City fan claiming that Andrew Shinnie was about to sign for us...would be VERY suprised if that was even likely, to be honest
  15. Did he not miss a game once because he was 'helping police with their enquiries'? Optimistic that Robbo can attract some decent talent - Baird is a good start, hopefully more news soon re more signings! Encouraged also by the fact he's said he wants to give youth a chance..would live to see some local lads step up to the 1st team & make an impact..