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  1. It's a lovely idea & one that I'd fully support, but really can't see the club going for it. Maybe, as suggested elsewhere, a joint venture? If the quality of the cafe was good enough (there are lots of decent places in town already, so it would have to be excellent), maybe this might be a draw by itself? Best example of somewhere like this I can think of is the Mountain Cafe in Aviemore. It's definetly worth talking about ideas like this, so good on you Caman for suggesting it & getting a discussion going!
  2. Said this on the Iain Vigurs thread already, but I'm hoping a change of manager will improve Polly - RF's management skills & tactical nous were, well....suspect (polite version)!!
  3. Brad's definetly hidden the scarf....
  4. That's kind of my impression of Vigurs as well - would put Polworth in this category as well. Hopefully the man-management skills of Robbo will get the best out of these guys (& the rest of the team - felt that the 'people' side of RF as manager was his weakest - not that tactically he was strong either!). I remember being at the 3-0 defeat to Accies in Jan, watching our midfield just being ran over the top off - definetly think Vigurs & Polworth, given the guidance of a good manager, are far better players than that & will be crucisl this coming season..
  5. Will try & read that, always good to have a player who has a point to prove..lookibg forward to seeing him in action!
  6. Current official logo is fine...not the 'pride of the highlands' version!
  7. Haha,very good...
  8. Happy now? Text deleted!! I'll enjoy singing we've got a bridge & a castle....!!
  9. Cheers!!
  10. Who red dotted me for that - only having a laugh!!
  11. Does make you wonder...at least we seem to be capable of finding decent players without Marsella on board!
  12. If Brad hands the scarf over, think he will be a solid signing...pleasantly suprised at the calibre of player we seem to be attracting (with the BIG caveat that the season hasn't started yet & they haven't been really tested yet), but, grounds for optimism..
  13. That's my big hope for both Vigurs & Polworth - a manager with tactical nous who can get the best out of the players. Both Polly & Vigurs are match winners on their day - unfortunately, that day doesn't seem to come around very often!!
  14. I'm NOT a Krankies fan, let's get that straight right now!!