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  1. Is he? Hope not! Think if the board need to bite the bullet & pay BR off then - unless Yogi takes him to Raith Rovers (which would have happened by now, I suppose, if it was on the cards). Time for RF to assert himself & tell the board if he wants MM to be his assistant!
  2. My thoughts too - it's not that I dislike RF as manager, I just don't think he has the experience (he has said as much himself, I think) & MM might just be that experienced hand that RF needs, given that they know each other well & it's obvious that RF has a lot of time & respect for MM. Think RF/MM could be a decent management team next season, whatever happens (will take a minor miracle if we are a premier league team, but there is still hope..not much, but it's there...)! If BR only has a contract until end of this season, think I would just pay him remainder of his wages & let him look after his garden for next few weeks...
  3. Personally,I think it's a great appointment..well respected coach & good backup for RF. I've never been convinced by BR as assistant manager & MM is someone that RF knows well & worked with before. Wouldn't be suprised to see MM as assistant to RF next season, whatever happens, particularly if BR is out of contract end of this season. Also, MM will hopefully help tighten up the defence-would help if we didn't keep losing soft goals! Not a 'magic bullet' but a shrewd appointment. Think we need to back the team just niw, as opposed to torchlight protests - although the concerns/complaints are legitimate ones..