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  1. Robertson Out

    Sensible point of view which mirrors mine - no knee jerk reactions, but a recognition that the performances on the park are nowhere good enough & that things were allowed to fester for too long last season. Christmas sounds about right - time to give the team & Robbo a chance but (hopefully) not so far gone if things don't turn around & changes need to be made.
  2. Robertson Out

    Think you are right, thought that cards for 'simulation' might be apealable? Guessing not
  3. Robertson Out

    I remember Stevie Aitken's name being bandied about as a good choice for our manager in the summer - that's looking like it might have been a good move now... Like Council Juice said, I'm grateful for the job Robbo did 1st time around - have some great memories of that period in our history. I'm unconvinced this time around (to say the least) that he will achieve such heights again. Far too early for knee jerk reactions to a bog-awful start to the season..certainly, we persevered too long with Foran last season. Robbo's main problem is that his signings haven't performed (Ridgers springs to mind - there are others too). I would hope that Robbo brings through some promising youth players sooner rather than later, that would be a move in the right direction. We desparately need to get the defence sorted out ASAFP, that's for sure - if it means playing a promising youngster (and I don't mean Eldson!), so be it - Robbo has shown he isn't afraid to make changes (didn't see him dropping Ridgers for OFW, for one), so lets start with the defence - it's leakier than my old garden shed's rotten roof...Warren being suspended, although it sounds like it may be ripe for appeal - not sure, as I wasn't at the game (luckily for me, I was working..), may be an opportunity for a new, young & fresh face. Only area we look half decent in right now is midfield...
  4. Robertsons big changes

    I bet the roof will come off both the main & north stands when Aaron's name is next announced on the team lines....
  5. Number One

    Agree, with Daniel Hoban hot on his heels..
  6. Our Signing Strategy

    I said this on another thread, but my hope us that some of these players are soon to be pushed for a 1st team slot by the up & coming youth players - can't throw all the youths in at once, obviously, but there are a few players who seem a bit too 'safe', in that they will be playing in the team no matter how sh#*e they were last week. Main worry is the length of deals (Trafford & Seedorf aside, who both look like good prospects) some of these players have been given...but perhaps Robbo feels he can get something extra out of them (which is possible, I suppose)..
  7. Why do you support ICT ?

    Doesn't help that I work with a couple of refuseniks & am pals with another one (who professes undying love for The Sheep - even went to an ICT v Partick game in Inverness...in the away end!).
  8. Why do you support ICT ?

    You don't know what team I used to follow though.....! I wasn't that old when the merger happened (early 20s), so maybe was easier for me to break ties (eventually) & follow my local team...we should all, as proud Invernesians (by birth or location) get behind ICT...the refuseniks still irritate me inordinately!
  9. Why do you support ICT ?

    Main reason I support ICT? To coin a phrase:'is is because I is Invernesian'?! I, like a lot of people pre-1994, supported one of the Inverness Highland league teams (Inverness Thistle, in my case) & a 'big' team (too embarrased to say who they were now...!). After 1994 (I fully supported the merger - I just saw how much my home town deserved to have a team playing in the senior leagues), think a lot of people just wanted to have their 'local team' (go to games, have a laugh, etc) and the 'big team', who won things. I went through a few years of following ICT & a certain other team, but after we played together in a cup tie, I though 'nah, I'm a proud Invernesian - I need to get right behind my local team' - I saw the possibility of us playing in the same league as those ' big teams' ....and we did it & then some! ICT may not have been my 1st footballing live, but they are definetly my true footballing love (despite recent events...)! As for the 'big team' I used to follow? Can't stand them now...
  10. Robertson worse than Foran?

    My point was that maybe the long term plan is to slowly replace these players with youth team players - or Robbo feels he can get more out of those players than other clubs have managed (which it questionable, to say the least!). The budget would, I presume, already include the youth players - I'd rather spend the money on youth, rather than 'jobbers'...I would, however, question the 2 & 3 year deals some of these guys have been given (excepting Seeforf & Trafford, who look like decent long term prospects). Not disagreeing with your sentiments, bdu98196, just trying to understand the thinking behind the signing policy!
  11. Robertson worse than Foran?

    I would tend to agree with that - we probably wouldn't have lost Draper for one thing & would have been able to retain guys such as Josh Meekings...doubt Tansey wouldn't have gone to The Sheep anyway. Think the OFW situation may have arised anyway too, as he would have probably activated his relegation release clause in any case. Could have signed a better quality of player as well...for all people have been moaning (with some justification) about some of this season's signings - but what else could we expect? Robbo said that Scott MacDonald was getting about £2k per week at Dundee Utd - he stated that he could sign 4 players for that! That shows the sort of market we are in...considerably different to the sort of budget Foran (&Yogi as well) had. I'm hopeful that some of the less decent players in the squad (naming no names here....) will be fighting for their places with players from the youth team being promoted to the 1st team squad - personally, I'd rather see this, even if it takes a while to come to fruition (building a team on solid foundations). Given that, I'd dettle for not being relegated and would be very happy to finish mid-table this season, a playoff spot would be fab - winning the league seems only slightly more likely than us winning the premier last season!!
  12. Why do you support ICT ?

    Very eloquently put - couldn't agree more!
  13. Robertson worse than Foran?

    Foran should have done what Brewster did 1st time around - kept playing! Brewster was probably 1 of our best players at the time. But no, Robbo isn't worse than Foran - Foran had a heck of a bigger budget than Robbo did...
  14. Robertson worse than Foran?

    I would LOVE to see some of the youth team get a decent chance - totally different level of opposition, I know, but I thought they were excellent in their recent cup tie against Banks O'Dee - what struck me was how well organised they were, which you certainly couldn't say about the 1st team right now! Goalkeeping issue? If Cammy MacKay is out on loan, get Daniel Hoban in the team (although I think he is on loan with Wick Academy). One if them, at least. Also, get Mitch Foy a run in the team too.. And any others who want to grab their chance & go for it! I know you can't just pitch a whole team of youth players in at once, but surely we can slowly introduce them to 1st team games...might get the 'established pros' looking over their shoulders a bit more - too many of them know they will be picked week in/week out, however they play..
  15. Team for Livi

    Exactly - I don't particularly like the 'Pride of the Highlands' crest either, but it doesn't particulatrly keep me awake at night... Plenty other issues for us to get ourselves in a froth about