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Vicenza, Citta Palladio






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Veneto is one of the most visited regions of Italy with the lure of Venetian canal splendours and Veronese balconies being the main draw. The more adventurous travellers will doubtlessly have a look at Padova too given its proximity to Venezia with it’s beautiful piazza’s and slightly less manic tourism, but equidistant between Verona and Padova on the main Milan to Trieste railway line is Vicenza, which is a real gem of a city.

Here is the home of Andrea Palladio, a great architect of yesteryear, and like Gaudi in Barcelona, his mark has been left all over the centre of Vicenza, and indeed his work can be found sprinkled around the surrounding area amongst some of the most amazing rural mansions you will see anywhere, especially La Rotunda. Vicenza is more than a trip for a football match, and in many respects it is worthy of longer than a mere day trip too!

As you head out of the railway station, instead of turning immediately right for the stadium, if you head down the road straight in front of you which cuts through park lands on either side. If you are in need of a refreshment before you set off, or on the way back, just before you set, having crossed the road in front of the station, on the right you’ll see a little round building with tables outside, and it really is a fabulous cafe. While it is near a busy road, if the sun is out, the tables are sufficiently back from the road to not spoil the enjoyment.

The entrance to the old city is your right following a half mile walk down that straight road, and a fine city gate in the wall is what greets you. There is a very fine little park just to the left of the entrance, with a river, as well as lots of smouldering statuary and shade making it a wonderful place to chill out on a hot day. Green space inside the wall is non existent, but around it, Vicenza has a number of lovely park spaces.

Through the gates and you are starting to step back in time. Like so many central areas of Italian cities, the buildings have been preserved wonderfully, and Vicenza is no exception. It is not the biggest place you will ever visit with a population of 112,000, most of whom live outside the historical centre.

The centre piece of Palladian Vicenza is the Basilica, a huge building shoe horned into the surrounding piazza’s which have the Venetian lion aplenty in a variety of positions, we are after all in the realm of the Doge. The Basilica’s vast green roof is clearly visible from afar at the magnificent Monte Berico, another place worthy of note, and not just for the incredible church, but the breathtaking views its position over the city affords. If you are standing on a railway platform looking up at the hill in front of you, Monte Berico is staring right down on you. It is merely a thirty minute walk, but all uphill!

Back in Vicenza, Palladio’s Teatro Olimpico is an extraordinary thing, essentially the recreation of an outdoor theatre indoors! Just across from here is another of his creations the Palazzo Chiericati.

It is a vibrant little city, and along with Parma and Lucca, a place I love going back too. There is enough accommodation and eateries to keep everyone happy, and while it can get busy at times, the volume is nothing like those in the centre of Verona or Venezia. Indeed, given their proximity, Vicenza is a cheaper base to see all the great Veneto cities and any given calcio match that might take your fancy. Mantova, Ferrara and Brescia are all within easy reach too, although in the case of the latter, be aware the stadium is a long, long way from the railway station!







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    • Isn't Mcdonald on loan from Hearts so how is he "more than likely going nowhere"?  That's the reason I didn't mention him but tbh, I wouldn't mind him staying if he is indeed under contract :).  I really don't know if you are being serious with your incoming mentions but I will give you the benefit of the doubt on this occasion.  Nick Ross: I wouldn't say no to him as he did okay in his previous spell and would give his all to the cause/team.  Glenn Middleton: Big yes but I think he may be off to St Johnstone permanently in the summer. But if not, and he was willing to come up here and be isolated (like Kai Kennedy) then he'd be an excellent signing.  Aaron Cervantes: Don't know anything about him but he sounds like one of Rangers youngsters so would fit the bill of who we should be aiming to sign, which is young and ambitious to get into a first team.     
    • Can see Storey and Carson going back down south in the summer, and unless he can nail down a new offer, Doran going across the bridge. The remainder of the youth call ups of 2019 will likely be the starters next season assuming they haven't been picked off by League One or Two sides. Anthony McDonald is more than likely going nowhere as he's literally just signed on. As for players coming in, I think Nick Ross could be making a return, as if I remember right there was issues regarding Visa renewals and is leaving Old El Paso come the summer, and Glenn Middleton and/or Aaron Cervantes coming in on loan from Rangers.
    • https://ictfc.com/post-match-neil-mccann-alloa-athletic-1-1-ictfc
    • With the rumours about County’s targets, we may get bids for one or two of the nine you have advised are under contract for next season. From your list, we would be letting Mckay, McHattie, Toshney, Storey, Sutherland, Doran, McDonald and young goalie MacKinnon go, along with Keatings who is already going. 
    • I have seen a few supporters on Twitter suggest that a mass clear out is needed in the summer and tbh, I couldn't agree more because there are players in the team that just are not pulling their weight or just don't give a s**t about the club or what poor, John Robertson and Scott Kellacher are going through just now.  At the moment we have 9 players under contract so it's clear they'll be staying: Ridgers, Deas, Devine, Duffy, Harper, Allardice, MacGregor, Welsh and Dan Mackay.  Here are the out of contract experienced players/youngsters I'd like to see be offered new deals and potentially stay for next season: Cameron Mackay, Carson, Vincent, Nicholson, Fyffe, Hyde, Harkness and Todorov.  The rest I really couldn't care less if they got released or sold on, so that leaves us with a massive rebuild job on our hands.   have also seen a couple of comments on Twitter saying that we should look at Innes Cameron but tbh, I don't think we should start touting or suggesting new signings until the end of the season when we know who is available.  I said it in the Dundee match day thread and I'll say it here too, we HAVE to target the right type of players this time, none of this injury prone dross that are a waste of wages or loanees that don't care about ICT.    I await a massive backlash for this post 😛
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