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  • tm4tj

    Kelty Hearts Training Statement


    What a farce we have become


    Did you hear the one about the footbal team from the Highlands of Scotland that want to train at Cowdenbeath? Unfortunately, unlike our board, this is not a joke. Our board are trying to rip our identity from the Highlands and replace it with shared training at Kelty Hearts. I kid you not, this is not a drill and the clowns that run our club appear to be delighted at this coup.

    Club News.png“As one major part of our planned strategic restructure of the club, ICTFC are delighted to announce an innovative agreement with League 1 side Kelty Hearts which will see the club move our training base to the Fife club’s New Central Park Stadium. This creative partnership will mean that we will hire their excellent facilities which include a 3g pitch, onsite grass pitches and offices for our coaching staff, as our training base during the week starting from this coming pre-season in June. FULL STATEMENT

    Once again nobody has listened to the fans, nobody has yet resigned and at this rate nobody will be attending games at the Caledonian Stadium. Do these people take us for fools. Well, obviously the answer is yes.

    From CTO

    • "I think this has wound me up even more than getting relegated, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. What makes us ICT now? Where's the link to being a community club and getting a better relationship back with the supporters. So now we are a central belt team that visits Inverness to play. Absolute madness!!
    • "Whilst I see an element of sense about this (there are other teams who have similar set ups), I feel for the youth players, who grow up in Inverness and the area and now have to figure out how to travel to Fife for training.
    • "I am struggling to actually compute this, it's simply crazy. But highlights perfectly why change is needed at the top of this club. Think I'll be watching Clach next season.
    • "This is not a result of relegation, it must have been planned for some time. What message does it send to local youngsters, who we should be developing to be our future first team players? Another sad day. 

    • "Clach will be looking forward to selling a lot more tickets. Lowest crowds ever at the Caledonian Stadium next season. The beginning of the end.

    • "TBH I think that's me decided - I'll not be renewing my ticket for next season! They've killed the club!

    • "If we move the entire club to Glasgow we might not get relegated ever again. Doesn't mean we should do it. Some things should simply be off the table. The literal point of a football club is to provide a focus for the community it resides in.
    • "This cannot be allowed to happen.  Time to empty the club of these clowns and start again.  If that means part-time in the Highland League then so be it. Sack the board. 

    • "Over the last couple of weeks, my favourite expletive seems to have become the word 'Horsesh*t" and this falls into the biggest pile of it I have seen. ever. 

      How do we get enough people or voting percentage together to force an EGM?
      This cannot be allowed to happen. It will kill the club completely. Supporters Trust? 

      I thought Gardiner could not top his previous debacles .. Pixellot, the Concert, alienating staff, players and supporters, not to mention relegation but deary me, I underestimated the man. This puts a cherry on top of the whole bloody lot, a really huge bloody cherry! 

    • "I still can't believe what I have just read from the chairman. Is he living in different world from the rest of us? I have been a season ticket holder for many years but if this farcical situation is allowed to go ahead then I will definitely not be renewing


      social-club-open-meeting-040624.jpgThis could be an interesting meeting. If you have not already done so, pay your fiver and support the Trust. 
    • Given the significant concerns voiced by fans about relegation and events within the club, the Supporters Trust is holding a Fans Meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 4 June at the Caley Club.

      All fans are welcome to attend the meeting, where members of the Supporters Trust Board will lead a discussion on the serious issues facing the club, update on recent activity by the Trust and hear your views on steps the Trust can take at this time.

      The image contains details of the meeting, including QR codes where you can register to attend the meeting (this is optional), join the Supporters Trust, or make a donation to our Stronger Together initiative.






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    This is embarrassing to say the least, cannot believe this statement from the club

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    I've not seen one positive from anyone about this other than kelty who are neighbours  rewarded financially. Its diabolical and disgusting behaviour from an out of touch and delusional board who obviously haven't got a clue

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    Gardiners self-serving grubby little paws all over it again. That boss eyed weasel needs taking out.

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