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  1. Noone - not even stewards go to work to have to put up with verbal abuse but the line has to be drawn at pushing them around - that lassie should maybe have been swapped with another steward but noone has the right to lay a hand on them... And yes I was at the match and yes I saw that first hand..
  2. They did say on Monday night that the donaters of the £500000 wanted to remain anonymous - but if they changed their mind he would be more than happy to let everyone know - until then he would respect their wishes
  3. Jenaitchie


    It would appear an end to the current saga is near - let's hope they are worth waiting for.......
  4. Jenaitchie


    Utterly unbelievable!!!!
  5. Jenaitchie


    Club statement to come following club talks with JD (based on most recent correspondence we have received from JD)....... Hope that is actually true and JD aren't feeding us more fibs!
  6. Jenaitchie


    Sigh - so near and yet so far...
  7. Jenaitchie


    Possible end to the debacle in sight
  8. Jenaitchie


    Another twist in the tale
  9. Jenaitchie


    Right guys - who else thinks we are being classed as second class citizens by Jd Sports? Who's up for pestering them to donate their profits from our money
  10. Heard a really interesting comment today from a reliable source that in comparison to us - Falkirk haven't even started to promote the final - our scarves, buses, flags in the high street and general buzz was really positiv.....
  11. Will Ferguson be back from Canada in time?
  12. Will Ferguson be back from Canada in time?
  13. If you feel strongly about something at a match-say something-don't just walk out- I know for a fact that one of the individuals was spoken to at half time. If the noise is too much - just move further away-not out of the stadium-the team deserve our support at the end of the day.