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  1. GavICT

    David Raven

    I am afraid this just shows how utterly clueless John Hughes is..He is going to dismantle this team and replace it with utter dross..With any luck the hibs job might be up for grabs tomorrow..
  2. GavICT

    David Raven

    Another example of Hughes the master tactician I'm afraid..absolutely shocking decision, Raven has been a player who puts absolutely everything into every game and actually plays for the jersey, will be sorry to see him leave.
  3. I think there has to come a time when the injury list has to stop being an excuse, yes our luck has been rotten this year with injuries, but the fact of the matter is Yogi simply has not recruited well enough, be that lack of support from the board or just poor recruitment I dont know but we really lack pace when storey isn't starting and some of the tactics have been just shocking at times..We are definitely on the verge of being involved in a relegation battle and should we escape this year I really worry for next year under the current management team if this year's recruitment is anything to go by! On a positive note at least Foran managed a start tonight!
  4. Thats the last 3 games I have seen us now look so lacklustre and poor, now I know this season was never going to compare to last however the fact is we finished 3rd, won the scottish cup, were in europe and still have been unable to attract any players who look up to scratch. (excluding Fon Williams) this is completely ridiculous, the board have to get a grip. Devine and Tremarco are completely out of their depth and there doesn't seem to be a plan B. Its easy to say its a knee jerk reaction after a tough defeat and that we have a lot of injuries, but this season is worrying me nonetheless. One positive is young Polworth who seems to be growing in confidence and put in another decent shift tonight.
  5. The striker and injury issues are obviously clear to see, but we also have to adjust our tactics for the players we actually have at our disposal just now, for a long while now whenever the game has not been going our way there is absolutely no plan B or ability to change the system and try to make something happen. The poor start and more importantly lack of goals is very worrying and I fear we have a long season ahead.
  6. Not sure there is a point in spending money on wages for yet another midfielder that is definitely not needed, strikers and defenders are what we need not someone who is a liability, with a fairly open dislike of the club!
  7. Only 3 competitive games into the season but already pretty concerned, we have no real striker up top and as others have said I really don't think a striker is going to help unless we change the tactics, it doesn't matter who we have upfront at the moment if they do not get the ball they will not score. I agree we need to keep possession at times, however I have never seen any of our players look so scared to risk taking a player on, there were several occasions today when players were in space one on one with fullbacks and the back pass to the halfway line was taken. I am really missing the days when our wingers took players on and got crosses into the box. Raven our right back playing left-back was the only player who wanted to pass forward and push up until Motombo came on which tells the whole story. Fon Williams is the only other player to get pass marks in my book some big saves which kept us in it. No goals in 3 and I can't remember a shot on target today, along with some big players injured it could be a tough couple of weeks ahead.
  8. Overall I thought we played reasonably well with the ball, however as others have said absolutely toothless upfront and very little penetration going forward. The goal came from a poor Draper challenge who had the worst game I have seen from him in a long time. However the resulting freekick was a bread and butter save for any goalkeeper, questions have to be asked as to why a rookie was thrown in at the deep end with an unsettled back four when we have such a reliable and experienced keeper in Esson, especially when he looked very shaky from the offset. Never mind, they were not as good as I expected and definitely nothing to fear for the second leg, onwards to Guirgui!
  9. I think Dundee have got themselves an excellent bit of business with Nick Ross, few players can pick a pass and are as neat on the ball as him so i feel he will be a real asset for them. Sad to lose a local player but wish him well in the new challenge. As others have said, I hope that phone is currently glued to Yogi's ear..we need some signings.
  10. I actually have to disagree with some of the comments on Nick Ross, I think he is too good a player to wait around and play 2-3 minutes here and there and I think fair play to him that he is not content to pick up a wage and just sit on the bench doing so when many others would have just signed another year. He will be a big loss to the club especially being a local lad but good on him for wanting a new challenge and should he go then that cup semi final goal will live long in the memory.
  11. Feels utterly surreal that we are going to be playing European football, incredible effort from everyone at the club!!
  12. The fact he has gone to one of our main rivals is the disappointing thing, I would rather see us take the opportunity to assess and try other options for his position for the rest of the season than continue playing someone who is going anyway. As others have said the captaincy should surely be given to someone else and the obvious choice has got to be Gary Warren.
  13. Poor performance and very disappointing goal to lose. Shinnie should have been kept in his position as Tremarco did not have a game to remember at left back, however for me the most disappointing thing was and not for the first time the ability of the manager to change the game. We have a strong bench at the moment and were losing for a large part of the game, why not change it up and at least have a go at something different? 3 games without a goal makes the derby an even bigger game now!
  14. Sounds exactly like the game down there earlier in the season...they pressed us high up the pitch and we didnt have a plan B! Very disappointing!
  15. I did think we were the better side yesterday, but the frustrating thing for me is the silly passes and mistakes in our own final third. Yes there is a time for building from the back but and people may disagree with me, there is also a time to put your foot through the ball and clear the danger something which seems to have been completely banned for our back four of late. Teams are starting to press us really high up the pitch and sometimes the 5 yard pass in not the best option.