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  1. bughtmaster


    OK Fraz but I just thought there might have been some useful comment from Robbo that could be shared, not all of us can attend as easily as those resident in Inverness. The Q&A was part of the meeting surely there must have been something worth telling us and I am sure many of us would be interested if there was anything worth passing on. There has been so much talk of the Board not being open with information I thought that the the supporters trust would be a bit more forthcoming.
  2. bughtmaster


    It would be good to have a resume of the Q & A session with Robbo or is that considered to be only for the Elite and not the Masses ?
  3. bughtmaster

    Fans Forum

  4. bughtmaster

    Game PP - Ayr United (A) 07 Dec GAME OFF

    HT: 1 - 1 FT: 1 - 3 1st ICT: Rooney 1st Opp: Shankland Crowd 2457
  5. bughtmaster

    Fans Forum

  6. bughtmaster

    Fans Forum

    To put it simply there was so much more expectation from those attending matches. Exciting football, exciting players a sense that the Club was going somewhere. Then came the big slump, rubbish football, loss after loss 'till relegation was realised. Since then it has been an aura of harsh criticism of all things ICTFC. A phsychological turnaround of same old same old not going anywlhere. To generalise, which I am never keen on doing, people are impatient nowadays they want instant action or at least the promise of it to see the Club progressing. All this emphasis on being cash strapped low budgets etc etc does more harm than good, nobody likes a loser so dont go looking for or expecting sympathy or makeing excuses because you will not get it. Positivity, hard work and continuity of delivering on expectations is the only way aheadif you want to bring in the crowds.
  7. bughtmaster

    Inverness CT -V- Edinburgh City

    I think we are all very much in agreement Rooney is definately an attacking mid fielder and should be used as such. First half was depressing, second half we started to play the way we should, forward passing, good wing play and shots on target. Harper will grow in confidence, MacGregor just needs a few more games and we will be lauding him. Glad to see Doran get the full ninety minutes and his goal ? his performance deserved it. Donaldson is Donaldson almost rock steady, Ridgers back to normal glad to see, White, Keepers beware this man is going to strike fear in you soon, Walsh has goal getting fever now. Polworth a few very valuable touches which we need. Trafford, hard worker and Rooney an old fashioned Winger destined for glory.
  8. bughtmaster

    Fans Forum

    There was a buzz and shown promise about the Club, Management and Team at that time which no longer exists. Get a winning run soon and that could well return.
  9. bughtmaster

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Monkey of our back and raring to go, come on ICT, lets start winning this Scottish cup. I'll be there too rooting for you.
  10. bughtmaster

    Game 21 - Falkirk (H) 01 Dec

    HT: 2 - 0 FT: 4 - 0 1st ICT: Walsh 1st Opp: none Crowd 2006
  11. bughtmaster

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    A pint of heavy or real ale will do nicely thanks.
  12. bughtmaster

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    I have beeb searching and the only place I can find that will give us information on the game is our Twitter feed, Anyone else know of other sources????
  13. bughtmaster

    Game 20 - Edinburgh City (A) 25 Nov

    HT: 0 - 1 FT: 1 - 3 1st ICT: Walsh 1st Opp: Balatoni Crowd: 1007
  14. bughtmaster

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    I agree with what you are saying Rig, We all know about the drop in supporters but it is up to the Board to take the initiative and find the means to lead the return of that that support which is exactly what OCGirl is implying in her reply. IF as you say we .have the 6th largest budget in our league and we are not paying a huge wage bill what is the money being spent on ? if it is in the bank looking for interest then it is being wasted. We have got to be promoted at the end of this season, yes to get into a share of the new money but more importantly it will be a case of languishing in the Championship for another season with our income getting smaller and smaller as support fails even further.......and then what? IMHO it is crucial that the Board get the proverbial out sharpish and be seen to be leading the push into the Premiership by demonstrating their actions visibly not verbally..........correction verbally too.