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  1. All about strategy, lull em all into a sense of security then then blast em………..
  2. H T : 1 - 0 F T : 2 - 0 1st. ICT: Doran 1st. D U: Safranko crowd: 2955
  3. HE HAS SIGNED A PRE-CONTRACT so is going to motherwell
  4. H T: 0 - 1 FT: 0 - 3 1st ICT: Doran 1st Opp: none Crowd: 1502
  5. Well done the lads for getting to the semi- final. Big occasion nerves at times and slightly overawed throughout the game but what the hell we had an impressive start but could not capitalise, then we let Hearts come on to us and we never really regained sustained attack after that. Flashes of greatness with the free kick so well saved and the fabulously executed McCart goal that should have been allowed. The game really needed a goal from us for us to start believing but as what has happened to us many times this season an important decision went against us. Now it is onwards and upwards for the rest of the season, the team will have learned from the semi-final experience and will stand them in good stead for the rest of the run in. Fingers crossed and good luck is all I can say.
  6. HT: 1 - 1 FT: 2 - 3 1st ICT: Doran 1st Opp: Mulraney Crowd: 22705 1st Yellow Card: Ikpeazu Time of First Goal: 12 mins
  7. Who is thinking of being runners up 😀?????????...…… We are going to win it.
  8. H T: 1 - 0 F T: 1 - 2 ICT: Doran Ayr: Shankland crowd 1921
  9. All the mentions of terrible officiating makes it sound like sour grapes...………………..It certainly was not, that Ref was the worst of the season if not in history !!!! Completely ruined the match.
  10. H T: 2 - 1 F T: 4 - 2 1st ICT: Doran 1st RC: Graham Crowd: 3542
  11. H T: 1 - 0 F T: 2 - 0 1st. ICT Walsh 1st Falkirk none crowd: 2379
  12. H T: 2 - 0 F T: 4 - 0 1st.ICT: Walsh Alloa: none crowd: 2076
  13. Like a good malt the Team get better as time goes on. Well done ICT excellent win with superb goals and some clever team work. 😀
  14. H T: 2 - 1 F T: 3 - 2 1st ICT White 1st R C Mullins crowd: 4835