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  1. H T: 3 - 0 F T: 5 - 1 1st ICT: Doran 1st Opp: Spence Crowd: 2964
  2. After seeing the match report I feel a bit more positive than before I saw it. However defending was poor - yes, chances not taken yes, too much hoofing yes but if we can get back to playing the football we are capable of then I will have a lot less worries. There is great potential in the squad, Robbo has got to get the selection right and to use his subs as soon as he sees any weaknesses and not just wait till the last 15 mins as is becoming predictable with the hope that, that will turn things around.
  3. ICT DUNF DUN U MORTON DUN Q O S Arbroath Ayr Partick Alloa.
  4. H T: 1 - 2 FT: 1 - 3 1st ICT: Toddy 1st Opp: McMullen Crowd : 7507
  5. HT: 0 - 1 FT: 1 - 3 1st ICT: Walsh 1st Opp: Johnston Crowd: 3,076
  6. They look interesting Danylo, I must give them a try some time, are they similar to the Bison grass Vodka which I believe is Polish?
  7. H T: 3 - 1 F T: 6 - 2 1st ICT: Doran Cove: Scott crowd: 1100
  8. Very much a mix of untidy play, missed opportunities and sheer brilliance, I would add Vincent to the Cat's list of standouts he worked really hard intercepting as well as pushing the forward line. Aye it could be a really good season for us if we get our side established. Well done ICT
  9. H T: 2 - 0 F T: 3 - 1 ICT Walsh Raith Spencer Crowd: 1649
  10. Vincent looking very alert and organising a lot of good midfield forward play, I would play him anytime.
  11. last year's pre-season my comments were slated for pointing out weaknesses, however these weaknesses have now been rectified really well. Last night's showing was impressive, the potential is there for presenting a side capable of winning 98% of matches, I am excited about our players and our chances of producing the goods. Just one thing bothers me are penalty giveaways going to become a habit, I certainly hope not, that one is up to Robbo and I am sure he is well aware of it. Bring it on, the new pitch is ready, the Team is ready, I am ready and from what I learned from people at last nights match I think our support is ready. final comment :- That was an excellent referee last night.
  12. Brill quotes, L easson learned Hartfelt
  13. That is a draw I am happy to accept, followed it on twitter, Walsh seemed to be our main threat with Brad doing his bit at the back post again. Well done our Lads. Hope our injuries aren't serious
  14. Sounds a really good choice and should help boost his confidence.
  15. Interesting to see our new signings contributing to the scoring and White with two is obviously not going to give up his place easily. Could be an exciting time ahead.