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  1. HT: 2 - 0 FT: 3 - 0 1st Scorer ICT: Walsh 1st Scorer Arbroath: Donnely Crowd : 1673
  2. Oh dear, what can the matter be dear dear that was all flattery oh dear what can the matter be Billy forgot how to score!! Well Raith TV presented our latest performance and there it was for all to see:- MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.
  3. HT: 0 - 1 FT: 0 - 2 1st Scorer ICT: Billy Mckay 1st Scorer RR: Benedictus Crowd: 1826
  4. Was it B D who said he wanted ICT to be an attacking and entertaining side? well we certainly got entertainment yesterday loved the ' play ' they put on, you know the one ' Comedy of errors ' it was heart in the mouth stuff. I really felt sorry for Mark in goal, that would have given any Keeper the Jitters and unlike his usual self he did drop one or two balls,........but come on, what an assist to Billy, clear thinking there, a brilliant piece of play that settled things for us. It was a happy ending to trhe play with a win that put the rest of the Championship on edge knowing
  5. HT: 2 - 0 FT: 3 - 0 1st Scorer ICT: B. Mckay 1st Scorer Morton: none Crowd: 1766
  6. HT: 0 - 2 FT: 0 - 3 1st Scorer ICT: Duku 1st Scorer Accies: Mullin Crowd: 1895
  7. osted September 10 HT: 2 - 0 FT: 3 - 0 1st Scorer ICT: Walsh 1st Scorer QOS: Roy Crowd 2064
  8. HT: 0 - 1 FT: 0 - 2 1st Scorer ICT: Duku 1st Scorer Pars: Toddy Crowd: 2400
  9. Just home and had a quick flick ooking at the comments. I agree with many but first half we played our championship sidewhich showed promise but lacked conviction. Rightly Partick took the first half honours by scoring, slight hesitation on decision making by Ridgers, should he come out or should he stay up big, resulted in the partick goal, Ridgers, just a fraction too late getting down and the ball was in the net. later Ridgers made an outstanding save to keep us in the game, a real wondersave that turned the game in our favou, for after half time we became a Premier league side out pla
  10. But he has turned things around and that is why he gets a thumbs up from me too
  11. HT: 1 - 0 FT: 2 - 0 1st Scorer ICT: Walsh 1st Scorer PT: Graham Crowd 2330
  12. All great news welcomed, forward thinking by the Club wonderful to hear. Yes Deas please next in line, He has been outstanding and aquitted himself so well as one of the mainstays of the Team against Buckie. Duku too, the energy machine of the front, I am so looking forward to seeing him play alongside Billy I have feeling that will be a golden pairing.
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