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  1. HT: 0 - 1 FT: 0 - 2 1st Scorer ICT: Allan 1st Scorer QOS: Dobbie
  2. Defenders are defending, strikers are striking, midfield doing both, management managing, it is all happening with ICT. The squad must be elated and looking forward to every game knowing that their capabilities are now being capitalised on. What lieas ahead? an exciting cup run? Promotion?.......que sera sera........we have got the song title now we have to change the words in our favour. Come on ICT you can do it
  3. HT: 0 - 1 FT: 0 - 2 1st Scorer ICT: Todorov 1st Scorer Morton: McGinty
  4. Wondrerful performance, played with purpose, application and the desire to win. We fell back in the second half and county suddenly looked dangerous however the three subs turned the game right round again so well done managemenrt, coaching, all who played and the unheard roars of our supporters, a great night a great win and a booster towards promotiion when we go back on league duty. Wont fill in my player of the year selection till tomorrow as so many on the field qualified tonight. .......well done ICT
  5. Vigurs would be a good shout, so we could have three penalties. 🗒️📒📒
  6. HT: 1 - 1 FT: 2 - 3 1st Scorer ICT: Storey 1st Scorer Wee team: Mckay Corners: 12 Fouls: 30
  7. The third round..........really............I've got cup final tingles..........and that's what it feels like..........COME ON ICT............ YOU CAN DO IT.
  8. HT: 1 - 0 FT: 3 - 0 1st Scorer ICT: Allardice 1st Scorer Arbroath: Doolan
  9. HT: 0 - 2 FT: 1 - 4 1st Scorer ICT: Dan MacKay 1st Scorer Buckie: Fraser Corners: 13 Fouls: 27.
  10. HT: 0 - 1 FT: 0 - 2 1st Scorer ICT: Welsh 1st Scorer Pars: Wighton
  11. H T 2 - 2 F T 2 - 4 1st Scorer ICT: Todorov 1st Scorer Raith: Duku
  12. HT: 2 - 0 FT: 3 - 1 1st Scorer ICT: Todorov 1st Scorer Morton Orsi.
  13. We dont want any more losses , we dont want any more draws we want wins wins wins, so get out there and do the job. remember it is mind over matter. wins wins wins. Come on ICT
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