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  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with our Club statement. Another unjust SPL decision.... Collum should admit he was wrong but he hasn't got the guts.
  2. HT: 0 - 2 FT: 0 - 3 1st ICT: MacAlear 1st Morton: Ugwu Crowd: 1334
  3. From the little I saw through the buffering we were back to our insipid mode that we played in the early part of the yea.r Far too deep and missing chances when we did get forward. money wasted and poor performance. ... only highlight the Chalmers goal.
  4. H T: 0 - 2 FT: 0 - 3 1st ICT: Sutherland 1st QoS: Connelly Crowd: 1189
  5. HT: 1 - 1 FT: 3 - 2 1st ICT: Billy Mckay 1st KFC: Laffferty Crowd 2240
  6. HT: 1 - 2 FT: 1 - 4 1st ICT: Billy Mckay 1st Ayr: Ashford Crowd 1569
  7. HT: 2 - 1 FT: 3 - 1 1st ICT: Billy Mckay 1st Pars: Polworth Crowd: 1965
  8. HT: 0 - 2 FT: 0 - 3 1st ICT: MacAlear 1st RR: none Crowd: 1532
  9. My feet still firmly on the ground but great to get a convincing win (not just any old win)... Excellent performance when the ball was on the ground. I think our coaches must have been on a final warning as they got the tactics just right for a change. All we have to do now is to play with that intensity and conviction and get ourselves promotied to the top league Come on I C T.
  10. We have been saying "a win today " for a long time now.............
  11. HT: 1 - 1 FT: 2 - 1 1st ICT: Welsh Joker 1st Arbroath: Wighton Crowd: 1736
  12. I used to watch in anticipation ...now I watch with apprehension.
  13. HT: 1 - 1 FT: 1 - 2 1st ICT: Billy Mckay 1st Hamilton: Mullin Crowd: 1203
  14. We are talking a lot about lack of communication here so perhaps if the Trust was a bit more open and communicative in its own right it might just attract a better response from the Support. I have heard little or nothing from the Trust this season, maybe I am looking in the wrong places, the Trust doesnt tell me. I wish it would, thank you.
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