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  1. Just out of interest, do we pay employees above the 'Living wage'? I have read recently about Scottish Nationalists trying to shame companies who don't / can't afford to pay the living wage. Can we reduce outgoings further by having spending cuts? What kind of wages do we pay players? Are we really paying £30 for the Main stand on Saturday to fund wages of £40,000 per year and more?
  2. Although a few months old, I have just come across this highly amusing Nationalist video. I had never heard of the 'Scottish Resistance' before and after doing some research I was shocked to discover they have nearly 8,000 Nationalist followers on social media website 'Facebook'. Does this 'Declaration of Glasgow' have support from Nationalists on here? Do fellow Highlanders share this Nationalist view on the Battle of Culloden? FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!
  3. I read with much amusement that Scottish Nationalist politician John Mason has announced and encouraged people to boycott his local travel agent. This is because the owner of the travel agent voted against the break up of his country 2 years ago This reminds me of the Scottish Nationalists campaign to boycott Tunnocks Tea cakes because of the word 'British' on them. All things Harry Potter are also black listed in some Nationalist circles as well. The question is will John Mason and other Nationalists now boycott Andy Murray?
  4. I remember when the Nationalists won power in 2007, they changed the name to the 'Scottish Government'. Did they legally change the name or is it still officially the 'Scottish Executive'?
  5. Regarding some of the posts from Nationalists saying that Charles' should not be allowed to air his views... For example " these threads should be closed, and the forum should no longer be used as a platform to spread the most banal, puerile nonsense imaginable." We live in a free country where free speech should be a right, not a privilege. If you don't personally agree with somebodies political opinion then TOUGH. I may not agree with your Nationalist opinions but I don't say you should be silenced for it. On the contrary. As a non-Nationalist, I believe people can and should have what ever political opinion they like. They are also free to speak their views. BUT, it is also my right to critique these views and voice my opposition. Opposition is healthy and the Nationalist Scottish Executive should be held to account. It's called democracy. This is my country - my free country. Opposition should never be silenced.
  6. This obsession with Rangers from Scottish football fans was mildly funny in 2012, but since them it has become very boring. I don't care if they are or are not a 'new club'. I give them the same thought as every other club. I don't hate them and equally I don't like them. The same can be said for Montrose, Berwick Rangers, Queen of the South, Kilmarnock and Celtic. They are just another club, who will however as a bonus help generate more interest and finance in the Scottish game from a neutral point of view. Chill out Scotland.
  7. Alex MacLeod bringing Irish politics into the debate on the 5th April and claiming a grievance. Alex MacLeod claiming he did not bring Irish politics into the debate on the 7th April and was not offended.
  8. The Nationalists have a real obsession with Ireland at the moment. Irish politics should have no place here Alex, and do you really think there was anything anti Catholic / Irish in Charles' post?! The world is not against you, so please remove that massive chip from your shoulder. Regards, 55% of Scotland.
  9. "... and injury affecting Hearts squad". Since when have the SFA taken into account a teams injury list. I bet you if they were forced to play, they would have found more fit players than we have had in some of our injury ravaged games this season. I hope Caley Thistle find the back bone to request a call off the next time we have an injury crisis. Even as a matter of principle. If the SFA are considering Hearts injury status, and then these players have recovered for our next game then the club should take note. If, as the Chief happy clapper from the club posted on a similar thread that it was due to the goalkeeping issue, then surely all our club has to say next season when the player need a rest is that Esson and Brill / Fon Williams are injured and can't find two goalkeepers. By the rules of the game, then SPFL would have to cancel.
  10. I was in the Crown area earlier, and I noticed two Conservative posters have been torn down. Nationalist ones remain though (obviously). Nationalists despise democracy. Nationalists - Don't even bother with your "how do you know it was Nationalists?" BS. It's a Nationalist trait. Poster ripping, book burning Unionist hating Nationalists.
  11. So, scroungers are needed in this society?
  12. ed

    David Raven

    Aye, but will he play him when he returns or stick him on the bench? That is what he was doing when he was fully fit, so i'm not hopeful. *Awaits happy clappy response*
  13. I remember a few years ago, Rangers played their 3rd choice goalkeeper in a Champions league match. Any of their development goalkeepers would do. They have enough goalkeepers. It's all total bollocks. I hope the club release a statement about this stating it's against their wishes. (I really hope it is indeed!) Sick fed up of the club being shafted and taken for granted.
  14. Cry me a river. If they have called off their Development game, then there will be plenty of players from that team that will be available to fill the gaps of players that are out. Incidentally, they already had a very high injury list for this game, so tactically it would be ideal for the game to be called off - especially with another game on Friday. Caley Thistle have played many games this season without a full bench and playing youth players so if the game was called off, then it sets a huge precedent.
  15. Well done George Osborne. It's time to vote for Ruth Davidsons Scottish Conservatives, for compassionate Conservatism sticking up for the working classes of Scotland. No scroungers needed in this society. At the last election, the British people backed us to finish the job we started and today, right across our country, millions of people will be going to work and earning more. That’s because as well as continuing to create more jobs - more than 350,000 since the last election alone - those on the lowest incomes aged 25 and over will today earn the new National Living Wage - £7.20 an hour, by law. That means 1.3 million lower-paid workers will get a direct pay rise – the biggest jump in a minimum wage in any advanced economy since the financial crisis. The National Living Wage will increase each year, and by 2020 it is forecast to be £9 an hour. And because we believe that people deserve to keep more of the money they earn, we’ve taken nearly 4 million of the lowest paid out of income tax since 2010. In my Budget last month, I cut taxes again for 31 million working people. It means that from April next year the amount you can earn before paying any income tax at all will increase to £11,500. A typical basic rate taxpayer will be paying over £1,000 a year less to the taxman than they were five years ago. This is all part of a plan that is honouring our commitments to the British people to deliver a higher wage, lower welfare, lower tax country that finally lives within its means. It's a modern, compassionate Conservative government in action. But in order to go on working through our plan, I need your help. By donating to our campaign today you can help us spread our message to as many people as possible. Thank you for your support. George Osborne Chancellor of the Exchequer
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