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  1. Westhill1

    Little rant

    I know we have all been critical of the club of late and some of the recent comments have been over the top! However we really need to start getting the basics right for instance I was down at the stadium this morning hoping to purchase a new away top for my son and surprise surprise the club shop was closed with no notification of whether it would be open or not! The doors to reception were also closed. Do they want our money? Granted I could have phoned / tweeted beforehand to check but come on it was 10.45 on a Saturday morning and I grudge spending my work lunch time through the week going down to the shop. It's time we got our act together its little or basic things like this that gives off the impression that we have a amateur set up! I do not want to blame individuals here but the club as a whole who really need to step up a gear!
  2. Westhill1

    Hamilton -V- Inverness CT

    Sounds like we gave up on this game after going down 1-0! I'm speechless can't see where we go from here! FFS Hamilton will now have real belief that they will not finish bottom! I like Foran as a person however talking a good game no longer gives me any belief that we will stay up! A win on Sat is now a must just to give the boys some confidence! I'll refrain from the Foran witch hunt for now!............
  3. Westhill1

    Better Together ?

    Completed the survey yesterday what a joke! Anyway glad to read some sensible discussion once again on this forum! I'm also looking forward to having a meaningful chat on the doorstep with the Bravehearts, hope they listen to me!
  4. Westhill1

    The Holyrood Election thread

    Charles I use my freedom to express my opinion sparingly on this site if I'm already in agreement with whats been said...... However your right the lack of input from the dark side is alarming but also predictable as rational debate and not having 'control' of the debate seems to be unfamiliar territory for the Yessers! I'm hopeful that after another victory for the SNP at Holyrood and when the hysteria settles and when all the Nats have had their selfies with Sturgeon the wall will come tumbling down. Being all things to all people can only last so long eventually right minded people will come to their senses and will realise that they can actually have the best of both worlds and still be Scottish! Unfortunately, no give them there due there will always be a hard core of true independents 30% or so who will never give up the cause and fair play to the haggis bashers even if they are a deluded bunch. One thing is for sure those good folk who voted NO in 2014 need to keep the faith in the interim as our opposition politicians of all spheres at the moment really are a confused bunch, maybe it's time for a new party to emerge and to challenge the centre ground lost to the Nats.....
  5. Westhill1

    The Holyrood Election thread

    So refreshing to hear intelligent discussions on Scottish affairs! I'm afraid the Nats are no longer or are perhaps oblivious to sensible discussion. Can't wait until this one party state implodes as always happens when one party tries to steal the centre ground. The SNP are morphing into some kind of New Labour movement Sturgeon like Blair comes across as being untouchable and hero worshipped by her adoring legions she will however capitulate within the next 5 years and I for one will glad to see the back of her!
  6. Westhill1

    Taking Stock

    Couldn't' agree more! There must surely be a hefty reserve fund after last season's exploits. Do we not receive a payment from UEFA for our exploits this year I'm sure it's in the region of 200K, (perhaps we get this at the end of the season!). We must also have some dosh left over from the Scottish Cup (Again we must have made at least 500K!) . Hope the Board are willing to splash out in January (if need be!)
  7. Westhill1

    Shared Europa connection!

    Just noticed that our twin town /city Augsburg are like ICT entering the Europa Cup for the first time! Not just that but they also formed through a merger of two local teams in 1969 between TSV Shwaben and BC Augburg, unfortunately the similarities end their as having finished in 5th place in the Bundesliga they are already in the group stages of the competition proper. Would be great to meet up with our German cousins at this stage of the tournament though....
  8. It's not about the money.......However does anyone have a clue what the club made in terms of finance from our brilliant cup success? I would make a guess that we made a profit in the region of 500K however without knowing what kind of well deserved bonus the boys were on for lifting the cup this really is a stab in the dark. We must have done well in terms of merchandise sales and would have received a six figure sum from William Hill for winning the trophy plus whatever cut there was in terms of ticket sales. It would be nice to hear from people in the know?
  9. Westhill1

    No more slip ups!

    Need to win both the Motherwell match and the Ross County match to have any chance of a Top 3 place it's that simple! Lowering the bar a bit, we are more than capable of beating our previous points record of 58 points so all is not lost. Knowing our luck we'll end up with over 60 points but in fourth place! Maybe I'll be more optimistic after this Friday!
  10. Westhill1

    The Men Who Watch Goal Posts?

    I was really hacked off with the Aberdeen under 12 boys dancing behind the goals during the shoot out. This should never have been allowed at a major national final our boys showed a bit more respect and sat down when asked. I thought the whole affair was very amateurish! My pal in Glasgow also noticed the Aberdeen neds whilst watching the match on the box! Anyway rant over I think it was the Aberdeen Ned who had a kind of Mohecan who put our boys off, I'll go as far as to say he cost us the final lol!
  11. Westhill1

    I think we will win the League Cup!

    Always expect the unexpected from ICT! Would be good to get a solid win against Hibs mid week which would all but guarantee a Top six place and provide the players and Hughes with some confidence moving forward to the final.
  12. Westhill1

    Cup Final Ticket Allocation

    Think there was about 6000 or so against Dundee a few years back (Hampden) wonder how many we took to Tannadice Vs The Gers at our quarter final (home ) match? I Like most others was seeing double so there could have been 10,000 for all I can remember of that day!
  13. Westhill1

    Would you want County relegated this season?

    With Capital Caley on This one, hope they go down!
  14. Westhill1

    Cup Final Ticket Allocation

    How much have we sold then? I'll be happy with 10,000! We'll take down 20,000 easy to the Scottish Cup Final! I now hope Aberdeen manage to sell 40,000+ with the empty seats draped in the colours of both clubs Celtic Park will look almost full! Bring it on!
  15. Westhill1

    New Stadium location? (fun thread)

    The ideal location would be at Beechwood plenty of parking spaces readily available and good infrastructure into the area. Discussion have made made in the past between the local economic development agency (whom I will not name!) and senior staff at ICT (whom I will not name!). Initial discussions were about training facilities but moved on to discuss stadium 're-location however as is usually the case these talks came to a standstill mainly from the ICT end. T here always seems to be a lack of vision from the club in terms of facilities I guess it's all about the money, maybe a good run in the Scottish Cup could provide the additional money to kick start new training facilities. My guess is that we would require about £1M to start it all off with matched funding coming from elsewhere we could rent out the pitches assuming they're of 4th generation standard and accumulate revenue to go towards an indoor training centre. There could be a real business case on the agenda here but unfortunately all my cash is been tied up on other things!