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  1. een

    John Beaton

    John went through primary and secondary school with me, so he was aged 69 coming up 70. He was a polio victim and for some time wore callipers to school. l remember one day after school aged about 6 or 7, he asked me round to his house to play a game he got for Christmas. It was called “Subuteo”. Was that the present that sent him on his love and complete understanding of the wonderful game?. He lived and breathed football, so sorry to hear of his passing.
  2. Standing watching the Waltzing Waters here in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife and my mobile vibrated twice in as many minutes. Thought it was one of two things, ...... either Teide decided to blow its top off or my mobile was giving a low battery warning. Blow it, Caley were three up at its wasn’t even half time. Is this the turning point of the season ???!!
  3. Think I can fill you in here Charlie and others. The Smiths lived fours doors along from me in St Valery Avenue. The family arrived there in 1955 when these terraced houses were built. Don, Ali's father was english and worked on the hydro schemes before setting up an electrical business in town. Something, somewhat pertinent here is that I remember Gordon, eldest son, telling me his dad had the contract and installed the floodlights at Telford Street.!!! Anyway, gone off piste a wee bit there....Ali was indeed the youngest, born in 1962 a year older than my brother and sister twins,
  4. Yes, totally agree, ...... a wonderful photo. I can spot the T-beam house I moved from in Bruce Gardens in 1954 to the more traditional build in St Valery where my mother stayed until she passed away in 2007. Interesting the variety of house types built in St Valery Ave,......... Swedish, T- beam, "electric flats" and latterly the more traditional cavity brick walled. The T-beam were later modified with apex rooves. Can put names to countless families who stayed many years in and around the St Valery/St Andrew Drive junction......memories....happy times!!!! I would gues
  5. Three points to finish off the old year against the Accies............Three points to start the new year against the Staggies !!!!!
  6. Another first for ICT. Mentioned in the BBC Sports Personality 2015, ICT winning the Scottish Cup with James Vincent scoring the winning goal that wonderful afternoon at Hampden in May.
  7. No, I don't think so Charlie, Size (Ian) was in my my class in Dalneigh. He lived with his folks in St Valery, about no. 150ish. His father Wattie ran a driving school for many years and his mother, I think was german. They later moved across town, Burn Road I seem to remember. However, that was some footage from 1959 !!!
  8. Stayed overnight here in a hotel less than two miles from Hampden. Let me tell you, it's a gloriously day outside at 6 in the morning here in Weegieland and it's going to stay that way, cos I can feel it in my bones, we are going to win the Scottish Cup and it will soon be making its way up the A9, have no fear, let's all be positive this sunny day and cheer on the lads who have done us so proud this season. Enjoy a safe enjoyable journey down here and an even merrier one later in the day on our glorious return to Sneckie with that trophy. It's going to be our day ............see y
  9. Great three points with ten men, now we just need to wait for the Dons bubble to burst!!
  10. You've all been fooled......haven't you all not worked it out ......it's Paulo di Canio doing his best to infiltrate our ranks and get the managers job !!!!!
  11. As it stands, back into second place, 10 man Dons pulled back to one each....
  12. What a start to the season,......3 games played, 9 points in the bag and even more incredible.....we are 20 points off the bottom !!!!
  13. een

    Mikey diamond

    I remember so well, myself, Michael and Ian Chisholm making our way down to every home game from St Valery Avenue, where we all lived, possibly from the late 50s and certainly through the 60s to the Caley Park via the Bumpers lane. Michael was Caley through and through and certainly a gentleman, who would never hurt a fly. So sad to hear of his passing at only 64, Caley and ICT have lost one of its best supporters.
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