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  1. roby

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee

    What the hell do people on here expect . Conditions last night were horrendous and both teams deserve credit for their efforts . We competed well for 2 games against an spl club yet once again all we here on this forum is how poor we were !! Time for a reality check , we are moving in the right direction and hopefully this time next year we will be challenging for a return to the spl .
  2. roby

    Graeme Shinnie

    THe 3 minutes applause sounds like a fantastic tribute to a wonderful player and captain ! I for one will be spreading your suggestion to all caley fans I know . I only hope the Aberdeen fans realise how lucky they are to get a player of his outstanding ability for free !!!
  3. roby

    Post split fixtures, who ? where? why?

    What a bloody attitude !!! As I have said before inverness does not deserve the team we have . Constant negativity from both so called supporters and those who never bother going to a game !!3rd in the league and in the semi final of Scottish cup , aye I suppose that's a pretty poor effort for a club with such vast resources .Get a grip and get down and back our fantastic club !
  4. roby

    Why Hughes should STAY!

    Well said scarlet brilliant post !
  5. In my opinion the reason fans are staying away has absolutely nothing to do with our so called style ! Quite simply the Scottish public are bored with the structure of our game . Playing each other far to often leading to familiarity and as a result boredom ! If you analyse attendances in our division I think you will find we are far from unique in falling attendances !Only Aberdeen and newly promoted Dundee are bucking the trend .
  6. What makes you think that folk on here are not delighted that we are sitting top of the league? It is interesting you say we need to get the feel good factor back. That presumably means that you think we don't have the feel good factor at the moment - isn't that exactly what some of us are saying? And the feel good factor is not going to return just because a handful of fans stop voicing their concerns on this forum, the feel good factor will return when people are excited by what they see on the pitch. Saturday's win put us top of the league and yet we had the lowest Saturday home gate since we returned to the top flight. Why are people staying away? Why do you think that is? If you don't have an opinion then it is not exactly helpful having a pop at those who, with the clubs best wishes at heart, are offering their opinions.
  7. One thing for sure judging by the reaction to my post some off the regular posters Have had their feathers ruffled !
  8. Probably not , but when teams like Killie and saints come and get ten men behind the ball it does not make for entertaining football .When we scored the game opened up and at the end of the game most home fans seemed to go home happy !
  9. Do I have a problem because I have posted my opinion ? I am not a happy clapper and unlike a lot of others on here am a season ticket and have been since the start of our journey . All I say is people should be more realistic and back the team instead of always talking them down !
  10. I find it incredible reading some off the posts regarding our so called style of football ! Unless I am imagining it we are joint top of the highest tier of football in our country ! If anyone had said this would be remotely possible 20 years ago they would have been insane . Virtually any club and their fans apart from Celtic would be over the moon with our achievements . Seems to me a lot of our so called fans would rather we were playing primitive football and struggling at the foot of the table like our near neighbours ! I have noticed recently a lot less activity on this forum and quite frankly I am not surprised as it is quite depressing the level off negativity been shown. Start talking your team up not down all the time and just maybe we could get the feel good factor back . The players and the club deserve so much more than than this constant criticism !
  11. roby

    Song for Caley

    Myself and a few mates were at the Cardiff Hull game last Saturday. The Hull fans sang a simple song which we thought would suit us . Replacing city with our name it goes like this Cmon make some noise for the Caley Thistle boys we want more more more , we want more more more Cmon make some noise for Yogi and his boys we want goals goals goals, we want goals goals goals Repeat as often as you like . As I say it is really simple but when you hear a couple of thousand people singing it , it is very effective !!!!!!!!!
  12. roby

    Flag Appeal. Donations Now Accepted !

    That's my 10 plus 10 from Steve !
  13. roby

    New Flag Poll

    Caley D for me
  14. roby

    The who wants to donate to an ICT flag

    a mate of mine in for ten
  15. roby

    The who wants to donate to an ICT flag

    Great idea , im in . will pass the word to others who don't use this site . Is this also on our Facebook site ?